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Benefits of Washing with Cleansing Conditioner

     Every woman gives their first priority to the beauty. Hair care is the one of the main category that they are taking caring more. Every women like to have healthy and beautiful hair. Most women’s try to by natural hair care products. We can see so many product out in the market as a hair care. while we buy those product, we have to check the ingredient and quality of the product.

Wen is a one of the luxurious hair care products in the world. Popular stylist Chaz Dean was developed the Wen products. Specially, he design this product to the Hollywood stats. He helps Hollywood starts to get their dream hair with the natural hair care products. Wen has skin care products too.

Most people like their shampoos and conditions. You can get plenty of benefits washing hair with cleansing conditioner. When you cleansing your hair with Wen conditioner, it keep moisture in the hair and give the more nutrition’s with the natural ingredients. It makes hair stronger, longer, shiny and healthy.

Even modern women are too busy in the world, they still try to maintain their hair with natural shampoo and conditioner. If you try to use wen cleansing and conditioner today, you can get amazing benefits tomorrow.



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Honey Birdette Launches US E-commerce, Reveals Plans for Rapid UK Retail Roll-out

Australia’s first sensuality boutique Honey Birdette has launched their U.S. e-commerce website and also disclosed plans to take their UK retail portfolio from only three stores to at least 40 by the end of 2018.

Entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan founded the Australian lingerie brand in 2006. The brand decided to launch the U.S. site after experiencing a 374 percent increase in U.S. online sales over the past one year.

Honey Birdette is also targeting the United States for retail openings and at the same time aims to increase their UK store count rapidly. The brand opened their first store outside Australia in London’s Covet Garden. Shortly after that, they opened two more stores in Leed’s Victoria Gate and Westfield White City.

Recently, the Australian lingerie brand revealed that they have ten more openings in the UK, including at Leeds, Newcastle, Westfield Stratford, and Liverpool. Also, the brand is targeting 40 stores by the end of 2018. In Australia, they already have 55 stores and are targeting additional premium locations in Europe.

About Honey Birdette

The concept of starting Honey Birdette was conceived in 2006 over a glass of sparkling wine between two great friends. They felt tired of being unable to get provocative lingerie as well as luxury bedroom accessories. This sense of exhaustion prompted them to look for a way to inject a sense of sensuality into the bedroom. Entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan was impressed by their discovery and launched this brand in the same year to meet the needs of the community.

Honey Birdette boutiques are unapologetically sensual and flirty, with champagne and lush champagne. The brand’s clients are now able to create the ultimate boudoir with the broad range of custom-made accessories such as luxurious massage candles, leather crops, cuffs, collars, and harnesses. Honey Birdette’s aim is to make products that empower women and also entertain them.

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Secret Meetings About Venezuela Take Place in the Dominican Republic

Those with experience are best suited to deal with specific situations. This is why ex-presidents and former world leaders are called out of retirement to try and negotiate an end to a tense situation. In Venezuela, the country is suffering immensely from economic chaos. No one in the current government seems to be able to reverse trends. The opposition party is seeking to gain power. To calm the situation, the former presidents of Spain, Dominican Republic and Panama met with government officials in a series of secret meetings. The meetings were held in the Dominican Republic, far away from the strife in Venezuela.
The strife between the government run by President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition party does more than cause chaos domestically. The problems in Venezuela according to expert Danilo Diaz Granados are not contained to just Venezuela. Coca-Cola and Lufthansa airlines are ceasing certain business operations in Venezuela. Troubles ripple through various other economies when international businesses are not able to recoup their investments in a country.

“The unrest in Venezuela could also spiral out of control” added Granados. A civil war situation could occur. No guarantees exist that any military action would be contained to Venezuela.

No one knows what went on during the secret meetings, at least not specifics of the meetings. In time, details will leak and the truth will come out. It would be a safe assumption to guess a lot of pressure is being put on Maduro to calm the situation with the opposition party. Venezuela and its neighbors do not need more strife.