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Roseann Bennett Brings More Awareness To Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Awareness is something that a lot of people have started to pay attention to in recent days. This has become one of those things is more relevant when someone spotlights it. When people are educated on the subject they have a better sense of what is going on with their family members and friends. This is the type of conversation that Roseann Bennett wants to get started. Roseann Bennett wants more people to have a better idea on what is happening in the lives of the people that they are close to. As a signal graduate Roseann Bennett has earned a degree in counseling and therapy, and there are a multitude of people that are benefiting from her skills in this area. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


She lives and works in New Jersey, and this is where she works as Executive Director at Center Assessment and Treatment; a nonprofit organization. Her work with this nonprofit organization is deeply rooted in helping many of those that may not have been interested in seeking therapy otherwise. She is someone that is making a difference in the lives of many people that may have simply been looking for any type of reason to bypass therapy. Many people do not think that they even need it, but the reality is that this is something that everyone can benefit from once they try it.


Roseann Bennett is simply the catalyst that is trying to get people in a place where they are willing to consider this. Once they consider it, they are going to be much more inclined to recommend this to friends. This is where the need to discuss therapy comes in the place. Refer to This Article for more information


Roseann Bennett believes that writing about this and educating those that are not aware of this is going to be a major way to change exactly how people react to getting counseling.



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Jeunesse Global Supplements and Skincare

A variety of intriguing anti-aging and wellness products are available from Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company that has been in the health and beauty business since 2009. Their approach to feeling and looking good is focused internally and externally in the form of supplements and skincare products. With billions of dollars in sales and continued growth, Jeunesse Global seems to be doing something right.

While health and wellness are undeniably priorities, many people don’t have the patience to wait a month or two for supplements to have an effect and demonstrate visible anti-aging results. This is an age of instant gratification–people want to look good now. Jeunesse Global addresses that demand in a product they call Instantly Ageless.

The company recommends combining use of its supplements and skincare lines for maximum results. They break down their youthfulness strategy in 9 parts, with products that correspond to each category. Instantly Ageless falls under the Diminish category, with the promise of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye bags, and fine lines. The product is described as producing visible reduction in these unwanted indicators of age in just 2 minutes, with results that last for 6 to 9 hours.

There are 5 suggested areas for application of Instantly Ageless. Light or sparing use of the product is recommended for all areas. Application of the product across the entire forehead is intended to reduce wrinkles. Applying just above the brow line is intended to give the appearance of a brow lift. If hooded eyes are an issue, the product can be applied just below the eyebrow. Applying the product under the eye, from inner to outer edge is said to diminish under-eye bags and the fine lines often referred to as crow’s feet. Lastly, the product can be used anywhere on the face where the appearance of pores needs to be reduced.

Instantly Ageless is sold in a quantity of 25 multi-use vials per package. It’s one of the top selling products for the company. The product has been available through Jeunesse since 2014.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar as a Texas-based plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery of the eyes, nose, face, breast, and body. Sameer trained at the University of Michigan Medical School and further at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers as a resident plastic surgeon. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.
Dr. Sameer has a passion for his job and is committed to providing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as per the needs of the patients. He realizes that each patient is unique and should be treated as such. In 2012, he was honored with Compassionate Doctor Certification. This was after he was voted for by his patients for his warm treatment during the procedures. This is a prestigious award that is given to the best physicians after being voted for by 100 million patients across the US. Of the 870,000 active physicians, only 3% were honored with this award.

Dr. Sameer engages in a wide range of plastic surgery such as reconstructive surgery, facelifts, breast augmentation, mommy makeover, tummy tuck and liposuction. He helps his patients achieve their goals whether changing their appearance entirely or look youthful. He provides his clients with innovative solutions to their aesthetic and reconstructive needs.

He has a wide range of experience having practiced in the industry for over 20 years. This has gained him a reputation that is unbeaten. Besides his many years of practice, he has a great passion for his job and is always on the lookout for new ways of performing and best practices. His mastery of the art is so good that he is highly recommended among his patients. He is affiliated with several hospitals where he can admit patients for procedures and accepts some insurance cards for the methods.

Sean Penn’s Breakout Novel: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn a Hollywood famous actor, incredible writer, and director of many hit movies has embarked on a new path. The fifty seven year old Hollywood veteran is trying the new medium of novel writing. His debut novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff had led to readers everywhere having a different perspective on the world around them.


The author’s personal perspective on the world is ingrained in the main character Bob Honey. Bob Honey is essentially an aloof character living in a fictional setting. His setting is a grim dystopia that exposed a lot of the raw realities and harsh truths of current during America and frankly the world. The main character is a baby boomer like his author. He has a peculiar antisocial behavior. The author’s personal passion and anger is felt through the actions of Bob Honey. Bob Honey is a vent for the author.


Bob Honey and his creator of an author can easily be linked to being the same person. Bob Honey seethes against following the status quo, he rants off towards politics and tends to share a few similar events to Sean Penn. Sprinkled throughout the pages of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, readers get the chance to see the main character having scenes with a character that correlates with when Sean Penn met with drug lord El Chapo. As the novel unfolds, it is evident the author’s and character’s personalities are like identical twins.


Bob Honey is a writer too like his creator. Near the end of the novel, the character pens a letter to the president. Based off of what the texts reveal, it is pretty safe to assume that this president may just be a fictional Donald Trump. Russian hacking, NRA and news from cable networks comes up a lot in scenes dealing with the fictional president called the “landlord“.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a remarkable novel that exposes the reality of what is happening in the world today through an incredibly richly written narrative of prose and emotion that is both educational, engaging and thought provoking.



PSI Pay: The E Money Solution

PSI Pay is a major contender in the electronic money world. But one must first understand what is electronic money or most commonly referred to as e-money, to be able to fully understand what PSI Pay is offering and how the company is converting the traditional paper tender to digital.

E money stores conventional money in an electronic storage. Fist currency backs the storage and is regulated by an authoritative institution like a central bank. The storage requires users to create an account of electronic money. This money in the account is used for online financial transactions but is connected to traditional currency. E money is typically used through computer and mobile applications. However, most of these apps offer the option of having a prepaid card to be link to the app. Those funds from the prepaid card can be exchanged for paper money.

The key features of electronic money is what draws so many people to using this form of currency to conduct purchases. An eWallet is rather similar to a regular wallet. These electronic wallets can be loaded with money from a credit card of bank account. These wallets are typically free of charge. Using a eWallet is a secure method of conducting business online without having to go through a bank. Some eWallets allow for users to withdraw cash from ATMs.

E money and eWallets are safely secure and regulated by the government. In the United Kingdom, the FCA is the authority that regulates these electronic forms of currency. This regulating body issues the e money to qualifying institutions. The eWallet mentioned throughout this text is apart of the PSI-Pay family. PSY Pay has been licensed to be a legal institution offering e money ever since 2011.

PSI Pay offers Partner Sponsored payment solutions. The company has been around since 2011 and is an issuing member of Mastercard and Visa. The company allows for users to be able to deposit and withdraw money from 44 currencies throughout over 100 countries. The financial company has partnered with a wearable technology company to create the first contactless payment ring.

Michael Burwell’s Success Story Of How He Has Managed To Remain At The Top

How Michael Burwell’s Daily Routine Contributes to his Success


Burwell’s daily routine begins at 5 am when he wakes up and makes his bed as he always feels a sense of accomplishment of having completed his first task of the day. He then proceeds to ride his Peloton bike which he does at home or wherever he finds one while reflecting on his weekly and monthly tasks ahead. Burwell brings ideas into life by ensuring that he checks and evaluates the proposals made by the staff of the organization. He believes that some of those ideas which are produced by talented individuals can be substantial digital apps such as the Airbnb and Uber.


What’ more, Michael Burwell attributes that having a set mindset as the main area that can make individuals productive. He holds it that technology is changing the quality of life while helping in productivity which is why he is highly involved in exchanging the app ideas with others. Again, Burwell believes that micro-communities will be supported by the continuous advancement of technology to grow which will, in turn, help businesses and advertisers to connect. Further, he employs an attitude of positivity and relentlessness in whatever task that he faces as one of the business strategies that has helped him excel. Go Here to learn more.


About Michael Burwell’s Career


Michael Burwell heads the Willis Towers Watson as the chief financial officer. He is a graduate of the Michigan State University where he studied Business Administration besides being a certified accountant. Before his position at the company, Michael Burwell worked at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) for 31 years. He worked in several different departments rising in ranks to various positions and in different locations. Michael’s period of service at the PwC was marked by 11 years of operating under the Assurance Practice and 12 years in Transaction Services Section.


Other than that, Burwell worked at the PwC in Detroit when he was appointed as a Partner in 1997 to head its transaction business. He later became the vice chair of Global and U.S. Transformation where which he was very resourceful as he helped grow its internal services. As the current head of Willis Towers Watson, Burwell brought with him a wealth of his three-decade experience in the sector replacing Roger Millay after his retirement. The Willis Towers Watson is a global advisory company that leads in its industry in providing broking solutions. In addition, John Haley who is the CEO of the company welcomed Burwell as he had faith he was the right person for the job due to his extensive experience at the PwC.


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The Amazing Success Story Of Rodrigo Terpins

An entrepreneur who later became a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins can be described as one man that has made his mark in the sands of time. Following his graduation from Saint Hilaire where he obtained a Business Management degree, he started working at Loja Marisa; a highly popular women clothing store with a presence in several shopping centers in Brazil. He served in Loja Marisa for 16 years, raising to the position of President in 1991.


In 2007, Rodrigo vacated his position and left the company to start his own business. In 2008, he founded T5 Participacoes and he has since then being a Senior Director at the firm. His company has been in the forefront of organizing racing events in Brazil. The knowledge he had acquired from his study at the university played a crucial role in the fast success of T5 Paricipacoes. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Despite his success in the business line, Rodrigo never for once forgot his love for sports, particularly rally racing. His interest in sports is not an isolated one. His father, Jack Terpins, had been a professional basketball player, who later became President of Latin American Jewish Council and Maccabi Latin American Confederation.


His brother, Michael Terpins, is a decorated rally driver, and together they began the Bull Sertoes Rally Team in 2015, alongside two of their crew members. They would go on to become one of the most award-winning teams in the competition. His love for the racing game, mixed with a blend of perseverance, passion and hard work enabled him to be successful in competitions. Rodrigo’s Bull Sertoes team is reputed to be one of the fastest racing squads in Brazil.


The vehicle the duo uses to maneuver the tough racing course is called the T-Rex. Designed by sponsor MEM Motorsport, the vehicle carries a V8 Engine which supplies it with great power and intensity. This is particularly useful when speeding through mountainous or rocky roads.


Aside from his dedication, hard work, and devotion, Rodrigo also attributes his success to his mentor and brother; Michael. He revealed that he would not have been so successful without the help of his brother.


Rodrigo Terpins and his brother have won several competitions, one of which is the T1 Prototypes. Aside from winning competitions and award, Rodrigo has also won the hearts of many fans, who usually show up to cheer him up. He would go on to become one of the most celebrated Brazilian rally legends.



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Louis C. Chenevert Supporting Successful Thinking

Louis R. Chenevert has worked under different capacities at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) from 2006 until he retired as chairman in 2014.


Chenevert was elected President and CEO in April 2008, which he served as until 2010 when he was elected Chairman. Chenevert previously spent fourteen years as Production General Manager at General Motors.


On leaving UTC Chenevert served Goldman Sachs in their Merchant Banking Division as Senior Industry Advisor.


Chenevert attended the University of Montreal for the Bachelor of Commerce degree. He later returned to the University of Montreal to receive an honorary doctorate.


While working at UTC Chenevert realized the power and effectiveness of working in long production cycles as well as R&R in producing game-changing products; combined with learning how to acquire the right companies became an excellent force for UTC.


Some of the more notable accomplish he was part of were the development of the F135 engine, GTF engine production, Bombardier C series and the $18B acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace.


When Louis R. Chenevert says his ideas come about by focus on three areas. First, gathering together talent and engineering that produced results; secondly, to always obtain results that exceeded the customer goals and expectations which turned massive profits and impetus for the future; lastly, bringing leading teams that were small in number, but when aided by top management and the tools and funds they needed resulted in obtaining industry-changing results.


It was also vital that at critical points along the production pipeline there was a system of checks and balances that was set up to ensure the project arrived safely for the client.


Chenevert believes that gathering the right team is essential to any success. A team needs proper inspiration and appreciation. Reward your team for taking risks. The bottom line for any successful endeavor is to have relentless focus and always thinking big while building a culture of winners that work as a team that overcomes the obstacles that stand in the way of their goals. A team looks to the upper management for support and inspiration and to create an atmosphere of success.