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Southridge Capital Is Dedicated To Building New Ideas And Bring Clients Effective Plans

Stephen Hicks established Southridge Capital back in 1996 and has since turned the company into a leading financial institute firm operating out of Connecticut in the United States. According to Stephen, he got the idea to start up Southridge Capital from working at different hedge fund companies in the past. The decades of experience he built working at other companies up to the executive level gain him the experience and confidence to start up a company of his own. Today, Southridge Capital is highly successful despite the competitive field and Stephen is regularly looking for ways to innovate and compete with the other financial solution companies in the country.


Southridge Capital didn’t have a fast start for a financial solutions company and it was a little rocky at first. Luckily, Stephen was able to take control of the situation and managed to change up every aspect of the company to find success. Looking through his portfolio at Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks has his fair share of obstacles, but many accomplishments and a heap of success to show for it. Stephen is regularly spending time trying to look for new


According to PR Newswire, opportunities, which was one of the major reasons behind the acquisition of Elite Data Services. Through Stephen’s dedicated financial practices and positive effects on the company, Southridge has experienced substantial growth over the past decade and has billions of dollars invested in companies all over the world today. Ever client at Southridge is well taken care of and any financial services or advice they need is readily available at Southridge Capital. You can visit to know more.



Stephen Hicks pays a lot of tribute to his employees and fellow management team which help him with their perspectives and bring the company into greater positions of success in their own ways. Thanks to the efforts of Southridge Capital and its financial experts, more individuals are taking control of their finances and finding ways to properly invest their money and time. Stephen Hicks always has new plans for his company and wants to bring forth new growth in the coming years while overcoming the new competitors in the market.


Gyration of the OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the businesses that was one day very small, but due to proper management, the company has managed to stand. It all started as a local meat selling point to a commercial enterprise that serves people in different regions. The business was doing well in the industry, a fact that made it win a contract with McDonald’s restaurant. This collaboration opened more doors for trade in that it acquired a good reputation. One of the strategies embraced by OSI Group was the introduction of already existing products to new customers. They achieved this by opening a new branch in West Chicago that was meant to ensure the timely delivery of beef for McDonald’s.

This diversification seemed to work well for the company since they later moved their products to Utah, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Austria. OSI Group has successfully managed to reach over ten countries. Some of the products that they have managed to deliver include fish, dough, beef, pork, and also vegetable products. For operations in any business to be successful, the workforce is essential. As a result, OSI Group has managed to employ 20,000 employees. Most of the businesses are out there to make money. The customer’s well-being is none of their concern. OSI Group has always been on the lookout to ensure that whatever is delivered to their customers is safe and of the right quantity. This has helped them scoop several ethical awards.

This business has been operating from their central office based in Illinois. Ray Kroc has been the chief executive officer of McDonalds. Otto & Sons have also become part of this enterprise out of the supplies they make. Ray Kroc has always made sure that customer relations are of the top notch. It has been his duty to ensure that repeat customers are satisfied with quality goods. Kroc has also ensured that the products are available in the market. Suppliers have always been held responsible when it comes to the affordability of hamburgers. Technology has assisted in building a good supplier and customer relation. Operations can also be conducted within the minimum time possible.

GoBuySide Impact

GoBuySide is a search firm based just outside of New York City. Arjun Kapur, the CEO of GoBuySide wanted to make it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to find their potential employees. It is a tedious job for one to be able to find a person who can fulfill the needs of a business. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside. Especially in locations like New York City where thousands of small businesses are started each year. GoBuySide is the solution Kapur found in order to solve this issue, it is a platform where individuals are interviewed and placed in categories if they qualify. The manner in which one views employment is different compared to the era prior to the internet age. One of the major changes that happened was the decentralization of location of the employee. Businesses would want their employees located at the location of the business, but that is no longer the case. Through the use of the internet and computers, businesses are able to employ individuals far from the business address. GoBuySide ensures that they find the best people to employ, the company utilizes strict analytics in order to determine if a person would be able to exceed their expectations. There are fewer people who are inclined to work in a full-time job because they would like to live their life more freely. There are more part-time and project-oriented roles that are becoming more prominent in the financial industry. People who apply for platforms like GoBuySide are given control over who they are employing. During the hiring process, it can be the case where one will interview a ton of people and not find one who qualifies.


GoBuySide makes it easier for employers to have more certainty that the people that they are employing can exceed their expectations. There are many informational sites that GoBuySide utilizes like Linkedin and Facebook in order to observe more information about applicants. Through the use of platforms like GoBuySide, private equities and employees are finding it easier to go through the hiring process. One major difference that GoBuySide has over other hiring firms is that it collects information on the people who apply on it. Read this article at Accesswire.

OSI Food Solutions Doesn’t Let Its Status As A World Leader In The Food Industry Stop It From Continuing To Grow And Improve:

OSI Food Solutions is a wholesale food distribution company that has a long and distinguished legacy of providing amazing customer services to its extensive list of clients all the while maintaining a family atmosphere despite being one of the largest food companies in the world and one of America’s top one hundred food businesses. The company has a reputation for its outstanding business model that encourages entrepreneurship. Always looking for creative ways to expand its business model, OSI Food Solutions is today located in 17 different countries worldwide with some 65 facilities in operation. The company has an employment roster that exceeds twenty-thousand. As big as OSI’s operations are, the company still stays close to its family-oriented roots and is known for its inclusive and family-values based company culture. This family values type of ethic also extends to the company’s model for running operations that are environmentally sustainable. For this work, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council in 2016 as recognition that the company makes great efforts to operate facilities that run in accordance with the highest of environmental protection standards.

Other major news within the OSI Food Solutions sphere that has occurred in the last few years include the acquisitions of two of the top food distribution companies in Europe. Baho Food based out of the Netherlands and Flagship Europe based out of the United Kingdom both became OSI affiliates in 2016 as they were both deemed to be excellent fits for the OSI business model. After the acquisitions, OSI officials decided to rebrand Flagship Europe under the name Creative Foods Europe.

OSI Food Solutions also doubled its chicken production in Spain in 2016 by putting a massive investment into the production line at the processing facility that the firm operates in Toledo, Spain. The move was necessary to keep up with the consistent growth in demand for chicken on menus in Spain and Portugal, the two markets served by the Toledo facility.

OSI also recently engaged in a 50/50 merger with Australian poultry processing firm Turi Foods. Turi has a huge reach across the food market in Australia and the partnership with OSI is a perfect fit to help both companies reach their business goals.

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Malcolm CasSelle’s OPSkins Revolutionizes Virtual Gaming With Bitcoins

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins that is leading the way in bitcoin and virtual assets enterprises. The company has made a name for itself as a centralized marketplace. Public demand and growth of the market have however seen them make a move towards a decentralized system.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the platform that is making this possible. Trading of virtual assets is set to be less strenuous with the system that brings together both the decentralized smart contracts and blockchain technologies. Fragmentation and fraud in virtual markets will be a thing of the past.

The centralized system had relied heavily on intermediaries to curb fraud in the market. This strategy yielded commendable results but was not cost effective. The blockchain smart contract will do away with the need for third parties. The transaction costs will be considerably reduced.

The WAX platform also looks to eliminate frictions that are common in transactions involving virtual assets. It will introduce a WAX token that will serve as a common currency for all virtual gamers. They will use the Delegated Proof Of Stake algorithm to make this possible. All this has been done to enhance the user experience during virtual gaming.

While speaking about the program, Malcolm CasSelle pointed out that cryptocurrency is bound to be part of the mainstream market thanks to the program. He was a computer science student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. CasSelle later joined Stanford University for his graduate studies.

He was the brain behind the development of NetNoir in 1995. The website was set up to lay emphasis on the Afrocentric culture. Malcolm later joined the Pacific Century CyberWorks where he served as one of the VPs. His stay at the Hong Kong-based telco service provider lasted between 1998-2002.

Capital Union Investments came calling and he served them as a director for seven years. 2013 was an important year for Malcolm CasSelle. He became the CEO of MediaPass and still went on to co-found Timeline Labs. He would later move to SeaChange International which acquired Timeline in late 2014.

He currently serves as the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins. He doubles up as WAX’s president and has held these positions since 2017. He enjoyed a successful year at New Ventures, Inc prior to this.


Kamil Idris and His Advocacy For Establishing Sustainable Intellectual Property Laws

There are quite a lot of things to say about the recent statements of Professor Kamil Idris that were featured on the Venture Outsource news portal. His words there were mostly about his take on the issues that confront the field of protecting intellectual property rights (IP) in the world, and how to do this in a way that won’t cost a lot of capital, funding or time.

The feature also stated some of the stands and answers that Professor Idris gave about how to improve the mechanisms today that protect IP rights. He also added that there’s so many challenges and pressure today for IP laws as emerging outsourcing destinations have been catching up with the latest innovation in the market. It is also his opinion that the economic growth of many economies may have a lot to do with the IP laws that the country is employing. He also added that for an economy’s innovation to sustain its growth, there has to be keen attention given to the IP in relation to the professionals, policy environment and national objectives of the country.

In the news portal Medium, Professor Idris also shared a lot of his insight on how the trade dynamics between China and United States are going along these days. He shared there some of the stiff tariffs that the United States has set for China as a result of the supposedly harmful and unfair deals that U.S. and China have arrived at with regards to unlawful technology acquisitions. It is even revealed in a report done by no other than the U.S. Trade Department that more than $225 to $600 billion have already been charged on the U.S. taxpayers because of China’s unfair annual stealing of U.S. ideas. This is clearly a breach of IP laws and agreements, and should be given attention immediately.

About Kamil Idris

A short bio about Professor Kamil Idris has to state that he’s the Director General of the World of Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) during 1997 up to 2008. His views on intellectual property rights have been regarded as an insightful resource to many key authorities.