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A review of the EOS new Vegan Lip balm

When EOS (Evolution of smooth) entered the Lip Balm industry there really wasn’t a whole lot out there. The leading balms then were a few typical tube shaped balms that had been around for decades. And they had not changed much over the years. All that was about to change. EOS wanted something uniquely different from what the others offered. They wanted something that was about more than protecting or treating chapped lips. They wanted to create a balm that you wanted to put on. The goal was to create something that would appeal to all your senses, and they have succeeded. Starting with their unique little orbs that are easy to hold and apply, a little pop sound letting you know your balm is closed, but the best part is the natural ingredients, and the wonderful way it feels on your lips, the scents and flavors inside these orbs.  For more details, check

Eos has a full line of balms offering you many options, but there is a new one I’m really excited to tell you about. Vegan, yes EOS has created a vegan lip balm. Their Vegan crystal lip balm gets it’s name by it’s crystal clear appearance. It comes in two wonderful flavors of Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. These wax free balms provide weightless hydration while softening your lips with 5 different oils. These balms are also Hypoallergenic, paraben and petrolatum free, and are not tested on animals. Also in their vegan line is the Crystal Plus lip balm in a liquid form containing 100% plant oils. Use alone or under your favorite EOS lip balm when your lips need that extra hydration.

EOS has so many wonderful lip balms and there is something for everyone. Click on to read more.  They have shimmer balms to add a little shine and hint of color, organic balms, visibly soft for deep hydration, active balms to protect lips from the sun and provide water resistance, a medicated balm and of course their new vegan lip balm. Go try one of these balms and experience the feel and flavors of these yummy lip balms.

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