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Ever Wanted To Know More About Peter Briger? Start With This Article

Company leaders are very passionate with the ventures and projects that they start, and sometimes people can sense this passion from the depths of the heart of the leaders themselves. One of these passionate leaders that have such strong sense of drive for their projects is Peter Briger, the Co-Chairman as well as Principal of Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger also acts as Co-Chairman of its Board of Directors, and that itself is an indicator that his passion is more than just generating sales and growth for the company that he starts. His is about service.

Working With Peter Briger

People may find from reviews websites such as that Peter Briger is known to be passionate in delivering quality benefits to Fortress Investment Group’s employees. One reviewer even claimed that even in a short time, it was already a fantastic, enjoyable experience to be part of Peter Berger’s team of analysts for Fortress Investment Group. Another reviewer also said that while the company is a fast-paced firm, it’s also a perfect platform to learn new things and gain exceptional experience that one can use in the future. The professional demeanor of the people working for the company has also been a source of inspiration for those who still want to be part of Fortress Investment.

The Philanthropy

It should be added here that the passion for service of Briger for Fortress would not be complete without his philanthropy work. He is now an active member of the Global Fund for Children and also supports the Silicon Valley Leadership Council. All of these programs supplement the reputation today of Briger in making sure that not only is his company growing, but the companies around him are evolving as well.

It is also the hope of Briger that with his social advocacy work, he can connect with the right kind of people and get their help in supporting his other projects for the world. This doesn’t mean that Briger is forgetting his commercial roots. In fact, the success in his commercial ventures has led him to be ranked in 2007 to be part of Forbes Billionaire List. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World


An Alternative Investment Fund by Highland Capital Management

From the article we gather that, Highland Floating Rate Fund announced the Regular Monthly Dividends on its common stock of zero point seventy seven dollar per share which will be payable to recorded shareholders, seven days after the close of business. The fund known as closed-end fund, majorly invests in floating rate loans with an objective of providing high levels of current income while consistently preserving capital in a registered fund format. The fund is managed by the Highland Capital Fund Advisors L.P. From the semi-annual fund report, the total operating expenses were said to be one point twenty six percent but then, current performance may not predict the future due to fluctuations in investment return and principal value and therefore, as an investor, it is necessary to have the advice of experts so as to understand the fluctuations and be ready to cope with any changes. Read this article at

There are various prospects associated with the funds the investors should be aware before making decisions. First, the fund is a closed-end fund risk which only requires long term investors. Once investment has been placed and the shareholder desires to sell their shares, there is no guarantee price for the sale or that one will be able to make sell on the NYSE. Secondly is the Credit Risk. Assets in the fund may be invested in senior loans, high yield securities and unrated senior loans. Therefore, failure to pay for a scheduled interest or principal will lead to reduced income to the fund hence reduced value of the senior loan and decrease in NAV of the fund. It is therefore risky because, investment may lead great fluctuation compared to non-investments in the same. In addition, with senior loans, increase in interest leads to increased rate of borrowing leading to risk and default increase. Also, changes in short term interest rates may lead to an adjustment in floating rate loans.


In conclusion, if the investment made by the fund is illiquid, it may not fetch the original price; therefore it requires ongoing monitoring by agents who may have financial difficulties. Visit to know more.