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SahmAdrangi and his contributions towards the financial industry

In recent times, to be exact March 6 this year, an author for the Seeking Alpha got the chance to interact with a Wall Street trader who specialized in bonds. He is a recap of how the interview went down. We can recapitulate his rise up the corporate ladder in very few precise words: hard work and dedication. The Wall Street trader, whose name the article fails to disclose, is a perfect definition of pauper who, through education, has been able to dine in the midst of kings.

Everything he has he has toiled for and the internship he got in NYC Merrill Lynch, after graduating from Penn State, is no different. He worked at the institution’s credit desk, a position he was able to hold on to for three straight years owing to his diligence high enthusiasm.

He learned a lot while interning at Penn State; he was now more informed on matters credit trading, it is this knowledge and expertise that later landed him a job at 3 billion dollars’ worth hedge fund known as Longacre. It was while at Longacre that he got the chance to interact with Sahm.

Sahm is the man behind Kerrisdale Capital, a reputable hedge fund in the United States. Sahm had in recent times, February 15th, published an article that was a favorite among many in the finance industry. The piece he wrote enabled a lot of people to retain their positions in the NAK, Northern Dynasty (NYSEMKT: NAK).

SahmAdrangi is a Canadian born business tycoon whose CV lists qualifications probably way more than anyone his age. He has through sweat and diligence built his Kerrisdale Capital into an empire worth millions.

Sahm Adrangi’s career began with him as an investor for online Chinese owned hedge funds. He came to the discovery that this Chinese company made money by scamming people, an idea he was against from the very beginning. He realized that the only way he was going to make decent money out of them as if he exposed the hedge funds for what they were.

Sahm had planned to make the exposé under an anonymous condition, but fate had other plans. His identity was discovered and plastered all over the media, a thing that was a blessing and curse. A curse for he faced a lot of backlashes and a benefit for this was that which put him on the map.