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Jacob Gottlieb’s comeback after the Scandal that resulted in the liquidation of his company

Jacob Gottlieb is a medical doctor and the founder of the Visium Asset Management. The company grew to be a very successful venture since its inception in 2005. The business grew to have a net worth of $8 billion. The company focused on different investments areas with an emphasis on the health sector. In 2001 Mr. Gottlieb initiated the healthcare fund. The fund was the best investment vehicle with excellent performance in the company. But, it is this fund that was the center of the controversy that led to the fall of Visium Asset Management Company.

The company was dissolved and deregistered in 2016. The customers’ assets were liquidated. Unfortunately, the top officials got involved in with government reports that were confidential. The company’s officials were charged with illegal trade on the stock exchange. The officials were also charged with raising the paper value of fixed assets and bonds. The controversies marked the end of a successful venture that had many American investors. However, Mr. Jacob Gottlieb was vindicated of any wrongdoing. The investigating authorities did not find any wrongdoing on his part.

Come back

Since 2016 Gottlieb has been liquidating the company and repaying investors. It is a fact that the scandal had brought a negative impact to his investments ventures. However, the scandal did not stop Gottlieb from dreaming. Having a strong background in investments has played a significant role in helping him make a comeback. His interest in investments is still alive. He has founded the Altium Capital Company. This is his family owned office which is responsible for managing assets. The company has special interests in the health sector. His new business venture has picked up well, attracting high-end investors from across the country. There’s no doubt that a lot of investors still believe in Jacob’s talent and abilities in the investment sector.