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Renewed Potential Through Jeunesse Global

You’d be forgiven for being uninterested in how a business came to be, but Jeunesse might be the one that you’ll at least remember for its remarkable beginnings. Against odds, Randy and Wendy found success in their respective businesses and unified under a single mission to promote longevity and general wellness the world over for people of all walks. Jeunesse was born from the experiences and funding that were generated from those successes, and it was on September 9, 2009 at none other than 9pm that the company was penned into being.

In some cultures, the number 9 represents both wellness and longevity, which are exactly what Jeunesse aims to deliver to people of all ages with their nine-point proprietary blends of natural supplements, proteins and superfoods. Known as the Youth Enhancement System, these nine categories of products can be purchased separately or together, but all of them provide rich boosts to the body’s reserves in order to restore the look and feel of being young once more. These products are also excellent for the younger crowd, serving to slow the breakdown of cells and bodily functions over time.

First and foremost, the Youth Enhancement System doesn’t target any particular condition directly; rather, it furnishes essential vitamins and minerals to the user and lets the body figure out what to do with them. In this way, this health company has figured out how to maximize on the most powerful technology in the world: the human body. By stocking up the defensive and restorative aspects of your immune functions and day-to-day cellular activity, Jeunesse has created a way for you to find wellness without introducing unnatural ingredients or processes to the body.


Their all-natural line-ups consist of both functional and aesthetic products that mix short- and long-term solutions to skin flaws, your sense of well-being, mental sharpness and restful sleep. They also have a popular fitness booster that keeps your appetite in check while promoting the conversion of fat to muscle. Coffee alternatives, superfood immune boosters and a powerful antioxidant package also join their offerings to get you well and keep you there for life. Those who commit to the regimen often speak highly of the effects, swearing by the restorative results that are reflected in their everyday performance.

Lime Crime and Cruelty Free Cosmetic Products

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that focuses on creating cool makeup products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are made in Los Angeles, California. Their products could be considered a retro throwback to 90’s makeup. Their product line focuses on a few specific cosmetic products. The company’s diamond crushers are lip toppers that can also be applied to other parts of the body.

Is This Business Really Cruelty-Free?

Many people don’t know that a lot of commercial makeup products are tested on animals. This is to make sure that they are safe for human use. Lime Crime is certified through PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. This campaign was created by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. It was specifically designed to bring awareness to the number of cosmetic products that are currently tested on animals. A huge problem with modern animal testing is that it’s still very unregulated. Toxicology tests are administered to mice, rats and other animals. PETA claims that over 100 million mice are killed in laboratories every year in the United States. Lime Crime assures its customers that all of its products are not tested on animals. This also means that they exclude any products that are produced by animals. Reading the labels on makeup products may be extremely difficult. Makeup companies in the United States are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only requires a basic declaration of the ingredients used. Buying products from this business ensures that all of your makeup will be safe for vegan use.

Who is the founder of this company?

This company was founded by Doe Deere. She currently also serves as the creative director of the company. She started the business with a very simple philosophy. She wanted to make vegan cosmetic products that have mass appeal. Much of the style of her brand fits into the overall vibe of California. Her business culture also has a strong viral internet presence. She reaches out to customers through sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This is also what has helped her company gain a substantial following over time.

Doe Deere’s Belief in Fantasy and Possibility Help Create Lime Crime Success


Doe Deere might not be your typical success story, because frankly, she loved dreaming of unicorns and other fantastical creatures. She stayed true to herself and created the Lime Crime makeup company, which maintains a dreamy, whimsical quality.

The young businesswoman was born in Russia and moved with her family to New York City, exploring various careers before settling into the competitive world of cosmetics. Doe Deere even sang lead in a fairy take rock band called Sky Salt. She met her husband Mark in the band where both collaborated perfectly, but unfortunately, Sky Salt disbanded in 2006.

Doe Deere stayed with Mark and began playing around with makeup development. Doe Deere always enjoyed wearing bright colors in hair, clothing and makeup but was finding it harder and harder to locate vivid cosmetics. So, the fearless entrepreneur decided to launched her own brand in 2008, and that is how Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere’s many fans often ask for her advice in starting a company, and she offers simple but smart advice: Be yourself. Doe Deere believes that each of us are born with a special talent or two, and when we recognize our gift or gifts, to soar high and create a business.

Her Lime Crime makeup palettes symbolically stand for freedom, because Doe Deere’s palettes are bold and crazy beautiful in color. If you wish to wear green or bright blue lipstick or a red eye shadow, you will find your edgy makeup there. That is how different and modern her cosmetics line has become. It’s finally hitting the red carpet on stars like Katy Perry, and even the bigger makeup companies are now branching out and duping the vivid colors found in a Lime Crime palette. Suddenly, it’s really cool and okay to use makeup for self-expression without fear of judgment.

When it comes to the whole package of how we appear to others, we concentrate on hair, clothing and makeup. That’s what Doe Deere learned while taking classes at FIT in New York City. It’s self-expression, and some of us adore bright colors in all three areas of self-image.

Doe Deere believes that social media is the best way to connect to her fans and to keep her Lime Crime company relevant and growing. You can find Doe Deere and Lime Crime makeup on Instagram where her followers have just increased to two million plus.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Named Best Beauty Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one amazing person. Harper’s Bazaar magazine named her one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States. She is a leader in her field, a published author, and an award-winning surgeon. She had a successful practice in New York before moving back home to Austin, Texas where she started yet another successful practice. She is one of few women who is currently on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has also appeared on many TV programs and magazines. She is the definition of a successful person, which she credits to lots and lots of hard work.

With her warm and friendly personality, she puts people at ease and empathizes with her patients’ yearning to improve their looks. She understands that everyone wants to look their best. She may have a long waiting list of people trying to get in, but she never rushes through an appointment as she wants her patients to feel confident about themselves and get exactly what they paid for. Dr. Walden is a person you can trust because she is very knowledgeable and wants to provide the very best care available. She wants to make sure all of her patients are treated with respect and with high regards. Going into surgery can be a scary ordeal, but with her patience and confidence, her patients will come out feeling great.

Dr. Jennifer Walden earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. She was accepted into medical school, where she graduated as Salutatorian of her class, at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Her current practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Austin, Texas, maintains the highest standards of patient safety and care. Dr. Walden recently opened a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic as well. She has also won many awards such as the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and the Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship. She currently lives in her hometown of Austin, Texas, with her twin boys and is surrounded by her family.

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