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Reinvent Your Look With Lime Crime Today

Are you perplexed about the dull neutral colors which make your look feel bland? Lime Crime products offer a rich foundation of colors which have become highly popular among their users. Thousands of women around the world have opted for cruelty-free products, safe for the skin, and cost effective, at which time, Lime Crime became very popular. Doe Deere, is responsible for the popular brand and has been one of the first cosmetic designers to base her products with the new velvetine matte and super-foil base. Today, women and men around the world have color options leaving them completely unapologetic about the way they look and feel. Learn more:


Deere, is a highly trained and professional cosmetic designer, marketing analyst, and technology expert. Deere tells Savoir Laflare, she has always had an unconventional way of thinking about colors and never listened to her peers, when it came to her ideas. However, she acknowledges, design school gave her experience and a voice to go ahead with her intricate color line. Customers can enjoy colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet to name a few. Her products are completely hypoallergenic and are safe to use on on all skin types, every day. Learn more:


Deere believes her customers have a niche and she encourages them to find out what they’re good at and make the most of their craft. She says, finding out what you’re good at and working hard to become better at it will eventually lead a lot of her wearers to become an entrepreneur. Deere, strives to empower men and women everyday through color choices she has created. Her cosmetics make it easy for an individual to reinvent themselves. She hosts a line of eye-shadow and lipstick products which are completely waterproof and last throughout the day without the need for multiple applications. Learn more:


Your invited to accessorize your new color with a hair dye relative to the Lime Crime cosmetic brand under the Unicorn name. You get all the colors you’re use to such as, Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Deere, says, branching to multiple facets of color is another way she wishes to inspire her wears. Visit YouTube for more ways to be creative with Lime Crime products. You can mix, match, and blend their cosmetics with ideas and tips from thousands of users. Discover a new look as a young on energetic professional searching for a new identity.


Visit the Lime Crime website for more details on promotional offers giving her customers free shipping. Lime Crime cosmetics is one of the largest growing cosmetics in the industry and is the go-to product for some of your favorite celebrities. Become a fashionista with a new color scheme for your daily look with Lime Crime.


Fundamentals About Julie Zuckerberg’s Experience in Career

Julie is a New York-based Executive recruitment lead. As well, she holds the office of a talent acquisition leader at Deutsche Bank. The financial expert attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College for her bachelors in Philosophy, and later joined New York Law School where she studied law. After completing her studies, she first worked with Hudson, which served as a tool for refining her career in the early stages. She worked there for five years, concentrating on staffing attorneys, case managers, as well as subordinate staff in various categories within the enterprise.


She left Hudson for a New York based Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank. While there she took roles relating to recruitment as well as implementation of concepts aimed at growing the enterprise. She took the major roles including teaching the employees on competitive marketing and talent acquirement.


Current Endeavors in Julie’s Career Advancement Plans


Deutsche Bank absorbed Julie in 2014 and appointed her as the head of talent acquirement. She maintained that position until 2015 when her responsibilities were added. Her efforts are matchless even in performing governmental contracts and pioneering initiatives relating to staffing strategies and the entire recruitment procedure. Further roles she assumes at Deutsche Bank include; operations, managing private funds, worldwide technology, dissemination of the conscripting coordinators, to mention but a few.


Activities Julie Loves Engaging in When Off the Office


Julie ensures that she takes some quality social time When not in the office, she engages in some activities like photography, cooking, eating out, exploring the technological world, keeping warm by jogging and several others. As well, she likes it when she gets involved in charitable activities. Often times she volunteers towards supporting economic empowering initiatives, campaigning towards animal wellness, and anything revolving around human and animal rights.


Julie Zuckerberg as a Global Inspiration


The staffing sector acknowledges Julie is an amazing woman who has continually registered improvement over and over. She is also wise, and this is evident through the way in which she made her way into her career. Besides having pursued highly coveted courses, she also found it easy navigating through the markets. Her diligence and willingness to attend to her duties could never go unrewarded, aspects that kept her in the limelight and paved way for her to work with incredibly big companies. She always designs technological solutions that perfectly meet the needs of her clients. As such, she stands out and has even been recognized severally as an aggressive woman in business.




If you are seeking to win significant promotions and improve your venture’s finances, you definitely need to employ sound strategies. The ability to design favorable models for your company is mainly dependent on your workforce, and particularly those n top leadership. Julie is a reliable leader with remarkable skills accumulated and honed over the many years she has been serving in the various positions. She is a financial professional who is visionary for success and playS a great inspiration to all people across the globe.

Doe Deere’s Inspiring Colors

Russia born Doe Deere, was just a teenager when she came up with a way to change the makeup industry forever. When Doe arrived in the states at the young age of seventeen, she had big ambitions and dreams to become a musician. All of that was put on hold, however, when she discovered that her true passion was cosmetics. She would sell hand made temporary tattoos in the streets of New York City, and loved having that entrepreneurial role. What she did next would change cosmetics forever.

Always looking for a glimmer of success, she decided to come up with her own formula and shades of cosmetics. At a time when color was not so sought after in the makeup world, Doe simply couldn’t live without it. She took matters into her own hands and decided to offer the world a small collection of colorful makeup products through an eBay store. Her ideas were a huge hit, causing her little project to become an overnight success, and soon she was launching her own site.

Though her company is based online, it’s a great outlet for her to use social media as a way to connect with her fans. She uses inspiration from her fans when it comes to discovering new shades, trends and more. Doe refers to her fans as unicorns, since it takes a special kind of person to wear such bold and majestic colors. Doe takes her fans very seriously, and considers their thoughts and feeling when it comes to being a role model and when it comes to adding to her line. She strongly feels that her line helps other to express themselves, without guilt. Makeup is the perfect way to express yourself and show the world who you really are.

Doe is a true inspiration, and prides herself on using animal cruelty free products. She would never test products on an animal, but instead, tests them on herself. She spends much of her time in the lab testing and trying out new products and shades. She is very much a behind the scenes kind of boss, who loves to treat her employees with respect.

You can’t go wrong with the new fall line of Lime Crime. Lip colors such as mauves and golds and pinks will have you swooning. Eye colors with glimmers of gold and green, and so much more will have others in awe. Lime Crime’s unique line has really changed the face of the industry, and allows others to express themselves through beautiful, bold color, thanks to Doe Deere.

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A Deeper Look Into Doe Deere

Doe Deere, named one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs”, began formulating her brain child, Lime Crime, as a 9-year old girl experimenting with her make-up and creating unique looks. Although not fully formulated or realized, Doe knew early on that she wanted to break through typical make-up boundaries and have fun trying new looks and accessories. Although Doe fully admits she was “bad” at make-up until her twenties, she clearly learned from her make-up successes and fails. She quickly amassed a following of young ladies, eager to see what new look Doe Deere would come up with next! Vibrant colors, rhinestones, glitter – nothing is taboo for Doe Deere!

As Doe continued to build a following, she found the need to expand with an E-Bay store. The name “Lime Crime” naturally came to her as the obvious choice for her online store. Little did she know, Lime Crime would soon embody her very ideals and inspiration – a bold, animal friendly, cosmetic line, unafraid to push the boundaries. Since its inception, Lime Crime has attracted a unique following, made up of those who are proud of his or her individual quirks and brave enough to showcase his or her own style (i.e. true unicorns!).

Doe, born in Russia but raised in New York, loves self-expression and staying true to oneself. As with anything, she and her brand have naturally attracted haters and online trolls. True to her convictions, however, Doe refuses to apologize for her sense of self and recognizes haters and trolls as natural consequences to her online market. Doe continues to forge new paths with her creativity and brand, leaving the haters in the footnotes, where they belong.

Doe finds inspiration in all places, from strong-willed ladies like Dita von Teese to young ladies on Instagram and social media, experimenting and creating new ways of self-expression. Doe lives with her husband, Mark, who also acts as President of Lime Crime, and her three cats. Doe continues to look for new ways to express herself and enable her unicorns to do the same. Although nothing is certain, one thing certainly is – the future will be bright!

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Doe Deere’s Belief in Fantasy and Possibility Help Create Lime Crime Success


Doe Deere might not be your typical success story, because frankly, she loved dreaming of unicorns and other fantastical creatures. She stayed true to herself and created the Lime Crime makeup company, which maintains a dreamy, whimsical quality.

The young businesswoman was born in Russia and moved with her family to New York City, exploring various careers before settling into the competitive world of cosmetics. Doe Deere even sang lead in a fairy take rock band called Sky Salt. She met her husband Mark in the band where both collaborated perfectly, but unfortunately, Sky Salt disbanded in 2006.

Doe Deere stayed with Mark and began playing around with makeup development. Doe Deere always enjoyed wearing bright colors in hair, clothing and makeup but was finding it harder and harder to locate vivid cosmetics. So, the fearless entrepreneur decided to launched her own brand in 2008, and that is how Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere’s many fans often ask for her advice in starting a company, and she offers simple but smart advice: Be yourself. Doe Deere believes that each of us are born with a special talent or two, and when we recognize our gift or gifts, to soar high and create a business.

Her Lime Crime makeup palettes symbolically stand for freedom, because Doe Deere’s palettes are bold and crazy beautiful in color. If you wish to wear green or bright blue lipstick or a red eye shadow, you will find your edgy makeup there. That is how different and modern her cosmetics line has become. It’s finally hitting the red carpet on stars like Katy Perry, and even the bigger makeup companies are now branching out and duping the vivid colors found in a Lime Crime palette. Suddenly, it’s really cool and okay to use makeup for self-expression without fear of judgment.

When it comes to the whole package of how we appear to others, we concentrate on hair, clothing and makeup. That’s what Doe Deere learned while taking classes at FIT in New York City. It’s self-expression, and some of us adore bright colors in all three areas of self-image.

Doe Deere believes that social media is the best way to connect to her fans and to keep her Lime Crime company relevant and growing. You can find Doe Deere and Lime Crime makeup on Instagram where her followers have just increased to two million plus.

QNET’s Role in Empowering Women and the Society in General

Most modern women want to attain a good income and a better work-life balance while still nurturing their families. A significant number of women are keen on starting their own business, managing their time and becoming their own boss. The easiest, quickest and low risk opportunities that are available to women is being empowered with entrepreneurial skills.

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, QNET, which is a prominent Asian company, develops young women entrepreneurs that are capable of enriching their families, making a difference in their communities and in other people’s lives, and reaching their dreams.

5 Amazing Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle: #AbsoluteLiving

Posted by QNET (Official) on Friday, March 4, 2016

US agency, USAID, aptly puts it that it is difficult to deliver progress in a vacuum. If societies are to thrive, girls and women need to have access to quality healthcare, education and technology. It continues to emphasize that women need to have control over lands, resources and markets.

QNET strives to empower women by letting them be part of their team as direct sellers. This provides them with the opportunity to maximize their earnings while at the same time providing them with the freedom to work as per their individual schedules.

About QNET

QNET is a direct selling company that is based in Hong Kong. The firm is the leader and pioneer in e-commerce. It sells a number of products such as weight management, energy, nutrition, home care, personal care, fashion accessories and luxury goods.

The company is well distributed internationally with about 25 agencies and offices in more than a hundred countries. Their employees are valued and are eager to keep their jobs, creating a stable work environment as evidenced by Glassdoor reviews.

#QNET #Thailand sews with love for a cause. Read the story on #Qbuzz (link in our profile). #RYTHM #billionhearts

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QNET’s Awards

2015 presented a successful year for QI Group Hong Kong, which is QNET’s parent company. The company was able to garner three prestigious awards for being outstanding in various qualities that are expected of an industry. Philanthropy and partnership

QNET carries out a number of humanitarian support. Through its generous donation to the Shirdi Sai Hospital, the cost of dialysis for patients with kidney problems will be highly subsidized. Its partnership with the Lions Club International echoes the philosophy of QNET of raising oneself to help humanity.

QNET also actively participates in sports sponsorship across the globe. Its support to various categories of sports is due to the strong belief of the company that teamwork, drive and passion of sports reflects that of QNET. Just recently, QNET signed a new partnership with the Manchester City Football Club to be its official direct selling partner.

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Doe Deere Shakes Up Fashion

Doe Deere has created a makeup line that has revolutionized the way that we wear makeup. Her line specializes in bright vibrant colors that bring out the beauty in everyone. Lime Crime is quickly spreading all over the world as people discover the wonderful pigmented shades that make this brand so unique. It’s hard to go to a store and get a lime green lipstick that actually looks lime green and isn’t some kind of a gloss that only gives you a hint of color.

Doe Deere is also an entrepreneur. She had a dream of making a makeup line that was truly her. She started out young playing with her mother’s makeup and then moving on to her own. She felt that certain ways of being dressed demanded beautiful colors on her face as well as her body. This is why she created Lime Crime. So everyone could explore and enjoy her love of bright vibrant colors. It’s no wonder she’s been as successful as she is. Since releasing Lime Crime, which started as an Etsy site, her brand has gone global. People all over are flocking to her site to purchase these beautiful cosmetics because they do have a dream filled with color.

Doe supports our want to be ourselves and be as different as we want to be. She doesn’t think that we should have to follow fashion rules because fashion is the choice of the individual. You can make everything you wear as personal to you as possible and it shouldn’t be some rule for you to follow. She encourages us to express ourselves through whatever clothing or makeup makes us feel pretty. She had a very simple dream; make a makeup line that isn’t based on what’s popular, but rather the freedom of self expression.

Doe also urges us to take the idea behind her makeup line and bring it into everything to do with our fashion and how we see ourselves. There is no reason we can’t mix patterns, have to have normal hair color, or must dress our age. Each and every one of us has a right to dress and make ourselves up how we feel best expresses us. Lime Crime just helps us along the way to this freedom of expression. The line is also animal cruelty free, so we can look great and feel great about doing it at the same time. Doe is truly an inspiration to up and coming entrepreneurs giving the message that you can make it, even if your idea doesn’t follow what is “normally” acceptable.