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Treat The Lips To Juicy Honeydew Honeysuckle From EOS

Honeydew Honeysuckle is a delightful flavor reminiscent of eating a fresh juicy honeydew melon just cut on an outdoor table next to a honeysuckle vine. The flavor is derived from an actual honeydew, only real extracts are used to flavor the lip balm. With just a touch of all natural stevia, the flavor comes to life with the taste of real juicy honeydew honeysuckle on the lips. The EOS lip balm smells as good as it tastes and it all natural so it is safe to take a little taste.

The formulation of EOS smooth spheres is a combination of natural oils that are healthy for the skin. Olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and parkii shea butter compose the base of the balm. All of these oils are derived from nature and are incredibly healthy for the skin, especially for the delicate and thinner skin of the lips that can use extra care and emollient protection. These oils fortify with natural properties and protect the lips from free radicals with naturally occurring antioxidant vitamin E.

Most EOS lip balms can be found at the local Target, Walmart, Ulta,Walgreens or Racked store. EOS makes a wide variety of flavors that are constantly updating and in rotation, so there is a chance that this particular flavor may not be found at the local store. For the most reliable way of obtaining a Honeysuckle Honeydew EOS smooth sphere, it is easy to buy it directly from the Evolution of Smooth website. For just $3 it is easy to pick up this flavor and a few others. These little pods of goodness look so cute in their colorful spherical packaging that they can be kept on a makeup counter, the bathroom sink, a nightstand and in the car as well as a pocket and purse.

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