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What’s New With EOS Oral Care Products

Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, has become the worldwide leader in lip balm sales. This extraordinary brand hasn’t even been around for a decade, and it’s already changing the landscape. At present time, EOS is worth an estimated $250 million, and it sells an estimated 1 million lip balms on a weekly basis. The numbers are simply staggering when you view them on paper. Thanks to the introduction of its new product, this brand’s growth will certainly shoot to unprecedented levels. Vegan Crystal is its name and creating a healthy mouth is its game. Learn more about the product, check

The all-new Vegan Crystal lip balm is loaded with jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamins and antioxidants. On top of that, this exclusive lip balm is paraben-free as well as petrolatum-free. This mix of beneficial excellence isn’t being duplicated by any other brand. In addition to that, Vegan Crystal lip balms are totally see-through. Yep, you can see right through to the other side. Attributes like this truly appeals to the public. Other brands don’t seem to be taking any of the risks as EOS, which has taking away a lot of their success. These exclusive lip balms were released on August 4, 2017, and they sold out on the same day. Stats like this is very rare, especially in this business sector. Consumers won’t have to deal with a heavy wax buildup, which has helped to give Vegan Crystal a weightless experience.  Check the satisfied users say, check on

Cucumber, berry blossom, vanilla bean, strawberry sorbet, blackberry nectar, vanilla mint, medicated tangerine, coconut milk, pomegranate raspberry, honey apple and wild berry are some of the wonderful flavors. If you choose the new Vegan Crystal product, then you’ll have the options of Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. All in all, EOS is changing the status quo, and it’s raising the bar higher than before.  Click on this for more.

Know the product more, hit this link on—Summer-Fruit/eos/Lip-Treatments

Fabletics Looking Good on Amazon Too

Fabletics brand of athleisure wear has been an award winning fashion company since 2015. Today, Fabletics is looking good on Amazon too. Why not? Amazon is a major middle seller of ladies fashion wear items. Fabletics is only making a smart business move by cornering some of these customers that may have never experienced the luxury of wearing affordable athletic clothing that doubles as stylish casual wear. These designs are absolutely gorgeous, and they are remarkably well made to last for a long time. These styles are simply amazingly fitted to be extraordinarily comfortable while looking chic.


Don’t let the low price fool you, as Fabletics and co-founder Kate Hudson demand perfect quality to be in their inventory. Kate is known as a funny actress who insists that she wasn’t quite famous, but now she has become so as Fabletics fresh face that the world simply adores. Her spunky personality is perfect for this type of active wear. Kate insists that she often wears her brand as she loves the way it makes her feel. Kate wishes that all women would try this brand, and she urges them to take a sample Lifestyle Quiz. This ingenious shopping tool actually can reveal a lady’s ideal color selections, cut choices, designs that flatter their personalized figure, material preferences and so many more enlightening facts.


Kate has shared that her company uses a novel reverse type of showroom setting. This is not like regular storefronts with dressed up mannequins. The customer is the real source of this showroom technique. With computer technology, Fabletics inputs massive amounts of details regarding customer shopping trends, favorite browsing spots, purchase items, product reviews, customer complaints and much more. This data is accessible at anytime. When the computer system notes a substantial shift in shopping preferences or other detail, an alert goes to a person in charge of updating the showroom. This method is working well, as Fabletics has gained in popularity and profits in just a few short years of operations.


The fabulous styles of Fabletics collections are inspiring. These colorful outfits look phenomenal, fit like a designer item and feel absolutely luxurious and cozy. These designs have everything a woman could want in athleisure wear. Be sure to take the quick quiz to find out your unknown shopping tips. It’s easily found online, and browse the latest collections while there. These fashions are empowering and impressive.

Whitney Wolfe: Providing a Viable Solution in the Dating World for Women and Men

The world of dating is a very stressful world. It is filled with a lot of frustration from men and women. Online dating is considered broken by many users. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has taken the time to fix the issue with Bumble. Whitney has tried a new format that has made it a lot easier for both men and women to get into a relationship. One issue that women have with the dating apps is that they would have to cut through all of the spam in order to find someone they would want, and they don’t have time for all of that. Most dating apps would eventually become little more than entertainment. However, Whitney Wolfe has created an app that makes things official with users.

Whitney Wolfe did not want to leave everything at dating and relationships. Given that she is a feminist, she wants to make sure that women are living the best life possible. In order to have a fulfilling life, women not only need relationships, but also friends. Whitney Wolfe has then decided that she is going to meet this need with an extension to her Bumble app called Bumble BFF. This helps women find the right type of friends to associate with.

Women also need help with their careers. Whitney has recognized these needs as an entrepreneur and has developed a networking app for women known as Bumble Bizz. This app enables women to not only network with one another to find the right type of jobs but also find partners in the case they want to start their own business. One thing that Whitney Wolfe knows is that women need each other. She wants women to be able to work together to build lives for each other in ways that go beyond romance.

Whitney Wolfe is establishing herself as a hero for women. She is also willing to make sure that men are recognized with feminism. One thing that she wants to make sure of is that men feel welcome with women even with feminism. Whitney Wolfe is one of the entrepreneurs that are always working for a new solution.

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EuGenia Shea Butter Will Keep You Smooth

Shea butter is used as a moisturizer and a lotion for many people. Shea butter is also used for a variety of other things. Shea butter can be eaten and it is used in food preparation in many African countries as well. Sometimes Shea butter can even be used in the chocolate industry instead of using cocoa butter, but Shea butter has a noticeably pungent taste. The Shea tree is found mostly in Ghana and Mali, but it is also in many other countries in Africa.

Shea butter melts when it is put at body temperature and it is used for hair and skin. Shea butter is used in lip glosses, lotions, hair conditioners, soaps, and much more. In some countries in Africa they use Shea butter for its waterproofing components and it is even use in candlemaking.

There are also many medicinal components of Shea butter as well. Shea butter can be anti-inflammatory and it also can be used as a sunblock and as an humectant. The main reason that many women love to use Shea butter is because of the effects that it can have on their hair and on their skin.

EuGenia is a special type of Shea butter that is not only produced in Ghana, but it is sold all over the world. EuGenia is a business that is family-run and they are dedicated to fair wages and fair treatment of all their female workers . The workers are all in Ghana and 15% of the proceeds from EuGenia are invested in their education.

The creator of EuGenia decided to start this company after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to spend time with her mother, and use their experience to provide other individuals with the best Shea butter around. EuGenia Shea butter is made with Shea butter, Shea oil, Baobab oil, Moringa oil and other essential oils. In that way the EuGenia Shea butter is able to maintain its organic form, but it is infused with healthy and beneficial oils as well. Shea butter is an inexpensive way for an individual to keep their hair, scalp, and body smooth and healthy.

Wengie’s Diet/Nutrition Routine Tips

Wengie’s video on YouTube discusses her tips on developing a diet and nutrition routine to help with those who are seeking to lose unwanted weight and to get in better overall shape while attaining better health. Wengie herself started losing weight about two years ago, she learned to develop better eating habits and through research having a general idea of how many calories a particular food might contain before eating it. This way one will have a better idea of which foods should be consumed and also particular foods that people should stay away from. Wengie says that she doesn’t count her calories daily but believes she consumes somewhere from 1,200 on a low calorie day and 1,500 on a high calorie day. Steps she has taken now include not eating large portions of food, while eating out at a restaurant she is likely to only eat half of the food and save the rest for another meal. According to her as people get older it is important to eat a lot less due to the fact of possibly not using nearly as much energy. As we get older our bodies metabolism isn’t as efficient as they once were when we were younger. During the morning Wengie talks about the importance of getting out of the house for a change of environment after waking up to start the day. She likes going to a café in the morning and usually only eats half of what she orders to eat and might give the other half of it to he boyfriend. Wengie suggests eating heavier meals in the morning so that the body has the entire day to digest and burn it. She usually cooks dinner from home and reminds of the importance of portion control. She suggests foods such as soup in the evening because of it’s ability to help the body feel full while also eating vegetables because they are a food that has a low amount of calories. Wengie suggests that eating from home will not only save money but also make a person healthier.


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Doe Deere’s Belief in Fantasy and Possibility Help Create Lime Crime Success


Doe Deere might not be your typical success story, because frankly, she loved dreaming of unicorns and other fantastical creatures. She stayed true to herself and created the Lime Crime makeup company, which maintains a dreamy, whimsical quality.

The young businesswoman was born in Russia and moved with her family to New York City, exploring various careers before settling into the competitive world of cosmetics. Doe Deere even sang lead in a fairy take rock band called Sky Salt. She met her husband Mark in the band where both collaborated perfectly, but unfortunately, Sky Salt disbanded in 2006.

Doe Deere stayed with Mark and began playing around with makeup development. Doe Deere always enjoyed wearing bright colors in hair, clothing and makeup but was finding it harder and harder to locate vivid cosmetics. So, the fearless entrepreneur decided to launched her own brand in 2008, and that is how Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere’s many fans often ask for her advice in starting a company, and she offers simple but smart advice: Be yourself. Doe Deere believes that each of us are born with a special talent or two, and when we recognize our gift or gifts, to soar high and create a business.

Her Lime Crime makeup palettes symbolically stand for freedom, because Doe Deere’s palettes are bold and crazy beautiful in color. If you wish to wear green or bright blue lipstick or a red eye shadow, you will find your edgy makeup there. That is how different and modern her cosmetics line has become. It’s finally hitting the red carpet on stars like Katy Perry, and even the bigger makeup companies are now branching out and duping the vivid colors found in a Lime Crime palette. Suddenly, it’s really cool and okay to use makeup for self-expression without fear of judgment.

When it comes to the whole package of how we appear to others, we concentrate on hair, clothing and makeup. That’s what Doe Deere learned while taking classes at FIT in New York City. It’s self-expression, and some of us adore bright colors in all three areas of self-image.

Doe Deere believes that social media is the best way to connect to her fans and to keep her Lime Crime company relevant and growing. You can find Doe Deere and Lime Crime makeup on Instagram where her followers have just increased to two million plus.

Is WEN a Win for Fine Hair?

The claim of 5 steps in 1 has had me very curious recently about WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner. Time saving is a passion of mine and this product is said to act as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle. According to the website,, it thoroughly cleanses hair without lather or sulfates found in many shampoos and leaves hair strong, moisturized, and manageable. Can all of this be done with only the five ingredients listed on the bottle? According to the results of a 3-week user perception survey of the Sweet Almond Mint formula published on the sephora website, it can.
I was excited to read Emily McClure’s article published in the Fashion & Beauty section of on February 8th. McClure’s piece is titled I Used Cleansing Conditioner on My Fine Hair and Here’s What Happened and it chronicles 7 days of using Wen. You can read the article here:

At the beginning of the article,  McClure talks about how much more of this product was required per use than her regular shampoo. The bottle recommends 16-24 pumps for medium length hair. Throughout her trial, while she enjoyed the feeling of soft bouncy hair immediately after washing, within 24-hours, the product left her hair greasy and flat. She also found that her hair did not hold curl as well after washing and drying because it was left so soft by the product. Ultimately, McClure recommends this product for those with fine hair that have time to shower daily in the morning. She doesn’t recommend WEN for those “lazier” people that do not want to wash their hair daily. Visit for more info.


Head Unicorn At Lime Crime, Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the colorful creator behind the incredibly popular Lime Crime makeup line. Doe Deere founded her Lime Crime cosmetics line in 2008. She used her inspiration for bright and bold colors to create matching makeup. Doe Deere not only creates colorful makeup but she makes sure that the makeup she produces is vegan and cruelty-free. Do is the self-proclaimed head of the unicorns at Lime Crime, and she is personally involved in the development of all of the makeup products. Lime Crime carries products including lip and eye makeup. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008. She used her inspiration for bright and bold colors to create matching make-up. Doe not only creates colorful makeup, but she makes sure that it is vegan and cruelty-free. Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed head of the unicorns, and she is personally involved in the development of all of the makeup products. Lime Crime carries products including lip, and they are quite affordable. Lime Crime is a mostly online based company, and they donate to several charities. Lime Crime has a blog that is full of fun makeup tips and fashion inspiration. The Lime Crime lip dupes are almost a perfect match. Go online to I love for more inspiration from Doe Deere.

Doe Deere was fascinated with color and makeup since she was a child. She created Lime Crime for an online sales account. The name was a combination of an impulse and her favorite color. The name helped rocket her cosmetics to fame.

Doe Deere is entirely involved in the creation of all of her Cosmetics. You can find her in the lab most days experimenting with new colors and makeup offerings. Doe is a colorful person who believes in having the makeup to match your personality and clothing.

Visit Doe Deere on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

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Doe Deere Shakes Up Fashion

Doe Deere has created a makeup line that has revolutionized the way that we wear makeup. Her line specializes in bright vibrant colors that bring out the beauty in everyone. Lime Crime is quickly spreading all over the world as people discover the wonderful pigmented shades that make this brand so unique. It’s hard to go to a store and get a lime green lipstick that actually looks lime green and isn’t some kind of a gloss that only gives you a hint of color.

Doe Deere is also an entrepreneur. She had a dream of making a makeup line that was truly her. She started out young playing with her mother’s makeup and then moving on to her own. She felt that certain ways of being dressed demanded beautiful colors on her face as well as her body. This is why she created Lime Crime. So everyone could explore and enjoy her love of bright vibrant colors. It’s no wonder she’s been as successful as she is. Since releasing Lime Crime, which started as an Etsy site, her brand has gone global. People all over are flocking to her site to purchase these beautiful cosmetics because they do have a dream filled with color.

Doe supports our want to be ourselves and be as different as we want to be. She doesn’t think that we should have to follow fashion rules because fashion is the choice of the individual. You can make everything you wear as personal to you as possible and it shouldn’t be some rule for you to follow. She encourages us to express ourselves through whatever clothing or makeup makes us feel pretty. She had a very simple dream; make a makeup line that isn’t based on what’s popular, but rather the freedom of self expression.

Doe also urges us to take the idea behind her makeup line and bring it into everything to do with our fashion and how we see ourselves. There is no reason we can’t mix patterns, have to have normal hair color, or must dress our age. Each and every one of us has a right to dress and make ourselves up how we feel best expresses us. Lime Crime just helps us along the way to this freedom of expression. The line is also animal cruelty free, so we can look great and feel great about doing it at the same time. Doe is truly an inspiration to up and coming entrepreneurs giving the message that you can make it, even if your idea doesn’t follow what is “normally” acceptable.