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Status Labs Can Minimize Damage Done By Online Attacks

Reputation management company Status Labs is moving to the new Madison Square Park location to accommodate the growing staff. The new building is considerably larger than the former and in a more business-friendly location. “We have added four talented department managers to our team,” says Status Labs president Darius Fisher. “The larger space will give us the opportunity to add even more individuals in the future.”


According to Fisher, Status Labs is happy with the team they have built thus far. He hinted that even more people will likely be placed by the end of the year as the company continues to grow. “We have built a great team over the years, but there is always more room for great talent,” says Fisher.

Status Labs has grown internationally and currently serves clients in over 30 countries. The three offices in San Paolo, Austin and New York City, help clients build online reputations and combat negative attacks.

Status Labs creates solutions that clients can count on. The company uses a variety of state-of-the-art techniques to help boost reputations. Status Labs uses search engine optimization, Google suggested and related search management, social media marketing and content moderation technology to help improve your online image.

Status Lab’s team of highly-trained professionals work day and night to prevent leaks that could jeopardize reputations. In many cases, clients have photos on the internet that could cause potential harm. Positive image promotion and removing ones deemed unflattering can do wonders.
The team at Status Labs handle crisis situations all the time. There are times, unfortunately, when high-profile individuals find their names and reputations on the line.

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