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Waiakea Water Tackles the Bottle Water Problem

Bottled water may be a better choice for drinking but is not a friend of the ocean. The biggest problem currently being experienced in the bottled water world is the pollution being caused by it. Plastic takes about 1000 years to biodegrade. That is a long time. There are countries on earth that are not even that old. Long after the human race moves to Mars there will still be plastic water bottles floating in the ocean. Many plans have been put in place to reduce this, but the fact remains that many water drinkers just chuck the bottle into the drink. This is a problem for coastal places as they have an actual drink to toss bottles into, that does not mean that the rest of the world I not effected. Landfills are full of discarded plastic bottles. For this purpose, the environmental conservation of a bottled water company is starting to become a key seller.


It may sound horrible but bottled water sells through three major points. It is healthy, it is sourced from an exotic spot, and they take care of the environment. In the case of Hawaii native Waiakea water the conservation aspect is about to turn revolutionary. The company, started back in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, already sources from a sustainable aquifer. The factory also runs on clean energy. This year however, they are unveiling something big. A fully biodegradable bottle that will completely break down in fifteen years. This means that most people under 70 today will still be alive after Waiakea bottles break down. This is a huge benefit for bottle water in general. If the bottle works other companies will design their own and a big victory will be won for bottle water.


Waiakea also sports the other two selling aspects as well. It is sourced from underneath a volcano which means it is Hawaiian volcanic water. This is a statement that sounds cool to say. It is also 100% alkaline which makes it the healthiest water available. Waiakea pH is the best naturally occurring balance around. This certainly makes Waiakea water stand out.

Gyration of the OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the businesses that was one day very small, but due to proper management, the company has managed to stand. It all started as a local meat selling point to a commercial enterprise that serves people in different regions. The business was doing well in the industry, a fact that made it win a contract with McDonald’s restaurant. This collaboration opened more doors for trade in that it acquired a good reputation. One of the strategies embraced by OSI Group was the introduction of already existing products to new customers. They achieved this by opening a new branch in West Chicago that was meant to ensure the timely delivery of beef for McDonald’s.

This diversification seemed to work well for the company since they later moved their products to Utah, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Austria. OSI Group has successfully managed to reach over ten countries. Some of the products that they have managed to deliver include fish, dough, beef, pork, and also vegetable products. For operations in any business to be successful, the workforce is essential. As a result, OSI Group has managed to employ 20,000 employees. Most of the businesses are out there to make money. The customer’s well-being is none of their concern. OSI Group has always been on the lookout to ensure that whatever is delivered to their customers is safe and of the right quantity. This has helped them scoop several ethical awards.

This business has been operating from their central office based in Illinois. Ray Kroc has been the chief executive officer of McDonalds. Otto & Sons have also become part of this enterprise out of the supplies they make. Ray Kroc has always made sure that customer relations are of the top notch. It has been his duty to ensure that repeat customers are satisfied with quality goods. Kroc has also ensured that the products are available in the market. Suppliers have always been held responsible when it comes to the affordability of hamburgers. Technology has assisted in building a good supplier and customer relation. Operations can also be conducted within the minimum time possible.

Jeunesse Global Supplements and Skincare

A variety of intriguing anti-aging and wellness products are available from Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company that has been in the health and beauty business since 2009. Their approach to feeling and looking good is focused internally and externally in the form of supplements and skincare products. With billions of dollars in sales and continued growth, Jeunesse Global seems to be doing something right.

While health and wellness are undeniably priorities, many people don’t have the patience to wait a month or two for supplements to have an effect and demonstrate visible anti-aging results. This is an age of instant gratification–people want to look good now. Jeunesse Global addresses that demand in a product they call Instantly Ageless.

The company recommends combining use of its supplements and skincare lines for maximum results. They break down their youthfulness strategy in 9 parts, with products that correspond to each category. Instantly Ageless falls under the Diminish category, with the promise of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye bags, and fine lines. The product is described as producing visible reduction in these unwanted indicators of age in just 2 minutes, with results that last for 6 to 9 hours.

There are 5 suggested areas for application of Instantly Ageless. Light or sparing use of the product is recommended for all areas. Application of the product across the entire forehead is intended to reduce wrinkles. Applying just above the brow line is intended to give the appearance of a brow lift. If hooded eyes are an issue, the product can be applied just below the eyebrow. Applying the product under the eye, from inner to outer edge is said to diminish under-eye bags and the fine lines often referred to as crow’s feet. Lastly, the product can be used anywhere on the face where the appearance of pores needs to be reduced.

Instantly Ageless is sold in a quantity of 25 multi-use vials per package. It’s one of the top selling products for the company. The product has been available through Jeunesse since 2014.

Tempus a Chicago-Base Company gets Unicorn status funding

The Co-founder and CEO of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky are on a mission with his new technology and his operating system to collect clinical and molecular data from new patients and those who have been suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The goal is to improve the health care system and to have the necessary information to better treatment options.

Tempus is a Chicago-base technology company that recently achieved the ‘Unicorn’ status with $80M in new funding from a group of new and existing investors. There is a big achievement and they will use their funding to keep expanding and researching. There are not many companies today with that status.

The CEO and Co-founder of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky have a goal and is to improve patient outcomes from treatments of others. In fact, he wishes to provide physicians, oncologists, pathologists, researchers and also insurance companies with a system that they can use to help better and efficiently patients with cancer and other diseases, therefore, using this technology the health care system will be more precise and accessible to all.

However, Tempus has a big challenge and that is to provide Cancer Centers, hospitals, community centers and private clinics with this operating system and give the tools to doctors to fight the battle against cancer. In the meantime, this sequencing of clinical and molecular data will be inexpensive and easy to use in an effort to treat every patient with different illnesses better than ever.

Eric Lefkofsky has the experience with technology and he knows that the health care system has to improve. Consequently, doctors and researchers need the tools to gather information with a system that collects big data, using artificial intelligence and advanced molecular analysis.

Tempus has built the operating system to battle cancer. Medical trials and clinical records are not sufficient. This technology collects data from all patients, the drugs they are taking, which ones are giving results and which ones are not. This operating system has to be in every clinic, hospital and cancer centers.

Eric Lefkofsky info:

Oncotarget keeps you updated with the latest Oncology protocols

Oncology is the branch of medicine concerned with treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of cancer. Oncologists are the experts who perform oncology. Cancer prevention mainly involves three distinct stages: Foremost, early diagnosis where the common diseases are screened and a comprehensive staging diagnosis. Next is the Treatment stage where comprehensive cancer centers present patients with tumor board treatment discussions as well as Screening. Lastly is the prevention stage where the risk factors like alcohol and tobacco consumption are reduced.The majority of the cancers can be cut down through multi-disciplinary cancer discussion conferences where concerned experts assemble to find the most appropriate management for particular cases; based on the financial, social, emotional, psychological and physical condition of a patient. In these case, medical experts include all specific organ oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists, medical oncologist and even the radiation oncologists.

Oncotarget is a traditional free-access multidisciplinary journal by Mikhail Blagosklonny forum where oncologists publish weekly recent cancer discoveries. Oncotarget primary mission is to publish new scientific results widely and rapidly. The idea is to maximize on research impact through insightful review and remove the specialty border disparities. The journal also has the aim of linking various biomedical science fields and fostering basic clinical science applications that can help to combat diseases. The journal also aims to create an environment devoid of diseases. Led by the most outstanding scientists, the journal has assisted many researchers in contributing science progress.The magazines’ success has prompted the journals’ senior editors Andrei V. Gudkov and Blagosklonny to launch weekly editorials that go well beyond oncology.

The following are some of the journal’s weekly publications. Onco Targets Ther, PubMed Central, and PubMed, SciSearch┬« (Expanded Science Citation Index, Science Edition/ Journal Citation Reports, Previews BIOSIS, Scopus, Others are the DOAJ (Journals of Open Access Directory), Access Open Initiative: OAIster Biological concepts and the Embase.You too can become part of this revolutionary peer-reviewed treatment protocols, potential therapy target management for all cancer patients. By reading the journal, you also get to know some of the effects of new therapeutic agents, management programs and other patient protocol perspectives like satisfaction, adherence, and quality of life.

Medicare Advantage Plans Are Easy To Get With Help From InnovaCare

As people age, they often confront different challenges in life. One of the biggest issues that people may confront as they age is getting access to not only health care, but the best possible health care for their needs. Fortunately, people are covered by Medicare when they get older in the United States. Medicare is all about offering health care that is there for people as they age. Medicare on, while a plan that seniors can qualify, has many aspects that many seniors need to understand before they sign up. One such aspect is what is known as a medicare advantage plan.

The Right Help

With the right help, it is easy to figure out which particular plan best for any person. This is a task that those at InnovaCare know very well. Here, they know that the right plan is there for all those who need it. This is why people have found very helpful to work with them in order to discover which particular plan will work for their medical care needs. They can reach out to the people who come to them for advice and discover just how easy it is to make sense of the most common kinds of medicare advantage plans. With their assistance, any given senior can look through the potential options and see how each one works. They know that details are important and that’s why they offer them. They also know that a senior may not have the time to spend hours researching possible plans. So InnovaCare Health provide the help that clients need to sort through the information in front of them and make the right decision.

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Innovative Leadership

Part of getting help is the right leadership. This is why Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare has done all that he can in order to help provide assistance for patients who are trying to get access to accurate and useful information. The same is true of Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer of the company. She knows that patients look to her and her fellow administrators to make very important decisions about their lives. This is why she and all those at InnovaCare work hard each day to make sure that all of their patients are able to chose the right medicare plan. They hope to continue helping their patients to continue to get care and stay healthy. Source: