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Workville Offers Shared Office Space For NYC Workers


The older generation of workers is learning a few new tricks from the younger millennial generation. A recent article in Forbes found that the millennials are much more comfortable sharing spaces for living and working than earlier generations were. Part of this is the lack of comfort many millenials have with traditional arrangements like marriage. To fill in the need for companionship, many of the younger generation today are living in shared apartment situations and also shared work spaces.

A New Definition For Office

Shared workspaces are popping up all over in cities these days, and there is no doubt that these arrangements work for many reasons. These new shared office spaces allow for the unusual work hours sometimes demanded by startup companies. Millenials are also showing a greater need for a work/life balance than earlier generations, and shared offices are more amenable to flexible work hours.

Shared work spaces suit the needs of workers in many other ways, too. There are more people around to make sure coffee is brewed in the communal kitchen, and more people around who know how to fix a jammed printer. Since several companies often share a work space, there is also the opportunity for job search networking that goes beyond sending in a resume.

Workville Works For New York Millennials

One of the shared office space providers that is taking off now is Workville NYC. The New York City offices of Workville are located near Times Square and Bryant Park, in a busy office area that’s close to major transportation hubs. The shared offices at Workville are home to several high quality small businesses and innovative start ups, and the community here buzzes with a creative energy that’s exciting.

The offices at Workville are clean and sun-drenched; it’s a beautiful space. The view from the 21st floor where the offices are spread out is spectacular, and quite a perk for those who call this space their central office. The setup at Workville allows people to rent space in shared offices, private offices or at desks in an open, shared space. The flexibility here allows people to choose the space they need at the budget they can afford.

Workville is a great example of a shared space that works. Millennial are catching on to the idea, and perhaps the older generation will give it a try, too.