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Yeonmi Park Openly Shares her Story of Defecting

In Order to Live is a Fascinating Story

In Order to Live is an Amazon released story about a young girl named Yeonmi Park who chose to defect from North Korea. She made this choice in order to find freedom and escape oppression from a government that dictates. Life in North Korea is hard to describe. It is a life that most people do not have the ability to comprehend. Yeonmi Park and her family chose to escape an abusive lifestyle in the middle of the night. She was only 13 years old when her journey to freedom began. In Order to Live is a story that is a true story about a family that had to defect in order to live and find freedom. See the article on for the full story.

Where the Journey to Freedom Began

Yeonmi and her journey to freedom began on March 31 in the year 2007. She had discovered that she would indeed pay a high price for her own personal freedom. She took her first steps out of North Korea in the dark and dead of the night.

A Strong Will and a Character of Strength

Yeonmi is a young lady who clearly has a strong will and a character of strength. These are two qualities that allowed Yeonmi to survive her journey. She had to endure many horrors along her route. She had to face:

* constant abuse

* starvation

* nearby suicide

Giving up hope was not an option for this courageous young lady who made the choice to discover freedom.

A Young Human Rights Activist and Author

It is true that Park had to endure so many hardships so far in her young life. She is an impressive individual who created her own happy ending to her harrowing Youtube shared story. She moved forward and is now a human rights activist and an author.