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Southbridge Capital Can Help A Company with all Its Financial Needs

If you decide that Southbridge Capital is the finance company for you, you will find that they have a many different kinds of clients and forward-looking financial solutions. These things are just the tip of the iceberg of what you find at Southbridge.

Another thing that you will find out about Southbridge is that they have an experienced, core executive team that has deep understanding of the financial marketplace. This team are extremely devoted to their clients and will find the right financial plan for them. This team has invested $1.8 billion in companies since 1996 and have gotten a good return on their investment. They have their put money in about 250 public companies. They completely how a company works and is aware of all concerns and issues that a firm can have. Their knowledge and experience are good reasons that you should go with Southbridge.

A potential client or customer of Southbridge will get a complete financial package from this company. As part of this package, a client should expect ot get highly detailed, proposed financial statement that will match what is assumed to be with operations and finances. Southbridge will also help with a client’s company to have a balance between debt and equity. This company can provide advice on bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, and legal settlements. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

If you are interested in a financial company that is interested in social responsibility. Southbridge is such a company. This company does its best to promote volunteer work, community leadership and improvement in society. They believe in having a positive impact on society. To ensure that happens, they focus on projects that can give support and strengthen citizens who already have the desire tomake society better. Stephen and Mary Hicks, members of the Southbridge family, have started many charitable groups. Southbridge do put their beliefs into actions.

These are some of the people that you could meet at Southbridge Capital. You can visit

Stpehen M. Hicks is founder as well as the CEO of Southbridge. He helps set the course for all of the companies under Southbridge and is responsible for how this business develops.

Narine Pershud is Chief Financial Officer and has been with the company for ten years. She is one in charge of the fund accouting and cash management.

Larence Ditkoff, CFA, CPA, is the director of Research and is in charge of investment evaluation. He is also involved in selecting due diligence and transaction structuring.

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Chivalry isn’t dead with James Dondero!

James Dondero is currently a co-founder and president of Highland Capitol Management. This business is located in Dallas, Texas. Before all his success he was actually a self proclaimed entrepreneur. James who sometimes goes by Jim has a very impressive educational and career oriented background within itself. He holds down two bachelors of science. Back in the year of 1984 Dondero held down a training position with JP Morgan and Chase Co. Which helped in landing him a job at American Express. However even with James Dondero being an extremely busy man he still finds time to be charitable, reports show that back in 2001 he donated $1 million dollars to help the hippopotamus habitat that’s located in the Dallas zoo. He claims that he donated because he was hearing about all the complaining and letters being wrote to the zoo about irritated customers missing the hippopotamus exhibit, he wanted to put the customers at ease so he donated. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Somehow he even finds time to be Chairman of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and even CCS Medical amongst a few others. Follow James on Linkedin.

Most claims have been made that Dondero is a very unselfish person, who uses his company and own hard earned money to help others in the immediate Dallas area. Even though his long work days are no behind him, Dondero is still busy with his company planning and executing different ways to be charitable. Even though most think chivalry is not dead, Dondero himself goes to show that it definitely is not in the past.


Paul Mampilly Dedicates His Life To Helping Ordinary Americans To Make Wealth

After working on Wall Street for more than two decades, Paul Mampilly quit his well-paying job to focus on helping ordinary people to make meaningful returns from their investments. This change of heart came when Paul realized that most institutions design their products to satisfy the utility of the 1 percent of the population. This way, the financial expert deemed it fit to provide the 99 percent with the products and services provided to these elites.

Even though Paul does not work on the Wall Street, he is an active trader. Over the years, Paul Mampilly has been using his vast experience to invest both his money and that of his clients. This way, he was able to have a steady income. As a trader, Paul keeps his investments simple. He sticks to his buying and selling patterns to generate returns. This is in contrast with the corporate world where companies try to manipulate the prices of shares to generate huge margins.

Paul Mampilly’s transition from the corporate world to offering his trading services to the public was smooth. Owing to his vast experience in trading, Paul did not take long to start generating returns. His business has been able to run as a going concern due to the expanded size of capital under his management.

Paul vividly remembers his confidence when he graduated from the university. He believed that he had already mastered the art of making money and was well positioned to face any challenge. His reality call came as soon as he entered Wall Street. Everything was different. Paul Mampilly points out at the importance of hands-on experience. According to him, experience enhances one’s growth and ability to make rational investments, thus generating good returns.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an accomplished financial expert. The alumnus of Fordham University has vast experience on financial matters. He joined the financial industry in 1991 by working for Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. Paul Mampilly has also worked for ING, Kinetic Asset Management, and Deutsche Bank. At Kinetic Asset Management, the financial expert spearheaded the growth of the company’s assets to $25 billion. In addition, Paul is a revered author. He writes a number of newsletters aimed at providing the public with insightful trading ideas. One of his newsletters, Profits Unlimited, has over 60,000 subscribers.

Richard Blair – article recap

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is in charge of a investment and wealth management firm located, and operating in Austin, Texas. It is a Registered Investment Advisory a.k.a. (RIA). Blair states “Everyone needs a solid plan of attack to be able to accomplish their financial wants and desires.” Wealth solutions provides a unique “three pillar” approach to the issue of financial management. This approach allows the firm to effectively discover the client’s financial status, and help them accomplish their goals with quick succession.


Pillar #1 – Lay the client’s financial “roadmap”. Lay out the client’s strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities for growth.


Pillar #2 – Develop long term plans and strategies of the clients financial goals and wants. It is tailored to each client’s financial status, and their investment goals. The firm manages and reallocated the clients financial assets to ensure maximum financial return.


Pillar #3 – Post determining the clients needs and laying their “roadmap” Richard meets the clients needs for life insurance, as well as annuities.



Richard founded Wealth Solutions in Austin way back in 1994 as he was determined to create financial solutions for those who were in need for wealth management services. His company has done exactly that. They have served, and serve over 300 clients with their wealth management needs. Nearly 25 years of wealth solution management, Wealth solutions continues to provide quality, unbiased solutions for their clients/clientele. Their approach is completely unique, and after risking the waters with their unique strategy, they have discovered a method of managing wealth that is highly effective and keeps his customers coming back and telling friends due to the high success of his methods.


In conclusion, Richard Blair’s wealth solutions is a intelligent businessman with great ideas and methodology of how to successfully complete wealth management. The work Richard does could only be completed by providing unique and intelligent solutions to the world of wealth management. Richard has succeeded in doing so, and his work has fulfilled over 300 clients and that number is only growing. Richard Blair’s wealth solutions are very very successful. I most certainly will be using Richard Blair’s wealth management myself.


Jim Hunt Is Doing Things Many Investors Wouldn’t Dream Of

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is an investor who formerly worked for a big bank in the UK, but decided it was time to step out on his own and help those who were less knowledgeable about investing become independent from the banks. Hunt has educated people through YouTube where he has published videos on making stock trades and going inside the numbers. But Jim Hunt VTA Publications also recently started two big programs on stock trading that even some of the most savvy investors might not dream of starting.

Jim Hunt started up “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” You might think Hunt was trying to start up a get-rich-quick scheme, but he actually started these programs to show how stock trading is something anyone could become good at by following basic principles. “Wealth Wave” is about making two phone calls when a bear market is about to hit that could mean you’re the recipient of funds that trickle down the other side of the financial wall. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is something Jim Hunt VTA Publications started to show how just 10 trades could multiply into millions in earnings, and could make someone a tax-free millionaire when all is said and done.

Jim Hunt has more information about these programs and about other investing tips at VTA Publications, the company he started. VTA Publications has books and multimedia available for what they call distance learning courses according to You could learn about building a great retirement plan from them in their course about retirement planning taken from the bible. If you’re new to stock trading and don’t understand all the numbers or basics behind it, you can take their course on learning how to read stock charts, and supplemental material is available in their booklet about little-known trading options. There are also seminars they host with some of the world’s leading investors and entrepreneurs, and these are available to order on DVD along with the other course materials. All courses can be ordered by going to

The Capital Group Investment Expert

After the death of the former Capital Group chairman Jim Rothenberg, the Capital Group was seeking to fill his position in accordance with the Capital Group succession culture. After several considerations, the Board of Directors of the Capital Group settled on Timothy Amour.

At the time of the promotion, Armour was the chairman of the management committee of Capital Group as well as the Capital Research and Management Company. Timothy Armour, along with Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo are the top executive who is part of the firm’s management committee. They were given the responsibility of working together with another member of the committee in order to come up with and implement strategies as well as supervise the overall operations of the company.

Timothy Amour has a strong educational background. He attended Middlebury College where he holds a degree in Economics. It is through this that he joined the Capital Group as an equity investment analyst. He has been working at Capital Group ever since. Timothy Armour’s extensive experience, which he has gained in over 30 years, enables him to offer valuable advice to investors about investments. Particularly, Armour has given his opinion regarding investors finding active managers who can earn their keep.

Investors seek out active managers that can earn their keep with their investment, this is the perspective of Timothy Armour. He says that the best fund managers spend their time looking for more information about companies that are in their fund category or the companies with the potential to return better investment for them as well as their investors. He says that active managers need to make deep analysis periodically of every company they plan to invest in or currently have an investment. He notes that the actively managed funds’ managers have a crucial task of outperforming the market and defending the funds from possible losses. He advises the investors that the important aspect of finding actively managed funds is looking for managers who have outperformed the benchmarks of their criteria over a long period of time.

Regarding the 2015 selloff, Timothy Amour noted the balance of analysis of the market. Most investors lamented the sluggish economic growth in China and the possible market instability. Armour indicated that the U.S. market had experienced growth in the last six years and that the balance is an expected and a natural event which is a healthy for the U.S. and international markets. Timothy Armour said that the stock valuation is normal and that capital will be directed to the required areas if the Federal Reserve maintain the high-interest rates.