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NPG VAN Leads the Way in CRM Campaign Management

Although it is tempting to announce your candidacy as soon as possible, it is imperative to be well-prepared and organized prior to the big reveal. Successful campaigns have all facets up and running on launch day so that the capitalization of this monumental announcement can be utilized to its fullest. For years, progressive candidates have used the power of NGP VAN to help them achieve their campaign goals and lead them to office. In addition to harnessing the power of this technology, there are a variety of other steps to complete prior to announcing your intention to run for office.


The first critical step is the establishment of a well-defined communication plan. Verification of key talking points for all involved in the campaign is crucial to success. The media attention on launch day is unparalleled and campaign managers are wise to leverage this opportunity. The professionals at NGP VAN can provide useful tips on how to capitalize on the media attention to propel the campaign goals forward and gain momentum.


In today’s modern world, a strong digital presence is the most important goal you can have for your campaign. As a leader in technological innovation relating to political campaigns, NGP VAN advises kickstarting your digital footprint prior to any other action. Harnessing the power of the internet to direct people to fundraising and donation opportunities, as well as creating a strong representation on social media is key to a successful campaign.


As launch day approaches, you will want to be sure that your staff is ready to collect the crucial prospective voter data. A trustworthy CRM such as NGP VAN’s Digital 8 will ensure that you lose no significant data. The utilization of CRM tools such as targeted email and digital ads will help you set you apart from your competition.


As technologically advanced as campaigns have become more digital, the art of the classic phone call is still an important piece to any election plan. Tools such as the NGP 8 assist in the planning and implementation of keeping track of donor calls.