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Rodrigo Terpins and Why Leaders Like Him Have To Try New Things

Leaders have always to be engaged with ventures not too related to their main line of work. Diversifying their skills, interests and passions get them to be inspired to get fantastic creative ideas. Trying new things gets them to think creatively for solutions to problems they have in their main line of work. This is precisely the kind of strategy that business leaders like Rodrigo Terpins try to integrate in their problem-solving skills. By going outside the box, they can find answers that fit so well in their corporate life. And in Terpins’ case, he is able to do this by mixing his career in the corporate world with his racing ventures.


The racing ventures of Rodrigo Terpins are rooted in his passion for the team he created for the Sertoes Rally races. The team is called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and with the help of his brother, Michel Terpins, he has been building a competitive racing group that often joins the Sertoes Rallies in Brazil. The races he joins usually win, and this builds a reputation for Terpins as a reliable team leader.


Executive Profile

The executive profile of Terpins found on LinkedIn would also remind everyone that the main line of work for Terpins is in being the Director of Lojas Marisa. Marisa is a clothing brand in Brazil that sells a wonderful collection of trendy clothes for women in Brazil. Terpins is also the Director of T5 Participacoes, which is a company that he himself formed. While there is such a rich corporate background in the life of Terpins, he is still best known for joining circuit rallies.

The racing tracks that Rodrigo Terpins also joined would not be possible without the help of his brother, Michel Terpins. Together, their racing team has retained a reputation of relevance, innovation and success in Brazil’s racing circles. For more details visit terra.


Some of the Sertoes Rally races that Terpins joined and succeeded would include the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes. It covered 2,600 kilometers spread across two Brazilian states. Terpins was able to let his racing team win third in the T1 Prototypes Racing Category, and 8th place in overall ranking.



The Personal Portrait of Eric Lefkofsky as the Co-Founder of Tempus

Most of the important and relevant information that people need to know about the career of Eric Lefkofsky can be found in his LinkedIn profile, but the most personal ones are not there. His personal stories, insight and various anecdotes in his business ventures may better be retold in the interview that Lefkofsky did with the website, A Drink With.

Most of the details that people can find in the A Drink With site include the exact time of the day that Lefkofsky is most productive, why he eats fast and why he almost always works 12 hours a day. He also shared some of his ideas on how to balance work time and family time, and how to manage a company with 11,000 employees that are spread about 48 countries. Being a co-founder of Tempus means that Lefkofsky has to juggle a lot of responsibilities in so short and quick a time span, and that’s why he has to have better control of his day-to-day schedule. He also shared in the interview some background story of how his company is still trying to build a new business model. It’s not something that’s already been built and is familiar to everyone. It entails more risks and learning curve in relation to the people using the product or service.

About Eric Lefkofsky

The LinkedIn profile of Lefkofsky has all the pertinent and updated details of his work history. This profile includes the entry that Lefkofsky is the co-Founder of Tempus, a tech-driven company related to battling cancer. The company is focussed in building an operating system that’s able to deal with all the dynamics related to cancer battles today.

It’s also worth mentioning that what Tempus does is offer a genomic sequencing service that analyzes comprehensive therapeutic and molecular data that helps physicians get better control in how they manage cancer treatment for patients. Tempus also provides tools that get empowered and grow as the system gathers more data.

It should also be added that Lefkofsky is the co-founder of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This is a charitable foundation that educates children and promotes human rights, among others.

Brian Torchin’s success as Staffing entrepreneur

Brian Torchin has taken studies in exercise science. He also has a chiropractic degree. Brian is currently the CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing, a company that has majored its operations in providing staff such as secretaries, doctors, managers, nurses ar such workers for health care facilities.

After his higher education, Brian Torchin started his career as a chiropractor in Philadelphia where he established his clinic. He understood his job well where he catered for suffering patients. He ensured that every patient who came to seek his help received proper treatment and hence found their solutions in his clinic. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

As an entrepreneur, Brian Torchin saw the need for staffing for organizations, especially health care and legal firms. He understood the difficulties for companies of getting a qualified worker to fill up a critical position. Hence, he saw an opportunity to materialize his vision as a business person, as well as cater for such companies’ needs. The company aims at providing for its clients a qualified worker with the right job qualifications to fill a specific position within a maximum of three days.

HCRC is not only located in United States but also globally where it has expanded into most of Europe. With the hard work and experience gained from years of staffing, Brian Torchin makes sure that his clients’ needs are met to their satisfaction. HCRC is among the leading staffing companies across the globe.

Brian has a busy schedule day in day out. He is also available for consultation to companies that need him. Thousands of employees have been connected to their workplaces through his staffing company. Mostly, he announces job opportunities through the posts he publishes on the HCRC website. The articles also contain a wide range of topics covering tips to hiring a business contractor, marketing a business successfully and so much more.


The Support of Peter Briger for the Underprivileged Families in the Society

Immediately after Peter Briger was through with his college education, he joined Goldman Sachs, a reputable banking and investment company where he started his professional career in finance and investment. This was after he had obtained an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the Pennsylvania University. Before the master degree, Briger had acquired an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, a course that he passed excellently. In fact, he was among the top students in his class during the graduation.

After joining Goldman, he was granted several responsibilities, all of which he was perfect at effecting. Peter Briger was promoted by the management of the company after they realized the extensive potential that they could exploit from him through his leadership ability. Later after serving the company for almost a decade, the board of directors of the organization was pleased by his loyalty and efforts to the company decided to make him a partner of the organization, a position that he holds to date.

In 2002, Fortress Investment Group and its top management felt that they needed to expand the organization by adding asset strategies to portfolio. However, they lacked enough human resources and proficiency to manage the additional assets that they wished to introduce to their portfolio. That was when and how Peter Briger found himself at Fortress Group as the head of the credit section of the organization and also as a CEO and a co-principal. Immediately after joining the company, the transformation started emerging. He started by introducing credit fund, hedge fund, and some other permanent asset classes to the portfolio of Fortress Group. Later in 2006, Peter Briger guided the organization through the essential process which saw Fortress acquire Intrawest and other companies that followed later.

In a nutshell, Peter Briger is classified among the faces that have led to the revolution of the investment industry by enhancing healthy competition while leading at Fortress Group. Besides being a billionaire investor, he has been engaging in philanthropic activities which are geared towards the alleviation of poverty in the society. As part of these activities, Peter has a fund that he has set aside to assist in educating the children from impoverished families.

Authority News Articles Show Why OSI Group Still Leads in The Global Market

It can be very hard to sustain the kind of growing, engaging and stellar reputation of a company, but in the case of OSI Group, it’s not that hard. It’s not that hard for OSI Group to be a leading food manufacturer and distributor in the global market. It’s not hard for OSI Group to build profitable and strengthened business relationships with big brands, such as McDonald’s. Most of all, it’s not that hard for OSI Group to adhere to all these requirements for successful operations mainly because of its great leadership: David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin, the President and Chairman-CEO respectively. It’s also not that hard to understand how OSI is able to succeed the obstacles it encounters if one just reads how OSI has been growing through the report written in Meat and Poultry and Patch news portals.

In the Meat and Poultry website, readers can understand how OSI Australia is one important factor that brings the reputation of OSI to stellar proportions. The merger with Turi Foods and OSI Australia is what’s making this reputation even bolstered with a stronger bond. The shared ownership with the company could also make sure that the Turi Foods can get the expertise it needs to scale, as well as to bring together groups that would otherwise not find their needed common grounds. It is also the thrust of OSI today to make sure that the projects it starts are pushing the business values of the company. These business values include efficiency, being always with the client and understanding the complete problems of the clients.

The partnership between the two companies has also established the creation of food production plants in Thomastown, Geelong, and Victoria in Australia. The Chicago Patch, on the other hand, has also contained, elaborated and highlighted the many important things that OSI Group has yet to address, including expansion issues in its Iowa Farm and its global position amid competition. Fortunately, the leadership of David McDonald is already an excellent buffer against such set of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Regarding global position, it’s important to say here that OSI is still regarded to be a leading global enterprise, employing about 20,000 people and with facilities spread all over the 65 facilities today.

The RealReal Offers Real Bargains On Real Designer Clothing And Accessories

In a recent New York Times article, a journalist wrote about The RealReal. It is one of the leading consignment companies for luxury clothing and accessories. The RealReal used to operate only online but recently opened its first brick-and-mortar store in SoHo. It originally opened a pop-up shop in the neighborhood. These temporary shops are popular in New York City. Since The RealReal’s pop-up shop was a huge success in the trendy neighborhood, the company decided to keep its presence there. However, The RealReal still operates online as well.

The RealReal: A Place To Find Real Bargains

The author of the article recounted an experience at a party. A woman arrived at the party, and a mutual friend of theirs told the woman that she saw her skirt at The RealReal. Another lady expressed her happiness that the woman was the one who bought that skirt. The verbal exchange made the author realize the popularity of The RealReal. The author called shopping at The RealReal a beautiful distraction and compared it to an addictive game app. She said that many people who reported shopping at The RealReal visited the store frequently. Some visited multiple times per week. With its open consignment structure, new items arrive at the shop every day.

Since it was founded in 2011, The RealReal has brought in more than $173 million. Julie Wainwright is the founder. She has been working in technology and merchandising since the 1990s. Julie was the CEO of a major online pet supply store in the past. She knows the importance of a unique value proposition. From the company’s selling platform to its authenticity guarantee, it delivers considerable value to customers and consignment sellers. To uphold The RealReal’s authenticity promise, skilled staff members research each item and inspect it carefully to ensure authenticity. Careful research is also necessary to ensure accurate values for sellers and fair prices for customers.

The RealReal’s Amazing Interior

When people come into the store to sell luxury items, they may sit on comfortable sofas while they wait for an appraisal. Alternately, they may go downstairs to the coffee bar. If they like flowers, they may also browse the Fox Fodder Farm blooms at the front of the building. With its versatile design, the setup of the new store is innovative. The shop appears to have plenty of floor space. However, there are pull-out clothing racks that are hidden in cabinets. The racks are packed with bargain luxury garments. In the center of the store, there is a display area that is collaboratively designed. Its themes change frequently.

How The RealReal’s Shopping Experience Works

An interesting feature of The RealReal is its dual availability of items. Lucky customers who live in New York City may visit the store to browse new arrivals or to see a specific item from the website. Customers who visit The RealReal can pick up any potential purchases. When an item is picked up, its special label is scanned. The scanning device is connected to the company’s inventory database, which temporarily marks the item as unavailable on the website. If a customer buys an item, it disappears from the website. However, the item becomes available on the site again if the customer puts it back.

One customer said that she enjoyed visiting the store and preferred seeing items in person. She said that it gave her the advantage of feeling the material and ensuring a proper fit. Also, she noted that the wear on some items was not as visible in photos as it was when she visited the store and held the clothes in her hands. As the New York Times writer pointed out, garment sizing has been a pain point among women for many years. While a shirt from one designer may be marked as a size 10, a similar style of shirt with the same measurements may be four sizes smaller according to another designer’s standards. The RealReal addresses this problem by group sizing with labeled rack sections such as small, medium and large. The company bases its decisions on clothing measurements. However, measurements may be deceiving to some people. For example, a shirt that is in the large category may be meant to fit loosely on a person who usually wears a small or extra-small size. The shirt would not look right on someone who wears a larger size. This is another reason why some shoppers prefer to visit the SoHo store in person.

The pricing structure varies greatly. A price is assigned to an item based on its condition and current value. In comparison with retail prices for new designer items, the consignment shop’s prices are low. The author of the New York Times article said that most items were priced under $300 or over $1,200. Since those numbers leave a significant gap, lower-priced items create a sense of urgency for shoppers. Also, the knowledge that any unique or rare item could be gone in an hour creates a sense of urgency. Many shoppers find these aspects of visiting The RealReal thrilling, and they enjoy the satisfaction of finding a rare bargain in the right size.

Today, The RealReal has more than 800 employees, and there are six valuation offices throughout the United States. Additionally, there are three large fulfillment centers. People are welcome to contact a nearby valuation office to set up an appraisal appointment. The company has a no-pressure approach to providing valuation information. Appraisers are happy to explain how values are determined. At the SoHo store, there are also frequent events that all people are welcome to attend. The events teach shoppers how to identify fake designer bags, clothes and other merchandise. With the success of the recent SoHo store opening, The RealReal’s fans may see more stores open in the future in other parts of the country.

Whitney Wolfe Dedication and passion Driven Results in the Tech world

Whitney Wolfe is a young American woman born in 1989 with a great passion for developing dating apps. She has been known globally, and whenever a dating app is mentioned or discussed, her name always appears at the front. She is young, but she is worth a lot of resources. In fact, she is among the very few women to have succeeded in the tech world. Men fully dominate the industry, but she has stood tall in her desire to outsmart everyone. She is very focused on her career and has been able to create partnerships with some of the biggest names in the dating industry including the Badoo Founder. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble as well as the most popular apps, Tinder. She was involved in the development of the app, and that is when she learnt necessary things relating to app development. She was optimistic about achieving in her market niche and worked day and night towards making Tinder known by everyone. Whitney was the marketing director after the app was in place. She visited all the American based campuses to market her product. Within a very short period, the app had grown to become the most popular dating app in the world. Whitney Wolfe was shocked to realize that she was not meant to be part of its growth when she faced sex assault from a colleague. She sued him and was compensated her shares of $ 1 million.

Whitney Wolfe decided to do it alone and went ahead to use the $1 million towards the design and launching of Bumble. Today, as we speak, the company is worth over $1 billion from its initial investment. It is the fourth most popular dating app in the world and has been known to attract so many guests daily. In fact, they have managed to open more verticals with an aim to make the company grow. The vertical is called Bumble BFF used to add more friends and was launched in 2015. The company is seven years old but has been able to earn her global respect. She is a true definition of a tech guru.



Neurocore’s Brain Analysis Program And Staff Positions: In Depth Explanation

Neurocore is a relatively young company based in Michigan and Florida who are offering exciting things to both patients and staff. The basis for Neurocore’s business is offering biofeedback for those who may suffer from anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, and other mental disorders. The first step in the program would be a complete diagnostic neuro assesment so that the Clinical Specialist can design a custom program for the patient in question. Neurocore does offer a Groupon package for the initial assesment. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Once the initial neuro assessment is finished, patients will schedule a series of visits to work with a biofeedback system. A patient advocate will work with the patient every visit setting up the system and monitoring the brainwaves to make sure frequencies are correct. Essentially the program involves training the brain to make positive neural choices, which lead to the brain automatically making a positive choice, cutting down on negative thoughts and distracting spontaneous impulses.



The entire staff at Neurocore is welcoming to the patient and each patient will work with a Client Advocate, Clinical Specialist, and Analyst to ensure a maximum potential for a greater positive outcome. All staff are trained and hold degrees relevant to employment at Neurocore. The Neurocore staff page at will tell all future job openings with these staff positions and lists location information. Neurocore is an up and coming company to watch in the future and is performing wonderful work, changing patient lives for the better. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Ever Wanted To Know More About Peter Briger? Start With This Article

Company leaders are very passionate with the ventures and projects that they start, and sometimes people can sense this passion from the depths of the heart of the leaders themselves. One of these passionate leaders that have such strong sense of drive for their projects is Peter Briger, the Co-Chairman as well as Principal of Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger also acts as Co-Chairman of its Board of Directors, and that itself is an indicator that his passion is more than just generating sales and growth for the company that he starts. His is about service.

Working With Peter Briger

People may find from reviews websites such as that Peter Briger is known to be passionate in delivering quality benefits to Fortress Investment Group’s employees. One reviewer even claimed that even in a short time, it was already a fantastic, enjoyable experience to be part of Peter Berger’s team of analysts for Fortress Investment Group. Another reviewer also said that while the company is a fast-paced firm, it’s also a perfect platform to learn new things and gain exceptional experience that one can use in the future. The professional demeanor of the people working for the company has also been a source of inspiration for those who still want to be part of Fortress Investment.

The Philanthropy

It should be added here that the passion for service of Briger for Fortress would not be complete without his philanthropy work. He is now an active member of the Global Fund for Children and also supports the Silicon Valley Leadership Council. All of these programs supplement the reputation today of Briger in making sure that not only is his company growing, but the companies around him are evolving as well.

It is also the hope of Briger that with his social advocacy work, he can connect with the right kind of people and get their help in supporting his other projects for the world. This doesn’t mean that Briger is forgetting his commercial roots. In fact, the success in his commercial ventures has led him to be ranked in 2007 to be part of Forbes Billionaire List. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World