Clayton Hutson, Tour Manager, Production Expert

Clayton Hutson wears many different labels in the music and production industry. He is a production manager, tour manager, and equipment expert. He had operated sound and visual technology for many large and small venues and finds each of his results both inspiring and challenging. No matter the size of the venue, the sounds he must produce, or the lightshow and imagery he must create, he is always on top of the game.


Big Names, Big Productions

Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. As a consummate professional and self-admitted perfectionist, he is conscious of more than just sound and appearance. He is also very conscious of the safety of all involved in each production he handles. Hutson has worked with bands and performers ranging from Prince and Jennifer Nettles to Guns n’ Roses and Alice in Chains. He has done small venues and large concert halls. Clay has been involved in producing just the right sound in loud casinos and in small night clubs.



Clay has an affinity for the sound company DiGiCo. He has used many of their different mixer boards and does not have a single negative thing to say about any of them. He has used large-venue models and very small, portable models with no complaints. His success in using this particular brand of mixers has made him a leader in music management and engineering. Many large bands such as Marilyn Manson, and smaller groups including Staind’s Aaron Lewis’s latest venture into a country-style act have taken Hutson up as their sound engineer with positive results and reviews.


Many Responsibilities

As a tour manager, Clay has held many posts. He is a production engineer, tour rigger, arena rigger, production manager, or monitor engineer. Each role is dependent upon the band or individual he is working with. Every tour is a new challenge that he welcomes with open arms.


He has worked front-of-house engineering controls during live performances. Clay is the reason the guitars ring and singers give the audience goosebumps. He works to offer a perfect balance between what is happening on the stage and what rings through the speakers across the entire venue.


Recent Involvement

Clay was an integral member of the production team for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. Hutson’s responsibilities included another skill; automation operator. His perfectionist personality in conjunction with exceptional equipment enabled Hutson to produce an incredible automated backdrop to OneRepublic’s amazing show.


The challenge for Hutson in the Honda Civic Tour came when the band did not wish for a giant screen, yet the venue required it. He had to find a way to please both the band and the venue. Lighting trusses were automated using VER-engineered Kinesys systems. Just before the band took to the stage, the screen was removed. Clay was pleased to see they were able to get the screen out of the way of OneRepublic in a short ten-minutes.


Versatile and Flexible

Hutson worked with Grammy-award winner Maxwell and another R&B singer, Jill Scott. He had to ensure that Maxwell’s soulful tones and Scott’s diverse voice would both work within the parameters of the sound equipment.


Hutson was responsible for using equipment he was familiar with, which was a benefit to both him and to the artists. His duties as monitor over the show were easy due to having the right tools to help each performer sound stellar.


Clay Huston, a self-proclaimed “consummate perfectionist”, production manager, tour manager, and overall sound and production expert has given bands and individual artist tours his all. He has given audiences a memorable show they would walk away from and tell everyone about. Learn more:


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