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Getting to Know Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a food and beverage company that is noted for its coffee and tea. However, the company goes beyond simply offering customers tasty treats to enjoy. It is a business that has established itself as a way for people to take charge of their careers by becoming distributors of its popular products.

The company, founded by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand in 2008, was designed not just to distribute food and beverage products but also to provide business opportunities to others. Its stated mission is “to change lives by helping people reach new levels of balance, freedom and well-being.” This mission has proven a successful one for the company, which started out with just a few people working out of a garage.

The opportunity to, as it has been described, “TASTE the Gold” is one that has been embraced by thousands of people worldwide. Organo Gold has, to date, brought that opportunity to 50 countries worldwide.

Organo Gold has also made a point of providing a way for its distributors to get better acquainted with the opportunities offered by the company. That is why Organo Gold University was created. It provides a place for its distributors to find training and support resources that will help them build successful businesses.

The university draws on the business expertise of CEO Bernardo Chua. When he founded the company a decade ago, he was already an experienced businessman. This expertise has helped propel Organo Gold’s success, and it helps to inform the resources provided to distributors via the university.