Brian Bonar: Dream Resturaunt

Brian Bonar, Scottish entrepreneur, goal is to build a dream kitchen on a nearby property, The Ranch at Randy Canyon.

San Diego Magazine said that Brian Bonar started out by renaming his restaurant to Bellamy’s. He found two of his employees, Trevor Da Costa, his front-of -the -house man and Mike Reidy as exec chef from his favorite restaurants EL Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo inn.

To wrap up his top-notch list of cooks he added a Ponsaty, a Master Chef of France.

Brian Bonar still kept the Tango atmosphere in Bellamy’s restaurant by incorporating plush seating, jazz painting Coppertone-brown wall color.

Not only did he improve the restaurant appearance but to his menu meals which are prepared some of the country’s best top notch cooks he seek out for his restaurant.

Some of the outstanding delicious meals are:

1. Parsley-cream risotto with poached salmon and shaved summer truffle, crunchy with sea salt.
2. Though most bistros do not serve mille-feuille but of course you can fine, “… bruleed apple slices over a layer of smoked eel and liver confit in pork fat.”
3. He even serves several kind of salads such as wonder beet salad, it has gold and red bulbs over a “soil” of dried porcini mushroom powder, pistachios, and cocoa nibs.
4. For ravioli lovers, he serves a wonderful mushroom ravioli filled with a duxelle of local mushroom and topped with a veal-based port wine sauce.
5. Saffron panna cotta is a must get dessert, but it has been suggesting to ask the server to leave the strawberry hibiscus consommé for dipping only; in addition, it comes madeleine which is warm by orange zest and sugar dust.


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