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Ever Wanted To Know More About Peter Briger? Start With This Article

Company leaders are very passionate with the ventures and projects that they start, and sometimes people can sense this passion from the depths of the heart of the leaders themselves. One of these passionate leaders that have such strong sense of drive for their projects is Peter Briger, the Co-Chairman as well as Principal of Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger also acts as Co-Chairman of its Board of Directors, and that itself is an indicator that his passion is more than just generating sales and growth for the company that he starts. His is about service.

Working With Peter Briger

People may find from reviews websites such as that Peter Briger is known to be passionate in delivering quality benefits to Fortress Investment Group’s employees. One reviewer even claimed that even in a short time, it was already a fantastic, enjoyable experience to be part of Peter Berger’s team of analysts for Fortress Investment Group. Another reviewer also said that while the company is a fast-paced firm, it’s also a perfect platform to learn new things and gain exceptional experience that one can use in the future. The professional demeanor of the people working for the company has also been a source of inspiration for those who still want to be part of Fortress Investment.

The Philanthropy

It should be added here that the passion for service of Briger for Fortress would not be complete without his philanthropy work. He is now an active member of the Global Fund for Children and also supports the Silicon Valley Leadership Council. All of these programs supplement the reputation today of Briger in making sure that not only is his company growing, but the companies around him are evolving as well.

It is also the hope of Briger that with his social advocacy work, he can connect with the right kind of people and get their help in supporting his other projects for the world. This doesn’t mean that Briger is forgetting his commercial roots. In fact, the success in his commercial ventures has led him to be ranked in 2007 to be part of Forbes Billionaire List. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World


A New You-Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic Surgeon in the Austin, Texas area. She’s been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is also formally fellowship-trained in the Cosmetic Surgery field. She started out in the big city of New York but after a while decided to to take her family and business to Austin, Texas so that her family was closer by family.

Dr. Walden was born Jennifer Lee Walden on November 17th, 1971, in Austin, Texas. She was born from a father who was a dentist and a mother who was a surgical nurse. She went to Anderson High School and then proceeded to the University of Texas where she earned a degree in Biology. Dr. Walden then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch where she completed and received her MD and even graduated as as salutatorian of her class.

After her life at the University of Texas Medical Branch Dr. Walden received fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She completed the fellowship until the end then went on to New York City where she worked in the Upper East Side. While there, Dr. Walden joined in on clinical trials which eventually caused the revival of the silicone breast implants.

Several years later after Walden birthed children she decided to move back to her home town of Austin, Texas and start her own private practice in Westlake Hills. She also went on and opened She opened a satellite office in 2014.

One of Walden’s popular techniques is using a 3-D imaging tech machine that lets the client see the outcome of what they will look like, before surgery. Walden specializes in cosmetic and plastic procedures of the face and body.

Dr. Walden has received many awards and honors also over the years. American Way rewarded her as one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” She was also named Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014. She also has been a participant in known publications like Fox News, ABC News, VH1, just to name a few.

Todd Lubar shares his business acumen

One of a reputable firm where Todd Lubar is the president is known as TDL Global Ventures, LLC. For the guy that wears many huts like Todd, he did a commendable Job in another organization as a Sr. VP of Legendary Investments, and he has been in the real estate sector for close to twenty continuous years. The fact that Todd would share strategic tips on growing real estate property among the ordinary people made him the center of gossip among his enemies. He would then diversify his sources of income in various sectors ranging from building to banking experience to entertainment among others.

According to Patch, it is out of the goodwill in his personality that Todd would deliver excellent results from the tasks he carried out. The broader community looked up to him, and this gave him the humility and passion for assisting them in one way or another. Indeed, he was better placed to make anyone realize the dream of becoming a homeowner. Many thanks to his years of experience which contributed to the business acumen that he can now leverage to other people. Check out to see more

Any given day in the life of Todd Lubar counts, and he is careful on what task to prioritize in his daily routine. He wakes up early to take a quick workout. After taking a warm bath, he then goes for breakfast, mostly a cup of coffee together with his family. He would later proceed to check a few emails while scrolling for news. The information he gathered from different news sources is very critical in many facets of his area of specialization. As some data might be necessary for relaying feature prospects, some may be indicators of an impending danger lurking ahead. Thus he would plan himself for what to expect and at what time. For more details visit LinkedIn

Coupled with the fact that he has had decades of experience, Todd says that his will to pursue the objectives he had was part of the driving force that propelled him to greatness. He advises any budding entrepreneur to have the patience and will to engage their ideas since where there is a will there is away.

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Roberto Santiago Changes Shopping Environment in Latin America

Roberto Santiago definitely knows that there are people in Brazil that love the Maniara Mall. This is what he has put so much of his focus into for decades, and it has been a profitable venture for him and the Brazilian economy in general. Roberto has done some wonderful things by creating a mall environment that has everything from an amusement park to a movie theater. In fact, this mall actually has 6 movie theaters. This is very interesting for tourists that come in search of multiple things to do. The average tourist that comes to this mall can spend an entire day shopping and simply hanging out because there is so much to do. In recent years there has even been a concert hall that has been added to the mega mall that was already bringing in millions of people each year.


There is a huge food court, and there’s also a bar for people that would like to hang out and socialize while they’re having drinks. This is definitely where much of the after-work crowd goes when they have a desire to hang out for a couple of hours before they see a movie. Others that are natives of Brazil may find themselves doing a little shopping before they take in some bowling. Families that live in Brazil that have kids may check out the amusement park on the weekends and do a little shopping as well. This is what Roberto Santiago envisioned when he decided to create this type of environment.

He wanted to be able to create something where people could spend time with their family and friends. He wanted people to have an enjoyable experience and tell others about it. This is exactly what has been happening with this mall.


Roberto Santiago is a real entreprenuer. He knows how to get people to talk about the things that he has created through his real estate investments. That is what makes him so successful. He knows how to bring forth those type of innovative commercial properties that people will be excited enough to tell their friends.


It is obvious that entrepreneurs like Roberto Santiago are going to be the ones that change the landscape of Brazil. He has shown so many times before that he is capable of bringing about change in Brazil, and now he is expanding outside of Brazil and bringing commercial real estate to other parts of Latin America. People in other parts of Latin America are appreciative of the effort that he has put forth to do this. He has continued to keep things going strong with the the Manaira Mall, and he has continued to work on other real estate properties.


Creating New Techniques for the Development of Swiss Startup Factory with Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a prosperous entrepreneur who has always worked hard to be where he is right now. His passion when he was a teenage enabled him to be determined and ensure that he accomplishes what he was the dream of being successful. His management expertise he got from graduating with an MBA from Berne University and as well an MBA from Rochester University. Furthermore, he was born and raised in Switzerland. As the executive chairman and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, he was able to establish the organization and use his exceptional skills to make the company be recognized all over the world.

Through changing people lives he has enabled them to live a stable life and has more than 20 years of experience in the business industry. Upcoming business people are privileged to have him as their advisor because he directs them on the right path to follow and be successful in their business which they want to establish or develop. Switzerland entrepreneurs are always happy for what Mike Baur has done to them in helping them achieve their objective.


Prominent business people always look for Mike Baur so that he could give them better services hence they are able to start a new business all over the world. Furthermore, Baur is very intelligent and helps entrepreneur by solving their problems which they face hence he is well respected in the community. He always believes in team work because through these it will enable staff members to work swiftly in their daily task hence an organization will prosper. The main part is he always insist that in order to be successful a budget is one of the significant factors it enables to an entrepreneur to prevent losses from occurring.


Mike Baur always advises entrepreneurs to have enough knowledge before starting businesses these will enable things to be easier and profit will be made. Through supporting upcoming young entrepreneur he gives them loans that will assist them to establish and develop their business hence they become successful and help those who are upcoming entrepreneur too.


As a successful entrepreneur is due to the regulation that he always abides through and also ensures that the staff members always abide by them. One of the vital values is always listening to clients fully and attending to their wants before doing another task, being attentive and ensuring that they always create a good rapport with the clients. Lastly, his main goal is to always create new strategies that will develop Swiss Startup Factory.


Richard Blair – article recap

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is in charge of a investment and wealth management firm located, and operating in Austin, Texas. It is a Registered Investment Advisory a.k.a. (RIA). Blair states “Everyone needs a solid plan of attack to be able to accomplish their financial wants and desires.” Wealth solutions provides a unique “three pillar” approach to the issue of financial management. This approach allows the firm to effectively discover the client’s financial status, and help them accomplish their goals with quick succession.


Pillar #1 – Lay the client’s financial “roadmap”. Lay out the client’s strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities for growth.


Pillar #2 – Develop long term plans and strategies of the clients financial goals and wants. It is tailored to each client’s financial status, and their investment goals. The firm manages and reallocated the clients financial assets to ensure maximum financial return.


Pillar #3 – Post determining the clients needs and laying their “roadmap” Richard meets the clients needs for life insurance, as well as annuities.



Richard founded Wealth Solutions in Austin way back in 1994 as he was determined to create financial solutions for those who were in need for wealth management services. His company has done exactly that. They have served, and serve over 300 clients with their wealth management needs. Nearly 25 years of wealth solution management, Wealth solutions continues to provide quality, unbiased solutions for their clients/clientele. Their approach is completely unique, and after risking the waters with their unique strategy, they have discovered a method of managing wealth that is highly effective and keeps his customers coming back and telling friends due to the high success of his methods.


In conclusion, Richard Blair’s wealth solutions is a intelligent businessman with great ideas and methodology of how to successfully complete wealth management. The work Richard does could only be completed by providing unique and intelligent solutions to the world of wealth management. Richard has succeeded in doing so, and his work has fulfilled over 300 clients and that number is only growing. Richard Blair’s wealth solutions are very very successful. I most certainly will be using Richard Blair’s wealth management myself.


Hussain Sajwani – Founder And Chairman Of The Top Real Estate Development Firm In The UAE, Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the third richest person in the United Arab Emirates and is popularly known as one of the few dynamic self-made billionaires in the world. Know famously as the king of real estate sector of the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani’s firm, Damac Properties, has played a pivotal role in the real estate development in the Middle East.

Damac Properties, established in 2002, is one of the leading luxurious real estate development firm actively constructing a broad range of commercial and residential projects in Dubai, and many other cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Damac Properties since its inception has grown exponentially and now has operations in many different parts of the world beyond UAE, including in the London, Beirut, Jeddah, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and more. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Hussain Sajwani studied economics and industrial engineering from the University of Washington and joined oil company Gasco as a contracts manager after graduation. However, he couldn’t calm his entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to leave his job and start his firm in the food and catering business, and thus, started the Al Jazeera Catering Services. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Newksira

It is a company that continues to operate till date and has pioneered the industrial catering sector for years, serving over 150,000 meals a day and handling more than 200 projects. Hussain Sajwani is invested heavily in the equity markets as well and has a stock investment portfolio in both regional and international financial market, managed by Damac Properties’ specialized investment wing, DICO Investments LLC.

Before shifting his base to Dubai, Hussain Sajwani realized that the real estate market of the Middle East has immense potential. It is for this reason he came back to Dubai and invested and bought a plot in the suburbs of Dubai to construct a luxurious residential project.

He knew that the foreigners were allowed to invest in the real estate market of Dubai as per the government’s flexible investment policies in the real estate sector, and thus, he was able to sell off his project in just six months, even before the construction of the project began.

Hussain Sajwani’s Damac Properties is also collaborating with the Trump Organization to build two international golf courses cum residential complexes in Dubai.

Things You Ought to Know About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of the DAMAC Group. The company started as a specialist catering and expanded into real estate. It has its headquarters in Dubai, and also owns a couple of offices in places such as; North Africa, Middle East, Subcontinent, CIS States, and the Far East.

Since its launching in 2002, DAMAC Group has developed over 15,500 apartments and is currently planning to build 40,000 more. Today, DAMAC boasts of being behind the sale and construction of many properties in the United Arab Emirates and London. As a result, DAMAC Properties, today, is among the biggest real estate firms

The company has a listing in the London Stoke Exchange and is valued at $4 billion. Sajwani owns 72 percent of DAMAC properties and has a net worth of $ 3.2 billion. Sajwani is an accomplished business person with investments in real estates like the Akoya community. This particular property is located 15 minutes away from Dubai. The enormous project is expected to feature mansions, lavish villas, retail centers, and apartments with a golf course bearing Trump’s name.

Hussain Sajwani is a great marketer and started by luring real estate buyers with free luxury cars for purchase. Hussain Sajwani was not born in a wealthy family. He grew up in an ordinary middle-class family. His father was selling watches while his mother was hawking shirts, Parker pens, and goods imported from China. Mostly, his mother operated her business door to door in the neighborhood.

In 1978, Sajwani received a government scholarship to the University of Washington where he studied economics and engineering. Upon graduation, he worked for GASCO as a contract manager. Over and over again, Hussain has made many risky investment decisions, which have all paid handsomely.

Hussain Sajwani does not hold any political position or have any political issues. The CEO is married and has four children. Just like any other parent, he wants his children to get good education and morals. Sajwani is a board member of Majan University College located in New York. Also, he serves in the board of the US & Emirates Takaful company based in Abu Dhabi. Besides, he has been a close business associate of Donald Trump and promoted his brand in UAE.

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Adam Goldberg as a born Entrepreneur

Adam Goldberg was born to be an entrepreneur and showed his true colors at the young age of 15. He developed his first advertising network, Gamer’s Alliance, which he sold before he even graduated high school. He joined with the parent company of MySpace in 1999 and worked as the COO of the company, Intermix Media.

After working at Intermix Media for nearly ten years, Adam Goldenberg started a new business venture with his business partner, Don Ressler. Together, they created Intelligent Beauty around 2006.

Currently, the pair operate as co-CEOs of JustFab Inc. In just three years, Adam Goldenberg raised this company to be a global leader in subscription ecommerce. Since its release in 2010, over 35 million users have accounted for the website makeup around the world.

Originally, JustFab operated in the United States. However, after its early success, the company expanded to include new territory around the world such as Canada, UK, Germany, France, Span, and the Netherlands.

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailed at that offers a wide selection of things from shoes to jewelry. A unique feature, aside from its eclectic selection, is the stores ability to personalize the shopping experience to the individual based on his or her indicated preferences.

There have been many notable celebrities who have worked through JustFab and released unique brand lines such as Avril Lavigne and YouTube stars Elle and Blair Fowler. In addition, Style Network released a show in January 2013 that followed the daily routines around the center office of JustFab entitled “Kimora: House of Fab”.

There have been many branches of the parent JustFab introduced, such as Fabletics. Fabletics was released in July 2013 with Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. This portion of the brand focused on developing and distributing stylish athletic gear with a personalized shopping experience. In 2015, it was announced that Fabletics was the fastest growing label of the JusFab’s brand.

While it originally started as an online retailer with a focus on personalized shopping experiences, as of April 2016, 6 store locations have opened. The company has also announced that they plan to open around 100 more stores over the next four years. This will be done to introduce a whole new method of shopping to consumers who otherwise would have no access to the brand.

Overall, JustFab is working to revolutionize the retail experience with Adam Goldenberg as the head.

The Grand Days of Philanthropy Are Now: Dick DeVos and Charitable Giving

Some look back on the great contributions of Carnegie and Rockefeller as part of some golden age of charity. Both captains of industry spent billions towards noble causes in their day.

But really, these are the good old days. We’ve never before seen so much generosity expressed by so many, for so many varied projects.

I’m talking in this case specifically about the plan to expand the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in New York. The project started in 2013, and a call for donations went out. The response was overwhelming. By fall of 2015, they had seen contributions exceeding the initial $125 million target by over ten million dollars. The project to expand one of the great institutions of American arts will see three additional pavilions, and entirely separate riverside pavilion, and a pedestrian bridge to connect the two. Offices and dining spaces will be included when the upgraded center opens in 2018, surely to host even more than the current volume of 3 million visitors annually.

This shows a grand commitment to the arts in America. It’s a commitment from individuals who, having reached a level of success unimaginable in bygone ages, are giving back to the people and nation that made it all possible. These are self-made men and women acknowledging that no one is really entirely self-made.

Among the major contributors to the Kennedy Center expansion is Michigan’s Dick DeVos. After successfully leading the Amway Corporation his father co-founded, DeVos furthered his success with the Windquest Group and as owner of the Orlando Magic NBA team. This country has been very good to DeVos, and he’s shown his gratitude through his support for a wide array of charitable causes.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation supports causes throughout his native Western Michigan – and beyond. The Grand Action organization Dick co-chairs has helped revitalize downtown Grand Rapids. One of the group’s major achievements has been the Grand Rapids Downtown Market. It has been the center of rebirth in a formerly blighted area. With the help of DeVos, it’s become a center for shopping, entertainment, relaxation, and education. It’s a prime example of the power of giving back.

Truly, we’re living in a time when the successful and prosperous take opportunities to give back to their communities in meaningful ways. The project at the Kennedy Center is just the latest, and perhaps grandest, example.