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Two Day Work Week

Venezuela is in an extremely bad situation, as they have been hit from seemingly every angle possible over the last several months. According to a MySpace article, food, water, energy and medical supplies are all in short supply and the government is frantically trying to come up with solutions to handle the problems. About two weeks ago they made the decision that they were going to cut the work week short, by cutting a day or two off of the regular five day work week. This was done to cut the energy needs of the country, while the government was hoping that taking these measures would help to restore some of the energy crisis that the country is experiencing. However, the move proved not to be as effective as they had hoped and even more drastic measures have been taken says Danilo Diaz Granados.

The work week is officially being cut to two days, meaning rather than having two days off of work and five days working, for the next few weeks, and until further notice, the country of Venezuela will be working for two days. Those days will come on Monday and Tuesday, and the government is hoping that by cutting the week down to these two days of the week, there will be a drastic reduction in the amount of energy that the country needs to power itself, while they are hoping and praying that rain will be coming in the near future.