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What Is This Craze About Freedom Checks?

If you have any interest in the energy sector then you’ve definitely heard of the much fabled Freedom Checks. Statute 26 of the US Code has made it possible for publicly traded partnerships to pay dividends to shareholders in the form of these checks. This is a new development in the market and most players are treating it with a lot of caution. Given the exponential rise of scams, no one wants to lose their hard earned money. Should you be worried about this? Let us get a few answers. Visit to know more.

Since their introduction to the market two years ago, close to 600 businesses dealing with natural resources as well as other forms of energy have paid investors using Freedom Checks. The firms have been designated master limited partnerships. They get to enjoy tax exemption but there is a catch. 90% of their proceeds need to find their way back to the pockets of investors.

The oil production industry of the country has received a major boost since the introduction of the Freedom Checks. The tax exemption has ensured that more and more companies are willing to venture into the industry. It is only a matter of time before President Nixon’s desire to have the US rely on itself for oil production is fulfilled.


The tax exemptions are not only for the MLPs. Investors also get to enjoy this feature. The tax rates on capital gains from when they cash in on their shares is considerably lower. The incentive to invest in oil producers has definitely been provided. Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing has taken it upon himself to educate the public further on this new phenomenon and he has done a great job.

Freedom Checks’ payments are usually done at regular intervals. One investor may choose to receive their checks on a monthly basis while another may opt to receive them after every three months. The checks are mainly delivered via mail for one to cash in on the proceeds. Some firms still allow investors to create portfolios with their local bank where the checks can be deposited.

There you have it. Tread carefully as you consider joining the Freedom Checks bandwagon. The rewards are amazing but caution should be exercised every step of the way. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Whitney Wolfe: Creating Empowering Online Spaces for Women

Whitney Wolfe is considered one of the most important women under 30 in tech. At 29 years old, the founder and CEO of bumble, a feminist dating app, has a net worth of $230 million. The application, was launched in 2014, has more than 35 million users is valued at 1 billion.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended Southern Methodist University and was a Kappa Kappa Gamma. Wolfe majored in international studies and studied abroad in the Sorbonne University in Paris. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

Empowering women is a cause close to Whitney Wolfe’s heart, especially a female CEO and founder in a field dominated by “tech bros”.

Prior to founding Bumble, Whitney cofounded Tinder in 2012 and was the company’s Vice President. However, Wolfe left Tinder in 2014 due to sexual harassment from her ex-boyfriend and fellow co-founder. Initially, Whitney Wolfe was not keen on remaining in the online dating scene, instead, she wanted to establish an online social space for women. However, Wolfe was contacted by the founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, with the goal of creating a dating platform.

Whitney wanted to change the dynamic in which men and women interacted. Bumble, which is considered a feminist dating platform functions differently than tInder. In Bumble when a heterosexual match is made, the women must contact the men first, otherwise the match disappears. By doing this, Bumble puts women in control. The app’s adverts echo its feminist ideals, with slogans like “Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry”.

Wolfe’s efforts to create online social spaces for women carry through within Bumble. The company launched Bumble BFF in 2016, which instead of helping women find dates, helps users find friends.

Most recently, Bumble Bizz was created as an online networking space for women. According to WhitneyWolfe, users were already using the app to network before Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz will follow the same format allowing women to make the first move, this is meant to reduce instances of inappropriate behavior, by allowing women to be in control. Furthermore, the company started hosting events and pop up spaces for women with content related to enhancing their careers.

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Career Achievements of Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is one of the most successful dental surgeons that is based in the United Kingdom. He flaunts many years of experience in the field, and as a medical practitioner, he has also launched a number of investments that are related to the area. Shafik was born in 1959 in Tanzania, and he moved to the UK to continue with his studies, and since then, he has settled his life and career in the country. He continues to inspire people throughout the globe, and he is an influential figure in the field.

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Shafik Sachedina qualified as a dental surgeon form Guy`s dental school university that is based in London. He has continued to perfect in his career through the vast number of dental surgeries that he has performed to many people. Besides, he has also undertaken a vast number of voluntary works with the aim of helping the people of the Islam religion exercise unity and come together as one. He is a prestigious figure at the Aga Khan and as the general secretariat; he oversees and coordinates the activities of the Ismaili community. Additionally, he has also played a major role at the Jamati Institutions, and he focuses on helping the community maintain its traditions and general customs. Many people have apprehended him for his ability to bring unity and advocate for good relations among people of different backgrounds and societies.

Additionally, Shafik Sachedina is also among the key founders of the Sussex Healthcare, a facility that majorly focuses on giving care services to adults and people suffering from various conditions in the country. The firm has established over twenty care homes that are located in the southern part of the United Kingdom. Shafik Sachedina has worked closely with many of the firm’s executives with the aim of deriving better ways to manage the firm. He has partnered with Shiraz Boghani to fuel the various activities that take place in the firm including caring for people that are experiencing dementia and neurological conditions, offering physiotherapy and hydrotherapy services. Shafik Sachedina continues to inspire many people through his hard work and dedication to his career.

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End Citizens United Rejects Corporate PAC Funding

In a world where there are a significant amount of politicians taking campaign contributions from corporate super PACs, there are at least some politicians who are maintaining their integrity. End Citizens United recently revealed that over 111 Democratic candidates have made it explicitly clear that they will accept no contributions from any corporate PACs and they have each ended up winning their respective primaries. Additionally, 60 percent of Democratic candidates who are trying to flip seats from red to blue have pledged not to take any campaign donations from big corporations. End Citizens United is dedicated to advocating for campaign finance reform and to overturn the decision of Citizens United vs. FEC. Read more about End Citizens United at Wikipedia.

From congressional races in Ohio to the highly contested senate race in Texas, Democrats have made it quite clear that they will be working for the people and not the other way around. Additionally, Democrats are using their current stance on campaign finance reform to discredit the Republicans and make their positions on super PACs look rather weak. End Citizens United has assured the general public that they will not endorse any candidate who agrees to accept campaign contributions from larger corporations or super PACs and is looking to drive big money out of politics altogether. This comes on the heels of the Democrats by far surpassing their annual fundraising goal.

They passed their goal of $75.27 million with still a few months to go before the midterm elections and it seems highly likely that they may even surpass $100 million before the midterms in November. It is estimated that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has accounted for almost 37 percent of their total fundraising goal from the past year and a half which has since exceeded $191 million dollars. End Citizens United saw the tide began to turn not long after the 2016 presidential election when the Democrats managed to flip six seats in the aftermath of the inauguration. Now they seem poised to take back the Senate, House, and Congress as the midterms loom large over Washington DC. So we wish them the best of luck.

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The Passion of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad has become one of America’s most revered figures when it comes to pediatric surgery. Yes, there are a lot of top-tier pediatric surgeons in the US, but there seems to be something special about this guy. Dr. Saad kind of transitioned from a rags to riches type of story. Though he was never considered to be poor, he still had to work hard in order to get to such a high-level of success. The Palestine-native has made a huge impact on society, and he really isn’t a household name. Fame has never been an intention for this man, but he has become very popular by the work that has provided.

Dr. Saad was born in the late 1940s, and he was one of eight children. His father worked in the oil field as a petroleum mechanic, and his mother took care of the household. During his childhood, Saad’s family had to flee their homeland because of political unrest. The family relocated to Kuwait, but they were considered to be refugees. Since the family had to up and leave their home so quickly, they weren’t able to hold on to their personal identities. Saad’s father made it known that hard work truly pays off. This notion was instilled into the hearts of Saad, and his seven siblings. You are looking at one of the most acclaimed surgeons in the pediatric sector. Saad has attained two Ph.Ds as well as attained two master’s degrees. Forty-seven years ago, Saad earned his medical degree from the University of Cairo.

Being a pediatric surgery isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding. This affluent doctor specializes in removing objects from children’s throats. “Sometimes food will accidentally go down the wrong pipe if you’re not careful,” said Saad. This man has generally performed an alarming amount of bronchoscopies and endoscopies. “Some of the most common objects that kids tend to swallow are batteries, coins and peanuts,” said Saad. The “terrible twos” can also be a nightmare for any parent. Dr. Saad was actually trained by one of the top pediatric surgeons in America, but as of today, he is now fully retired. Learn more: