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Learning From Igor Cornelsen’s Experience

Igor Cornelsen has made waves in the investment industry ever since he began his career in the early ’70s. Igor is an investment banker with years of expertise in managing stock. Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil where he was born and studied at the Federal University. He studied engineering at the institution, but after two years of taking his course, he found it more demanding and a lot of work. He decided to major in economics after the second year and finally completed his studies in 1970. Igor Cornelsen immediately began working at a bank, and this was something normal for engineering graduates. This was because they had the necessary computing skills that were required in banking and there was not any advanced technology to accomplish such tasks.

Igor Corneslen worked for four years as an investment banker before finally getting a promotion at the Multibanco bank as one of the members on its Board of Directors. Later on, in 1976 he was promoted at the bank to the position of a Chief Executive Officer. Multibanco was purchased in 1978 by the Bank of America, and this cut Igor’s career at the bank short. Unibanco was another bank that was famously known in investment banking at this time, and Igor joined it after leaving Multibanco. However, he was not able to do much here because the inflation rates of the bank went up and he had to leave. Igor Cornelsen was lucky to find a new opportunity at the Libra bank PLC because they paid in dollars. He worked here for several years and became very successful. After succeeding, Igor and some of his associates left the bank and joined the Standard Merchant Bank. Igor Cornelsen was on the Board of directors at this bank, but he later on left and started his firm.

Shervin Pishevar predicts the stock market could give up all gains of 2018

The Federal Reserve has been following a highly experimental and risky strategy over the last 10 years. After the financial crash of 2009, the central bank decided to infuse the economy with more liquidity than had ever been introduced before. It did this primarily through its program of quantitative easing where it bought U.S. treasury securities by the trillions with money that it printed out of thin air.

Now, Shervin Pishevar, one of the most prominent thinkers in the world attack, believes that a reckoning is coming. Shervin Pishevar has long been a serious critic of the unprecedented creation of credit that the Federal Reserve has engaged in over the last 10 years. He says that the stock market, real estate and the bond market are all in a state of severe overvaluation as a direct consequence of the flooding the market with cheap credit. The historically low interest rates that the United States saw for the better part of the last decade have ultimately had a number of serious negative consequences for average Americans. One of those has been the fact that it is no longer realistic to expect that anyone who buys into the market at current levels will experience decent returns over the next 20 years.

Pishevar says it is inevitable that the stock market will experience a serious correction within the next six months to five years. Although he has no idea when this will occur, Shervin Pishevar believes that the correction could rival the biggest crashes in times past, including the major stock market crash of 1929 as well as the flash crash of 1987. Unfortunately, Shervin Pishevar has stated that he believes that there is no current safe haven for investors in traditional investment vehicles. He believes that one of the best strategies going forward is to diversify into a wide range of alternative investments, including cryptocurrencies and gold.

Pishevar says that even the U.S. dollar itself will eventually start to experience severe negative downward pressure as a result of the out-of-control fiscal and monetary policies that have been encouraged over the last 10 years.

Badiali the guru of matters of the economy

Matt Badiali has a wonderful educational background as he holds a BSc in Science and MSc in Geology both which he got in Florida Atlantic University. He further went to North Carolina University where he aimed to get a PhD before a friend of his introduced him to the world of finance as he saw much potential in him. Since joining the finance industry, Matt has been giving financial advice to people who have benefited alot. As recent as last year, he started a newsletter together with a publishing company, Banyan Hill, which is known as the real wealth strategist.

According to Badiali, the marijuana industry is a good place to invest. This is due to the Canadian government legalising the use of the herb. He also thinks that the cannabis industry will surpass the spirits industry and has statistics to back this claim. Other industries which will also grow are the testing labs, fertilizer, and security.

Badiali Matt speaks also of fuel prices going up before the year ends. This is due to the fact that the demand keeps on increasing. He encourages investors to take the opportunity and venture into this sector. He is quoted in the Investopedia saying that increasing oil prices and stock will bring in huge returns. Matt predicts the oil prices going up again and no one seems to take notice so investors should consider investing in oil. Also due to US imposing sanctions on Iran, gas prices will go up due to demands increasing and the supply being limited.Matt Biadali also says the sanction which will be in place just before the elections, will even boost the prices due increased use of oil and its products during the campaign period.

He encourages junior companies to venture into the search of minerals such as platinum, gold, and silver. He encourages buying platinum as it will make its price go up. This is because the although the demand remains the same, the supply is gradually decreasing. Many analysts have backed up this claim by Matt Badiali thus offering assurance to companies.

Matt Badiali predicts that companies dealing with gold will continue to struggle due to the second-quater earning of the season being disappointing. Also, this is due to gold facing competition from other metals. He offers an alternative that companies should start investing in silver. This is because the demand for the commodity keeps on increasing due to the diversity in its use and the supply going down: leading to increase in its price therefore offering a good place for investment.

Finally, Matt Badiali talks about how the US stock market was affected in Sep 11. This is when the stock market was closed due to fear of it having a meltdown. This led to products loosing their value and also there was panic selling. Also many offices were unable to operate following the incidents which were cited as terror attacks. The stock in the travel industry reduced greatly and in insurance companies made loses due to compensating for the lost property. However,they also benefited as many companies sought to be insured. Despite all this, the economy of the US is still very strong, quotes Matt Badiali.