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Putting a Dime on the NBA at

Online sports gambling is getting more exciting every year. This year is no exception in the NBA scheme of things. One thing I can say about the Golden State Warriors is when they are playing team ball, they are unstoppable. Oklahoma City fans still appear to be bitter about the loss of Durant. The shining star sees a much brighter future with his new squad in Golden State. He’s really been putting up the numbers there.

Durant likes Golden State’s style of play in the way their players execute ball movement and ultimately; ball distribution. Its 25.8 team-high average proves there’s team play involved. One could say it’s an outstanding player’s lifelong dream to be a part of an outstanding team. It would almost be insane to ever bet against a team with such assumed chemistry.

With K.D. gone, Westbrook has to take the reigns in Oklahoma City; and doing so, but with very little success in team wins. On the other hand, his personal stats are astronomical. Getting to my recent betting decision for last night’s matchup, I decided to place a bet on Golden State last night in my account. I like the platform because it keeps me up to date on “personal” types of trends. More importantly, it keeps me well-informed of relevant sports data.

That type of information goes a long way when you are trying to figure out who to put your dime on. While I am still not the expert, I still get valuable winning information and trendy tips at I used it especially for tonight’s showdown between the Warriors and Thunder.

With, spread information is only the beginning of the helpful resources you will receive. You’ll also get consensus information. Something I’ve never seen on gambling site is information on a referee. I find this to be helpful information in certain games. I highly recommend opening a account.

Getting back to last night’s game total was 230.5 with the Warriors being favored by -13.5. Last night’s game total fell shy of a lot of bettors’ expectations. Those who took the Golden State with the spread were happy campers. Get your bankroll ready and pick up some winnings this year. Placing online wagers on NBA odds at the right platform has a lot to do with your winning history; believe it or not. Get in the game at Good luck with the season!