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Innovation: Patents by Serge Belamant for Granting of Copyright Rights

In the field of computer science, Serge Belamant is one staunch intellectual who has played a really great role in ensuring it is well lit with creativity and inventions. His impressive abilities were visible since he was young and a student at Highlands North High School, South Africa; where his family had settled when he was 14 after leaving his birthplace, Tulle- France. Following his poor knowledge in English, at the school he learned how to perfect it in writing and speaking; while also perfecting his outstanding talent in Rugby, Chess, and Athletics. In 1974, Belamant joined the Witwatersrand University to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics but dropped it after one year to study Information systems.

During his career, Serge Belamant was honored with various rewards including the Analyst of the year-1980, while working with Control Data; and Systems Analyst Award of the Year – 1982. After some time, he left his business Analyst post and joined Databank where he created his first scientifically driven financial system, of which turned out to be a success and his key to innovation. In essence, to ensure his unique creations remained his entirely, and the sole copyright owner, this inventor has managed to file for several patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In ensuring his inventing technology was under copyright protection, inventor Serge Belamant was able to file a patent for the game control operation discovery in 1998.

Following successful approval of his first patent, Belamant then filed another one, in 2007, for his Secure Financial Transactions system. Following his expertise in applied mathematics, this system was created to facilitate effective and secure financial transactions using a simulated Primary Account Number of a financial institution’s credit/debit account. Still, in 2007, inventor Serge Belamant was able to file another patent for his Verification of a Transactor’s Identity system. Similarly, this system was also for effecting secure financial transactions. For effective verification, the system has been created with an identity and account verifying facility for the discerning identity of the transacting individuals. Other patents that this eminent developer has filed include Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions system; and FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS WITH A VARYING PIN device.


Fortress Investment Group is a part of the many educated risks taken by Wesley Edens

When not co running the Fortress Investment Group or co-owning the Milwaukee Bucks, Wesley Edens likes to put his energy into things that most people overlook. He enjoys placing bets on underdogs when it comes to investments. He invested in subprime lenders in the throes of the financial crisis, and his company is currently putting three billion into a railroad in Florida for private passengers when other companies are investing in self driving cars. He purchased the Milwaukee Bucks, a team that hasn’t seen a championship in decades, and he also purchased a fledgling football club in England known as Aston Villa.

Wesley Edens likes to take chances on a lot of different things, because his chances usually pay off pretty big. Take for instance his company, Fortress Investment Group. He started the company in 1998, building it up over the years to eventually sell it to SoftBank for $3.3 billion in 2017. Before this, the company went public, giving Mr. Edens a share worth $2.3 billion dollars. Visit to know more.

The Fortress Investment Group was not just something that happened overnight. Wesley Edens had put a lot of time into himself and his professional life before he and a few of his colleagues started the company. His first job after graduating from Oregon State University with a degree in finance and business administration was at a bank in San Francisco. Inspired to move to New York City, he eventually landed a job at Lehman Brothers followed by a stint at Black Rock in 1993. He became partner and managing director there before deciding to start Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

When not co-running Fortress Investment Group, Wesley Edens is either managing his train company, also known as Brightline. It is a private passenger train company that runs between cities in Florida. Currently there is a route from Miami through Fort Lauderdale, and other trains are being planned for Orlando and the Tampa area. Eventually, Edens would like to expand the company’s routes to other areas such as Atlanta to Charlotte, and Dallas to Houston. He is also active in managing his basketball club the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Shervin Pishevar predicts the stock market could give up all gains of 2018

The Federal Reserve has been following a highly experimental and risky strategy over the last 10 years. After the financial crash of 2009, the central bank decided to infuse the economy with more liquidity than had ever been introduced before. It did this primarily through its program of quantitative easing where it bought U.S. treasury securities by the trillions with money that it printed out of thin air.

Now, Shervin Pishevar, one of the most prominent thinkers in the world attack, believes that a reckoning is coming. Shervin Pishevar has long been a serious critic of the unprecedented creation of credit that the Federal Reserve has engaged in over the last 10 years. He says that the stock market, real estate and the bond market are all in a state of severe overvaluation as a direct consequence of the flooding the market with cheap credit. The historically low interest rates that the United States saw for the better part of the last decade have ultimately had a number of serious negative consequences for average Americans. One of those has been the fact that it is no longer realistic to expect that anyone who buys into the market at current levels will experience decent returns over the next 20 years.

Pishevar says it is inevitable that the stock market will experience a serious correction within the next six months to five years. Although he has no idea when this will occur, Shervin Pishevar believes that the correction could rival the biggest crashes in times past, including the major stock market crash of 1929 as well as the flash crash of 1987. Unfortunately, Shervin Pishevar has stated that he believes that there is no current safe haven for investors in traditional investment vehicles. He believes that one of the best strategies going forward is to diversify into a wide range of alternative investments, including cryptocurrencies and gold.

Pishevar says that even the U.S. dollar itself will eventually start to experience severe negative downward pressure as a result of the out-of-control fiscal and monetary policies that have been encouraged over the last 10 years.

The Support of Peter Briger for the Underprivileged Families in the Society

Immediately after Peter Briger was through with his college education, he joined Goldman Sachs, a reputable banking and investment company where he started his professional career in finance and investment. This was after he had obtained an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the Pennsylvania University. Before the master degree, Briger had acquired an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, a course that he passed excellently. In fact, he was among the top students in his class during the graduation.

After joining Goldman, he was granted several responsibilities, all of which he was perfect at effecting. Peter Briger was promoted by the management of the company after they realized the extensive potential that they could exploit from him through his leadership ability. Later after serving the company for almost a decade, the board of directors of the organization was pleased by his loyalty and efforts to the company decided to make him a partner of the organization, a position that he holds to date.

In 2002, Fortress Investment Group and its top management felt that they needed to expand the organization by adding asset strategies to portfolio. However, they lacked enough human resources and proficiency to manage the additional assets that they wished to introduce to their portfolio. That was when and how Peter Briger found himself at Fortress Group as the head of the credit section of the organization and also as a CEO and a co-principal. Immediately after joining the company, the transformation started emerging. He started by introducing credit fund, hedge fund, and some other permanent asset classes to the portfolio of Fortress Group. Later in 2006, Peter Briger guided the organization through the essential process which saw Fortress acquire Intrawest and other companies that followed later.

In a nutshell, Peter Briger is classified among the faces that have led to the revolution of the investment industry by enhancing healthy competition while leading at Fortress Group. Besides being a billionaire investor, he has been engaging in philanthropic activities which are geared towards the alleviation of poverty in the society. As part of these activities, Peter has a fund that he has set aside to assist in educating the children from impoverished families.

Louis C. Chenevert Supporting Successful Thinking

Louis R. Chenevert has worked under different capacities at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) from 2006 until he retired as chairman in 2014.


Chenevert was elected President and CEO in April 2008, which he served as until 2010 when he was elected Chairman. Chenevert previously spent fourteen years as Production General Manager at General Motors.


On leaving UTC Chenevert served Goldman Sachs in their Merchant Banking Division as Senior Industry Advisor.


Chenevert attended the University of Montreal for the Bachelor of Commerce degree. He later returned to the University of Montreal to receive an honorary doctorate.


While working at UTC Chenevert realized the power and effectiveness of working in long production cycles as well as R&R in producing game-changing products; combined with learning how to acquire the right companies became an excellent force for UTC.


Some of the more notable accomplish he was part of were the development of the F135 engine, GTF engine production, Bombardier C series and the $18B acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace.


When Louis R. Chenevert says his ideas come about by focus on three areas. First, gathering together talent and engineering that produced results; secondly, to always obtain results that exceeded the customer goals and expectations which turned massive profits and impetus for the future; lastly, bringing leading teams that were small in number, but when aided by top management and the tools and funds they needed resulted in obtaining industry-changing results.


It was also vital that at critical points along the production pipeline there was a system of checks and balances that was set up to ensure the project arrived safely for the client.


Chenevert believes that gathering the right team is essential to any success. A team needs proper inspiration and appreciation. Reward your team for taking risks. The bottom line for any successful endeavor is to have relentless focus and always thinking big while building a culture of winners that work as a team that overcomes the obstacles that stand in the way of their goals. A team looks to the upper management for support and inspiration and to create an atmosphere of success.

Richard Blair – article recap

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is in charge of a investment and wealth management firm located, and operating in Austin, Texas. It is a Registered Investment Advisory a.k.a. (RIA). Blair states “Everyone needs a solid plan of attack to be able to accomplish their financial wants and desires.” Wealth solutions provides a unique “three pillar” approach to the issue of financial management. This approach allows the firm to effectively discover the client’s financial status, and help them accomplish their goals with quick succession.


Pillar #1 – Lay the client’s financial “roadmap”. Lay out the client’s strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities for growth.


Pillar #2 – Develop long term plans and strategies of the clients financial goals and wants. It is tailored to each client’s financial status, and their investment goals. The firm manages and reallocated the clients financial assets to ensure maximum financial return.


Pillar #3 – Post determining the clients needs and laying their “roadmap” Richard meets the clients needs for life insurance, as well as annuities.



Richard founded Wealth Solutions in Austin way back in 1994 as he was determined to create financial solutions for those who were in need for wealth management services. His company has done exactly that. They have served, and serve over 300 clients with their wealth management needs. Nearly 25 years of wealth solution management, Wealth solutions continues to provide quality, unbiased solutions for their clients/clientele. Their approach is completely unique, and after risking the waters with their unique strategy, they have discovered a method of managing wealth that is highly effective and keeps his customers coming back and telling friends due to the high success of his methods.


In conclusion, Richard Blair’s wealth solutions is a intelligent businessman with great ideas and methodology of how to successfully complete wealth management. The work Richard does could only be completed by providing unique and intelligent solutions to the world of wealth management. Richard has succeeded in doing so, and his work has fulfilled over 300 clients and that number is only growing. Richard Blair’s wealth solutions are very very successful. I most certainly will be using Richard Blair’s wealth management myself.


Investment Directions By Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a top Brazilian banker and investment expert and adviser who excels at preparing investors to make successful long term investments. Cornelsen guides investors through their portfolio and provides them with insight and advice which enables them to pick winners in the stock market.

Igor has made a name for himself in Brazil as a prudent investor and banker. He has managed some of the country’s largest banks and has handled an impressive percentage of Brazil’s gross economy. This has made him one of the most influential and well respected bankers in the Brazilian economy.

Cornelsen is considered a champion investor whose expertise investing in companies is unequaled. He has guided several investors into making successful investment decisions which have benefited them in the long term. He recommends investing on damaged stock rather than in poorly performing companies. This is because the former can be obtained cheaply but pays off with time.

According to Igor Cornelsen, an investor considering investing in Brazil should connect with the natives, prepare for the red tape and know foreign currency restrictions. This will enable them to exploit Brazil’s potential to become a key player in the world economics.

Igor Cornelsen has created a profile on for investors interested in the Brazilian economy. They should consider that Brazil as the largest economy in South America and the 8th largest economy has 10 major players in the banking sector. These comprise privately owned and state owned commercial and investment banks. These institutions are of paramount importance to any potential investors.

The Chinese economy, according to Cornelsen, poses the biggest competition to Brazil in terms of export of industrialized goods to other Latin American Countries. China is Brazil’s biggest trading partner, as such; a prudent investor interested in the Brazilian market should pay attention to china as it would give them a better understanding of their investment. Moreover, real currency has been over valued leading to loss of competitiveness especially in the export of industrialized goods. The devaluation of real currency should be taken into account.

Igor Cornelsen is currently retired and is the proprietor Bainbridge investments incorporated, which deals with investments in the stock markets and foreign exchange investments. He spends most of his time in South Florida where he sometimes acts as a consultant in the banking and investment sectors and invests as a hobby. This draws on his vast experience and expertise in the industry garnered through years service in financial institutions. His career is considered one of the most impressive ones in the Brazilian Financial services sector.

Investment is considered one of the most complicated financial practices. However, with professional help it can also be one of the most beneficial decisions an individual can make.