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Gyration of the OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the businesses that was one day very small, but due to proper management, the company has managed to stand. It all started as a local meat selling point to a commercial enterprise that serves people in different regions. The business was doing well in the industry, a fact that made it win a contract with McDonald’s restaurant. This collaboration opened more doors for trade in that it acquired a good reputation. One of the strategies embraced by OSI Group was the introduction of already existing products to new customers. They achieved this by opening a new branch in West Chicago that was meant to ensure the timely delivery of beef for McDonald’s.

This diversification seemed to work well for the company since they later moved their products to Utah, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Austria. OSI Group has successfully managed to reach over ten countries. Some of the products that they have managed to deliver include fish, dough, beef, pork, and also vegetable products. For operations in any business to be successful, the workforce is essential. As a result, OSI Group has managed to employ 20,000 employees. Most of the businesses are out there to make money. The customer’s well-being is none of their concern. OSI Group has always been on the lookout to ensure that whatever is delivered to their customers is safe and of the right quantity. This has helped them scoop several ethical awards.

This business has been operating from their central office based in Illinois. Ray Kroc has been the chief executive officer of McDonalds. Otto & Sons have also become part of this enterprise out of the supplies they make. Ray Kroc has always made sure that customer relations are of the top notch. It has been his duty to ensure that repeat customers are satisfied with quality goods. Kroc has also ensured that the products are available in the market. Suppliers have always been held responsible when it comes to the affordability of hamburgers. Technology has assisted in building a good supplier and customer relation. Operations can also be conducted within the minimum time possible.

OSI Food Solutions Doesn’t Let Its Status As A World Leader In The Food Industry Stop It From Continuing To Grow And Improve:

OSI Food Solutions is a wholesale food distribution company that has a long and distinguished legacy of providing amazing customer services to its extensive list of clients all the while maintaining a family atmosphere despite being one of the largest food companies in the world and one of America’s top one hundred food businesses. The company has a reputation for its outstanding business model that encourages entrepreneurship. Always looking for creative ways to expand its business model, OSI Food Solutions is today located in 17 different countries worldwide with some 65 facilities in operation. The company has an employment roster that exceeds twenty-thousand. As big as OSI’s operations are, the company still stays close to its family-oriented roots and is known for its inclusive and family-values based company culture. This family values type of ethic also extends to the company’s model for running operations that are environmentally sustainable. For this work, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council in 2016 as recognition that the company makes great efforts to operate facilities that run in accordance with the highest of environmental protection standards.

Other major news within the OSI Food Solutions sphere that has occurred in the last few years include the acquisitions of two of the top food distribution companies in Europe. Baho Food based out of the Netherlands and Flagship Europe based out of the United Kingdom both became OSI affiliates in 2016 as they were both deemed to be excellent fits for the OSI business model. After the acquisitions, OSI officials decided to rebrand Flagship Europe under the name Creative Foods Europe.

OSI Food Solutions also doubled its chicken production in Spain in 2016 by putting a massive investment into the production line at the processing facility that the firm operates in Toledo, Spain. The move was necessary to keep up with the consistent growth in demand for chicken on menus in Spain and Portugal, the two markets served by the Toledo facility.

OSI also recently engaged in a 50/50 merger with Australian poultry processing firm Turi Foods. Turi has a huge reach across the food market in Australia and the partnership with OSI is a perfect fit to help both companies reach their business goals.

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Expansion of the OSI Group under CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a top food manufacturer in the world today with branches in various parts of the world. The company currently operates in 17 countries. It supplies the biggest food supply chains with food products. The over 100 years old company started as a butcher shop started by a German immigrant but is now a leading company in the world headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin and president David McDonald. The company started expanding rapidly in the 1950s when it agreed to supply the newly established McDonalds with beef.

McDonald’s expanded faster than owners of OSI Groups (then known as Otto & Sons) expected. They were forced to make quick arrangements so that they could meet the needs of the McDonalds. The company set up its first food manufacturing food plant in Chicago in 1975. In the same year, Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a managing partner. As a financial expert, he helped the other partners manage the company at a time when they were approaching the retirement age.

OSI Group is now a global company supplying its products in almost all the continents. It is working in 17 counties either directly or through a subsidiary. In the 1980S, Sheldon Lavin became the CEO of the company. Since Sheldon Lavin took up the mandate as the overall head of the company, it has expanded rapidly and is today among the largest privately owned companies in the United States with a net worth of about $6.1 billion. OSI Group has mainly been built through joint ventures and expansions. Early expansion of the business started in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Poland, and Hungary. This was in the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1987, OSI Group partnered with K&K Foods of Taiwan and made an entry into Asia market. It opened other plants in China and Philippines in the following years. When China finally joined the World Trade Organization, it became clear to the management of OSI that this would be one of the greatest untapped markets in the world. The company expanded its business in China through joint ventures and WFOEs and finally managed to grasp a huge chunk of the market.

Sheldon Lavin continues to inspire growth in the company by applying a business model which offers consumers safe and healthy products. The expansion of the company is not yet over. More joint-ventures and acquisitions have been lined up the company in different regions.

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OSI Industries The beneficiaries of a good partnership

OSI industries are the leading industry in food production and adding value to food. Being in the industry for one century.OSI’s story has been a dynamic one. It was founded as a result of immigration to America. Specifically, it was founded by a German-immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. It’s based in Illinois, Chicago. The immigrants were passing through America in a bid to get farms in the West.

Kolschowsky was business oriented and had an eye for business opportunities. Barely two years after moving to America, he started up a business as a butcher. His business grew fast, and in ten years he had shifted to being a wholesaler and had opened another branch in Chicago. The success of business accelerated, and a decade down the line it was renamed and made to be a family business known as Otto and Sons limited. Since the products they produced were very crucial to the community they lived in, the business continued to grow and gain popularity.

However, before the World War two, the Industry faced great competition from the MC Donald’s Restaurant. Otto and Sons were able to recover b getting a partnership to supply fresh meat. The MC Donald’s Restaurant multiplied under the new leadership of Kroc. Since Otto and Sons limited was associated with the MC Donald’s their legacy grew too. With the ever-increasing branches of the MC Donald’s great pressure was inserted to the suppliers such as OSI always to deliver good quality meat all through. It is this pressure that led to the discovery of new technology (flash freezing) to attain consistency in production. This helped them to grow, the friendship between Kroc and sons of Otto helped them grow together in business.

Otto and Sons continued to grow and became a large business hence the need to change their name to OSI Industries for better business. Therefore, it turned from a family owned butcher to a manufacturing company. The also incorporated new leadership which was not comprised of family members as before. OSI industries continued to expand proportionally with their partners the Mc Donald Restaurant. This increased their production capacity which allowed them to move to the international market. OSI Industries gained a larger market, and the has continued to expand globally to this day. The OSI Industries have had great leaders who have steered the company to great successes.

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OSI Food Solutions Is Bigger Than Life

The foodservice industry is mighty competitive now days, and it has always been this way to a degree. These extraordinary professionals produces and distributes foods all over the globe in real-time. This multi-billion dollar industry is what keeps people going as well as pumps energy into the economy. Without professional foodservices, our world would literally come to a complete stop. OSI Food Solutions is the cream-of-the-crop in this exclusive business. This company has shape-shifted itself numerous times and as of today, it has become a worldwide leader in foodservices. “So, what types of food does the company present?” The answer is fairly simple because OSI Food Solutions produces and manufactures its very own food products. This includes chicken wings, chicken nuggets, meatloaf, onions, cheese, cookies, fritters, onions, fruits, turkey products, pork products, desserts, pepperoni, chili, soups, bacon bits, bacon strips, flatbread, pizza, panini and many other products.

Do you have an idea for an all-new food product? Are you in the food service industry? If you answered yes to the questions above, then OSI can take your ideas and turn them into a reality. This company has a wide range of attributes such as test kitchens, innovative-culinary centers and pilot plants. By working directly with the client, precise specifications will be implemented into the products. Reputation is everything, especially if you’re selling products. OSI Food Solutions produces high-quality food products that looks great, but tastes amazing. What more could a client ever ask for?

One of the major reasons for the company’s success has come from its leadership position. Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the company, has taken OSI Food Solutions to an all-new level. His dedication, his know-how and his expertise has led the company straight to the top of the charts. In addition to his greatest, OSI Food Solutions was honored with the prestigious Globe of Honour Award.

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OSI Group Is A World Leader In Food Processing Because It Never Stops Aspiring To Grow:

American meat processing and food service industry supply company OSI Group is not only one of the top 100 food companies in the United States, but one of the top food companies in the world. The OSI Group story began with Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. He opened a family operated meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. He called his company Otto & Sons and the family business continued on slowly building up its base and expanding. In 1955, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky made a business deal that would transform the success level of Otto & Sons. What is reported to have been a handshake sealed deal with McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc helped to land Otto & Sons the contract to supply meat to McDonald’s. This was the first major expansion of many. In the 1970s the company rebranded as OSI Group and led by revolutionary leader Sheldon Lavin, embarked on a campaign of expansion that continues to date. Expansion throughout North America, Asia, Latin America, Europe and elsewhere followed and led to OSI’s current position as a global leader in food processing for the food service industry. OSI Group now operates in 17 countries across the globe and runs 80 facilities. OSI’s commitment to becoming the global leader in its industry through expansion continues today.

Major Acquisition Close to Home:

The former Tyson food processing plant in Chicago Illinois is the newest OSI Group facility. This is the second Chicago area facility for the Aurora, Illinois based OSI. The expectation is that food processing production in the Chicago region will double, thus greatly increasing OSI’s ability to continue to deliver its trademark, world-class customer service.

Major European Acquisitions:

European food processing companies Baho Food and Flagship Europe are now members of the OSI Group family of businesses. Adding these two amazing operations greatly expands OSI’s share in this critical market. OSI Group President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald had a close hand in these acquisitions and believes they add great value to the OSI portfolio as well as being well in line with OSI’s current processing strengths. He believes that this move in Europe will not only please current clients but also will bring many new clients to OSI Group.

OSI Is Not Just Renowned for Customer Service, It Is Also Renowned for Being Environmentally Conscious:
2016 has seen OSI Group honored with the British Safety Council’s prestigious award the Globe of Honor. The award is annually presented to organizations who go above and beyond in the area of environmental management. It is yet another impressive feather in OSI Group’s cap.


How OSI Food Solutions Greatly Expanded Its Capacity for Processing Chicken in Spain

OSI Food Solutions is a multinational company that was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1909. For years it went by the name Otto & Sons but its name was changed to its present one in the 1970s. They are a food processing company with production facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe. They bring in $6.1 billion a year in revenue, as of 2016, making them one of the bigger food processing companies in the world.

In Spain, OSI Food Solutions has had a food processing facility in the city of Toledo for many years. People in both Spain and Portugal are eating more poultry every year. To keep up with demand, OSI Food Solutions added a new high-capacity production line in August 2017. This line, which cost €17 million, enabled this plant to process 24,000 tons of poultry each year. In the past they could produce just 12,000 tons annually.

OSI Food Solutions Toledo operation has 22,600 square feet of space to it. This includes areas like where production is performed, shipping and receiving, supplies storage, and an area for employees to socialize among other areas. Like all of their facilities, this one has a product development kitchen. It’s here that the local management team can tailor food to fit the tastes of local people.

Every OSI Food Solutions food processing facility has a food defense system. This monitors the production area to make sure the food is kept at a safe temperature, there are no contaminants, and other safety measures. When the facility in Toledo was upgraded they added a perimeter access control surveillance system. This system monitors the area around the plant to make sure only authorized personnel are on the premises. The facilities also have indoor camera systems to monitor that food is being handled in an appropriate way at all times. To know more about the firm click here.

In addition to food safety, environmental protection is another priority at OSI Food Solutions. They have won a number of rewards for doing their part to mitigate the effects of their business activities on the environment. This includes winning the California Green Business Award in 2016.