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Makari Skin Care Products know how to lighten your blemishes


Makari is a company that produces many different skin care products. It has seen it’s popularity rise over the last ten years due to the fact they offer quality skin care products that have customers coming back to them for their products. Customers who purchased skin care products from Makari often say how great the products are saying that after using these products it leaves their skin feeling flawless and radiant. Not to mention their skin whitening products. Makari means beautiful in Swahili. Their products are diverse, multicultural focused and are manufactured in Switzerland. Makari’s reputation for great skin care products continues to grow with the goal of helping their customers to achieve radiant skin. One of their top sellers is the “Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap”. It is designed to cleanse, brighten and tone the skin effectively while also having a resurfacing effect as well. It is a product that is gentle enough so that it can be used daily while it helps condition and help the skin retain it’s moisture level. With all the benefits this product has to offer it is available at a very reasonable price as well. Another top seller that Makari has to offer is their “Body Beautifying Whitening Milk” product. This product is great for many reasons, it is deeply hydrating and is designed to smooth one’s complexion. It is also great at reducing the appearance of pigmented marks, discolorations and also reduces the signs of possible premature aging. Customers who have used this product say that it leaves their skin feeling soft and healthy while achieving glowing results. One of the other many products Makari has to offer is a lotion called “Extreme Carrot and Argan Lotion”. This lotion contains natural vitamins and oils that lighten one’s skin complexion without damaging the skin making skin tone clear and healthy.
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Makari Skin Care Voted Best Cosmetics! Is Better Than Yours?


Skin lightening remains a growing cultural trend among beauty fanatics worldwide. The desire for lighter skin resonates with today’s multicultural society. With the vast selection of skin bleaching products out there, finding a quality skin care formula requires meticulous research. Top skin lightening products specialist, Makari de Suisse has formulated leading beauty serums for dark-skinned men and women. Makari presents the greatest luxury beauty cosmetics, haircare/skincare formula.

Makari upscale beauty products contain nourishing natural botanicals and extracts. A company recognized for formulating superior beauty serums, Makari follows the strict Swiss production standards. Each formulated beauty system undergoes meticulous inspection and quality tests before it hits the marketplace. What’s more, Makari beauty products don’t contain any controversial ingredients like Hydroquinone. In fact, Makari has taken a natural approach to manufacturing products. With carrot oil, Caviar, and Argan Oil, etc. Makari skin care products provide ample nourishment and hydrate the skin profusely.

Makari has formulated over 60 different products for dark-skinned people. It has an unmatched fighting power against hormonal acne. How about unpleasant black scars on the skin? Makari releases potent medicinal agents that stimulate the skin’s natural healing ability. Acne troubles dark-skinned people because of intense pigmentation. Makari has developed the best formula to fight stubborn blemishes and nourish the skin.

Proprietary nutrients like vitamin C, lemon, seaweed, algae, mulberry, etc. corrects uneven skin tone and stimulate systematic healing. Makari de Suisse has treatment for all skin types. This European luxury cosmetics manufacturer has a 10-year-old reputation as a leading brand of revolutionary skin whitening products. It’s become the preferred skin lightening brand in Africa, the U.S. and Europe.

Jack Aini, a prolific New York businessman and Maurice Bertrand, a Belgian chemist originated the Makari line of products. The duo focused on developing zero risks, 100% natural skin whitening cosmetics. The main ingredients “Vegeclairine” and Caviar extracts have the power to lighten the skin organically. With distribution in some 50 countries, Makari founded in 2000 is a global cosmetics innovator.

Makari De Suisse Skincare & Beauty For African American Women

After realizing the lack of beauty products available to men and women of color, in April of 2000, Victoria Albi International Inc was inspired to create a beauty and skincare line targeted towards people of darker pigmentation. The brand, Makari De Suisse was manufactured in Switzerland and has become the worlds leading high-end cosmetic and beauty line for African American descendants world wide.

Makari products are infused with luxurious ingredients such as caviar extract that create an indulgent experience while hydrating and regenerating the skin and hair to actively produce new collagen which reverses the aging process. The Makari line offers individual products ranging from hair care to beauty and cosmetics however, they also conveniently offer kits designed to target specific individual beauty needs. Kits by Makari range from skincare, hair care, baby and special occasion. A few examples of the types of skincare kits you will find in the line are hydrating and exfoliation kits, toning kits, anti-ageing, full skincare systems, acne treatment and the popular face and body whitening kits.

Makari‘s most coveted high quality products are their face and body whitening and brightening products. They offer a wide variety of creams, lotions, soaps, serums, oils, gels, kits as well as treatments that are highly effective and rich in quality to lighten brighten and treat the face and body.

Another appealing factor of the Makari line is their sophisticated packaging. Their logo, color choices and design in packaging is a pleasing aesthetic that gives customers the look and feel of an effective luxury product that guarantees exceptional results at the palm of their hands. Due to its beautiful packaging consumers will not be tossing any Makari products away into a drawer. Instead this line will sit atop of every clients vanity until it is time to restock.

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