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The Success of Rodrigo Terpins in Rally Driving

Rodrigo Terpins is a professional Brazilian Rally Driver with one of the most flamboyant and successful careers. Over the past few years, he has soared up to the heights of the popular A-list rally drivers that are known and highly appreciated by all around the world of rally racing. It is judicious to affirm that his success can only be attributed to his incredible dedication, inexplicable passion for the sport, and his dexterity with the wheels.

Having been born in Sao Paulo to Jack Terpins, a basketball player and fanatic, Rodrigo Terpins is also a brother to the legendary Michael Terpins, one of the crème de la crème rally drivers in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins was raised and subsequently acquired his education in Saint-Hilaire, France. It is no doubt that Rodrigo Terpins grew into such a fine sportsman as he was born into and raised in a family of sports enthusiasts.

Rodrigo Terpins is allied to one of the most fascinating rally racing teams in Brazil known as the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Being a professional rally driver, Rodrigo does not just compete in any random race or championship; he has a specialty in a category known as The T1 Prototype Category. His proficiency as a rally driver, popularity and finesse have consistently improved over time due the fact that he has participated in several races and driven on virtually every track and terrain in Brazil.

The 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally is not only one of the most epic rally races in which Rodrigo Terpins has ever participated in but also a touchstone to his remarkable career. This was a 2600 Kilometre off-road rally race that consisted of 7 stages widely spread between two states. As participants under the T1 Prototype Category, Rodrigo Terpins alongside his co-driver, Fabricio Bianchini inside their T-Rex, a state-of-the-art car custom-made for them by The MEM Team, finished the race at 8th place. Bearing in mind the daunting and intimidating terrain that they drove on, Rodrigo Terpins registered his satisfaction with the results and proclaimed how great the race was.

Rodrigo Terpins’ successful career as a rally driver in Brazil cannot be termed as an overnight success; it has been a process of hard work that also took a lot of nurturing from his family members. Consequently, Rodrigo Terpins developed his wide set of skills that enabled him manoeuvre the rigorous terrains of rally driving. You can search more about him on Google.