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Matthew Fleeger Is Building A Better And Stronger Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a man of many talents, and he has used many of them to build a spread of successful businesses that operate in different industries. In the tanning industry, he has been able to put together two businesses that have made a total of $100 million. He helped to build Mystic Tan, which is a company that offers spray-on tanning on the spot. He was also a part of the founding of Palm Beach Tan, which is now one of the largest indoor tanning companies in the United States.

Matthew Fleeger studied at Southern Methodist University and received his undergraduate degree in business while there. His business degree gave him many of the skills he would need to work in the oil and gas industry where his father had already built Gulf Coast Western. During his time in college, Fleeger also studied marketing and finance and went to work with an oil and gas company after graduating. He worked for more than one company located in Texas after college, and one of these was his father’s company.

Matthew Fleeger struck out on his own in 1993 and created MedSolutions, Inc. The company focused on disposing, treating, and transporting medical waste that health care companies produce. He guided the company for more than 15 years until it became a top name in the health care waste management sector. He served as the company’s president, chief executive officer, and chairman during that time and eventually sold the company to Stericycle for close to $59 million later on. After this, he went back to work with Gulf Coast Western and became the company’s chief executive officer and president. His experience working with mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate structuring gave him the tools he needed to improve the company, and he continues to make it better everyday.

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Badiali the guru of matters of the economy

Matt Badiali has a wonderful educational background as he holds a BSc in Science and MSc in Geology both which he got in Florida Atlantic University. He further went to North Carolina University where he aimed to get a PhD before a friend of his introduced him to the world of finance as he saw much potential in him. Since joining the finance industry, Matt has been giving financial advice to people who have benefited alot. As recent as last year, he started a newsletter together with a publishing company, Banyan Hill, which is known as the real wealth strategist.

According to Badiali, the marijuana industry is a good place to invest. This is due to the Canadian government legalising the use of the herb. He also thinks that the cannabis industry will surpass the spirits industry and has statistics to back this claim. Other industries which will also grow are the testing labs, fertilizer, and security.

Badiali Matt speaks also of fuel prices going up before the year ends. This is due to the fact that the demand keeps on increasing. He encourages investors to take the opportunity and venture into this sector. He is quoted in the Investopedia saying that increasing oil prices and stock will bring in huge returns. Matt predicts the oil prices going up again and no one seems to take notice so investors should consider investing in oil. Also due to US imposing sanctions on Iran, gas prices will go up due to demands increasing and the supply being limited.Matt Biadali also says the sanction which will be in place just before the elections, will even boost the prices due increased use of oil and its products during the campaign period.

He encourages junior companies to venture into the search of minerals such as platinum, gold, and silver. He encourages buying platinum as it will make its price go up. This is because the although the demand remains the same, the supply is gradually decreasing. Many analysts have backed up this claim by Matt Badiali thus offering assurance to companies.

Matt Badiali predicts that companies dealing with gold will continue to struggle due to the second-quater earning of the season being disappointing. Also, this is due to gold facing competition from other metals. He offers an alternative that companies should start investing in silver. This is because the demand for the commodity keeps on increasing due to the diversity in its use and the supply going down: leading to increase in its price therefore offering a good place for investment.

Finally, Matt Badiali talks about how the US stock market was affected in Sep 11. This is when the stock market was closed due to fear of it having a meltdown. This led to products loosing their value and also there was panic selling. Also many offices were unable to operate following the incidents which were cited as terror attacks. The stock in the travel industry reduced greatly and in insurance companies made loses due to compensating for the lost property. However,they also benefited as many companies sought to be insured. Despite all this, the economy of the US is still very strong, quotes Matt Badiali.

The Personal Portrait of Eric Lefkofsky as the Co-Founder of Tempus

Most of the important and relevant information that people need to know about the career of Eric Lefkofsky can be found in his LinkedIn profile, but the most personal ones are not there. His personal stories, insight and various anecdotes in his business ventures may better be retold in the interview that Lefkofsky did with the website, A Drink With.

Most of the details that people can find in the A Drink With site include the exact time of the day that Lefkofsky is most productive, why he eats fast and why he almost always works 12 hours a day. He also shared some of his ideas on how to balance work time and family time, and how to manage a company with 11,000 employees that are spread about 48 countries. Being a co-founder of Tempus means that Lefkofsky has to juggle a lot of responsibilities in so short and quick a time span, and that’s why he has to have better control of his day-to-day schedule. He also shared in the interview some background story of how his company is still trying to build a new business model. It’s not something that’s already been built and is familiar to everyone. It entails more risks and learning curve in relation to the people using the product or service.

About Eric Lefkofsky

The LinkedIn profile of Lefkofsky has all the pertinent and updated details of his work history. This profile includes the entry that Lefkofsky is the co-Founder of Tempus, a tech-driven company related to battling cancer. The company is focussed in building an operating system that’s able to deal with all the dynamics related to cancer battles today.

It’s also worth mentioning that what Tempus does is offer a genomic sequencing service that analyzes comprehensive therapeutic and molecular data that helps physicians get better control in how they manage cancer treatment for patients. Tempus also provides tools that get empowered and grow as the system gathers more data.

It should also be added that Lefkofsky is the co-founder of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This is a charitable foundation that educates children and promotes human rights, among others.

The Making Of A Great CEO, Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist and the CEO of an oil and natural gas drilling firm in the United States known as Nabors Industries. This is the largest offshore drilling company. Nabors Industries is also the biggest supplier of the best drilling rigs. The success of this company can be directly attributed to the work done by Petrello.

Since he joined the company, there has been more business for the firm. In fact, it is his performance which earned him a promotion to the position of the CEO. Tony Petrello joined this company in 1991 and became the CEO in 2011. He first joined as the Chief Operating Officer of the firm and has been through various ranks.

Tony Petrello came into the company and was given the responsibility of overseeing development in the company. He was in charge of all the operations in the company. With such a huge responsibility placed on his shoulders, he did not disappoint. He took up the position, and in a short time, the impact had been seen. He streamlined the business operations so that all would be working towards the main objectives of the company. From the junior officers to the senior, he ensured that they all understood the goal and objectives of the company.

Tony Petrello is currently one of the best performing CEOs in the United States. In 2015, he was ranked among the highest earners in the country. He earned $68 million in that year. This pay came as result of the huge profits Nabors Industries had made under him. Tony Petrello is an inspiration to many young people who want to see a person who has worked his way right from the bottom and went to the top. In his childhood, many would have dismissed he would be great one day by looking at his origin. Senior positions like the one he currently holds are normally seen as a preserve of children from well-up backgrounds. Petrello was born in a humble family but still managed to succeed. His commitment and passion for success were unstoppable. Right from a young age when attending public schools, he was determined to work hard and become prominent.

In his educational journey, Petrello managed to prove that he was exceptionally talented. Despite attending a public school where education is seen to be of less quality than in private schools, he still managed to floor everyone. He was granted a scholarship by the Yale University while in high school after he proved to have exceptional skills in solving mathematical problems.


Market America On the Use of Time

One thing that is very important to the success of any member of Market America is his use of time. As a matter of fact, there is one blog article on the Market America website that talks about the value of time. It is important for people to know what their time is worth so that they will make the most use of it. This would mean people would have to be very diligent in their setting up of their site and the marketing aspects of their business. Even when it comes to social media engagements, it is important for people to make sure that they are able to use their time in a consistent manner.

One thing that people need to realize is that it may not be as simple for some people as it may look. For one thing, people may have a hard time focusing at the right time. Therefore, it is important for people who want to work as an unfranchise owner to figure out times when they are the most productive. They should also figure out times where they are the most creative. This can help people not only come up with the best ideas but also put them to work as they work for Market America.

Time management is one of the ways that people will be able to reach their goals. In order manage time, people need to put themselves in an environment that encourages people to work for what they want. This would include getting rid of all distractions so that all of the focus can be put towards making profits from Market America activity. At the same time, it will also help for some people to have some kind of variety as they go on with their days so that they will not lose any of the motivation they had.

Mark Mofid, a Resourceful Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid has been certified as a plastic surgeon by the Board of Plastic Surgery of America as well as the Board of Reconstructive and Facial Plastic Surgery of America. Mark has taken years to perfect his skills and appearances of his clients.

While he was getting started with the career, Mark could experience lack of satisfaction from the implants he was using on patients and could therefore take time to reshape them before proceeding to the surgery. Mark then created his own implants which reduced the amount of time he could initially take when implanting them.

To avoid unnecessary complications, Mark has set a limit of 330cc for putting implants. He cannot go bigger than this even if the patient demands so. He explains that bigger implants can get a malposition easily from the force of gravity creating an appearance that the patient did not intend to have.

Mark has learnt about butt augmentation technique from a Brazilian plastic surgeon called Raul Gonzalez, MD, in Ribeirao Preto. The surgeon has the world’s largest case series and started buttock surgery in 1984. The body contouring surgeries are best performed in Brazil and butt augmentation has currently started taking shape in America.

The demand for butt augmentation has a continued increase in demand in Brazil and this aspect has led to creation of surgeons who are well trained in the art. Mark’s exposure to these doctors made him more knowledgeable and is ready to perform the butt augmentations in the US which is not as popular as it is in Brazil.

He took his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from the University of Harvard. Mark Mofid completed his medical training at the School of Medicine of Johns Hopkins University. He was able to gain hands-on-experience in plastic surgery, advanced craniofacial surgery and general surgery during his training period.

His extensive understanding on plastic surgery has seen him write several publications on the topic. Some of these publications have been featured in one of the most recognized journal by the surgeons, plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His expertise has seen him make a number of presentations at different medical conferences in the US and internationally.


Roberto Santiago Changes Shopping Environment in Latin America

Roberto Santiago definitely knows that there are people in Brazil that love the Maniara Mall. This is what he has put so much of his focus into for decades, and it has been a profitable venture for him and the Brazilian economy in general. Roberto has done some wonderful things by creating a mall environment that has everything from an amusement park to a movie theater. In fact, this mall actually has 6 movie theaters. This is very interesting for tourists that come in search of multiple things to do. The average tourist that comes to this mall can spend an entire day shopping and simply hanging out because there is so much to do. In recent years there has even been a concert hall that has been added to the mega mall that was already bringing in millions of people each year.


There is a huge food court, and there’s also a bar for people that would like to hang out and socialize while they’re having drinks. This is definitely where much of the after-work crowd goes when they have a desire to hang out for a couple of hours before they see a movie. Others that are natives of Brazil may find themselves doing a little shopping before they take in some bowling. Families that live in Brazil that have kids may check out the amusement park on the weekends and do a little shopping as well. This is what Roberto Santiago envisioned when he decided to create this type of environment.

He wanted to be able to create something where people could spend time with their family and friends. He wanted people to have an enjoyable experience and tell others about it. This is exactly what has been happening with this mall.


Roberto Santiago is a real entreprenuer. He knows how to get people to talk about the things that he has created through his real estate investments. That is what makes him so successful. He knows how to bring forth those type of innovative commercial properties that people will be excited enough to tell their friends.


It is obvious that entrepreneurs like Roberto Santiago are going to be the ones that change the landscape of Brazil. He has shown so many times before that he is capable of bringing about change in Brazil, and now he is expanding outside of Brazil and bringing commercial real estate to other parts of Latin America. People in other parts of Latin America are appreciative of the effort that he has put forth to do this. He has continued to keep things going strong with the the Manaira Mall, and he has continued to work on other real estate properties.


Anthony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries Makes Great Strides in the Drilling Industry

Anthony Petrello has a well known reputation as a leader that pushes his company to incredible heights. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of the Board for Nabors Industry, a titan in the drilling equipment industry.

The qualifications of a person to lead such a massive company can’t be over stated. Nabors knew that Anthony Petrello was the choice to take their company to the next level when they worked with him in a law capacity before he joined the company. He first came to the company in 1991 when he was elected to the Board of Directors as well as Nabors’ Executive Committee of the Board. Almost instantaneously he saw great success and began to grow within the leadership hierarchy at Nabors Industries. He then moved on to serve as the Chief Operating Office and President for two decades. The length of his time in these highly demanding roles is a testament to Petrello’s stamina for leadership and his business talents. In 2003 he also became the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Moving forward in his sterling career at Nabors, he then became President and Chief Executive Officer in 2011 and Chairman of the Executive Committee in 2012.

Nabors Industries is an industry leader in providing offshore platforms and drilling rigs in both America and global markets and they have active operations in 20 countries across the globe. They are known as the industry leader in innovative drilling technology and have a reputation for being on the forefront of every major technology advancement in their field. Clients choose to work with Nabors because they know that they will never be behind the curve ball in their technology.

Before joining Nabors, Anthony Petrello was the managing partner of prestigious law firm Baker and McKenzie. He ran the firm’s New York office before he resigned to work at Nabors Industries in 1991. As far as education, Petrello holds a Bachelors and Masters degree from Yale University in Math and a J.D. degree from Harvard.

He is also very passionate about philanthropy. He and his wife, Cindy, have donated $7 million in funds to the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Center for Neurological Research. Bringing advanced research and clinical studies for children’s neurological conditions to Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the couple’s biggest passions. Tony Petrello also sits on the board of the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Omar Yunes Winning the BFW Competition with Considerable Margin

Achieving success in just about any business is challenging in its way in this highly competitive world. In the food and restaurant industry, there is a presence of high volatility and risk as the competition is high and one mistake can lead to a complete downslide in the sales and business revenue. In such a highly competitive business environment, Omar Yunes from Mexico has been sustaining successfully since the time he was 21 years old.

He started his first Sushi Itto franchise unit when he was 21 and today at the age of forty years owns 13 Sushi Itto franchise units. Omar Yunes says that it is important for the people to work hard towards their dream in an honest manner, and dreams would turn into reality. Omar Yunes stated that he always looked out for an opportunity to enter the restaurant business and when Sushi Itto entered the Mexican market, he knew it was the opportunity he was waiting for and grabbed it without thinking twice.

Omar Yunes worked hard to ensure that the first Sushi Itto franchise that he opened in the Mexico City becomes a success. At the time when Omar Yunes opened sushi Itto franchise in Mexico, not many people were aware of the Japanese fast food cuisine, but Omar Yunes persisted and uniquely marketed the brand to create curiosity around the brand. All his efforts have paid off, and one clear example is the fact that he was recently announced the winner at the Best Franchise in the World Competition held in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes after winning the award attributed his success to the team of 400 employees that work round the clock to ensure that his network of franchise remain satisfied and are admired by the customers.

Omar Yunes understands that the employees are what makes his business successful and keeps his employees motivated. Not only are the employees paid well, but many other perks are provided for better performance, which ensures higher customer satisfaction and better services at all the franchises owned by Omar Yunes. He continues to devise new ways to improve the quality of services offered at Sushi Itto franchises owned by him, which has also helped in improving the market image of the brand as a whole.