A Deeper Look Into Doe Deere

Doe Deere, named one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs”, began formulating her brain child, Lime Crime, as a 9-year old girl experimenting with her make-up and creating unique looks. Although not fully formulated or realized, Doe knew early on that she wanted to break through typical make-up boundaries and have fun trying new looks and accessories. Although Doe fully admits she was “bad” at make-up until her twenties, she clearly learned from her make-up successes and fails. She quickly amassed a following of young ladies, eager to see what new look Doe Deere would come up with next! Vibrant colors, rhinestones, glitter – nothing is taboo for Doe Deere!

As Doe continued to build a following, she found the need to expand with an E-Bay store. The name “Lime Crime” naturally came to her as the obvious choice for her online store. Little did she know, Lime Crime would soon embody her very ideals and inspiration – a bold, animal friendly, cosmetic line, unafraid to push the boundaries. Since its inception, Lime Crime has attracted a unique following, made up of those who are proud of his or her individual quirks and brave enough to showcase his or her own style (i.e. true unicorns!).

Doe, born in Russia but raised in New York, loves self-expression and staying true to oneself. As with anything, she and her brand have naturally attracted haters and online trolls. True to her convictions, however, Doe refuses to apologize for her sense of self and recognizes haters and trolls as natural consequences to her online market. Doe continues to forge new paths with her creativity and brand, leaving the haters in the footnotes, where they belong.

Doe finds inspiration in all places, from strong-willed ladies like Dita von Teese to young ladies on Instagram and social media, experimenting and creating new ways of self-expression. Doe lives with her husband, Mark, who also acts as President of Lime Crime, and her three cats. Doe continues to look for new ways to express herself and enable her unicorns to do the same. Although nothing is certain, one thing certainly is – the future will be bright!

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