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History and operation of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services has a history that dates back to the 1990’s. The first services provided by IAP Worldwide Services were logistics and procurement services. After some time, the government asked IAP for assistance with the Army through transportation of generators to their base and battlefields. IAP Worldwide was involved in provision of generators to the Army during the first Gulf War. With the excellent management services, the Army relied on IAP for other solutions. As a result, IAP has become a highly trusted partner for both the United States government and the army. The services go along with transportation lines. IAP has specialized in other services such as power generation, transportation services, and power generation.

Company history

IAP merged with a company called Johnson Controls in the year 2000. Because of the merger, IAP renamed itself to become IAP Worldwide Services. The company offered a larger variety of services to its clients. IAP Worldwide Services today provides technical services, business operations support and global operations services.

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IAP Worldwide Services offer an array of services dealing in global-scale logistics, technology and facilities management. The internationally-based companies avails its services through the help of 2000 employees located in 25 different countries of the world. IAP has had an extensive experience in engaging in sophisticated engineering, planning, coordination and logistical services. IAP Worldwide Services has offered emergency services to situations like natural disasters and overseas battlefields. IAP has assisted in the maintenance, management and overseeing military operations for research laboratories. Since it has been service for more than 60 years, IAP has offered exemplary services that meet customer’s demands and expectations. The firm has grown to become the most reliable and trusted company in the market.

IAP Worldwide Services success comes from the way they treat clients and how they interact with the general public. The company gives back to the society for funding several community projects and hiring of veterans. For the past decade, the company has had a huge success since it has embraced high working standards and a proper work ethics.

IAP on social media

IAP has an active online presence and is active in its social media accounts. The company has a popular Facebook page and YouTube channel. IAP has an active LinkedIn account where one can find the business’s information. The company often uses its LinkedIn account to accept job applicants. People that want to help the company for volunteering work can apply through their social media accounts.

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