Dan Feehan Endorsed For Congress By End Citizens United In MN-01

A few weeks ago, End Citizens United endorsed Dan Feehan as a Congressional candidate in the state of Minnesota. Feehan will be running in the 1st Congressional District. He commits to reform the rigged system that is currently on Capitol Hill. The congressional candidate says that he will supports bills such as the government by the People Act and the DISCLOSE Act to increase accountability and transparency in the American electoral system.

Feehan has shown his commitment to reforms by making an announcement recently that he is rejecting PAC money for his political campaigns. End Citizens United has over the years encouraged candidates to reject money from corporate special interests. ECU has also identified over 100 other candidates in the forthcoming midterm elections who are making the same commitment.

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The ECU president, Tiffany Muller has said that mega-donors have had a tight grip on very many politicians and dominated the conversation in the halls of Washington. Muller added that such an environment was corrupting the entire political system which has left all the citizens of Minnesota and the entire United States behind. Feehan has made a sacred commitment to bring reforms to the rigged system by undercutting the influence of wealthy special interests’ groups in politics. Muller said the End Citizens United would proudly endorse Dan Feehan and is looking forward to giving him the help he needs to win the mid-term elections in November. Feehan said that he is very proud to have been endorsed by End Citizens United. Feehan added that ECU was against the idea of the big money lobbyists behind the congressional election and that it would do all that was in its powers to fight them.

Muller added that there had been an overpowering influence on American democracy by large corporations and special interest groups at the expense of the American citizen. The unlimited finances in the American political system have given birth to a system that works for the benefit of mega-donors, big corporations and oil companies from the corporate PACs. This has left the middle-income families and the majority of working Americans without a say in the running of their economy. Feehan has said that his top priority will be to reduce the influence of the corporate world in the halls of Washington. He says that he will start the endeavor immediately if elected. He also reiterated that his campaign would not be accepting any donations from corporations or PACs.

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