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Oncotarget keeps you updated with the latest Oncology protocols

Oncology is the branch of medicine concerned with treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of cancer. Oncologists are the experts who perform oncology. Cancer prevention mainly involves three distinct stages: Foremost, early diagnosis where the common diseases are screened and a comprehensive staging diagnosis. Next is the Treatment stage where comprehensive cancer centers present patients with tumor board treatment discussions as well as Screening. Lastly is the prevention stage where the risk factors like alcohol and tobacco consumption are reduced.The majority of the cancers can be cut down through multi-disciplinary cancer discussion conferences where concerned experts assemble to find the most appropriate management for particular cases; based on the financial, social, emotional, psychological and physical condition of a patient. In these case, medical experts include all specific organ oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists, medical oncologist and even the radiation oncologists.

Oncotarget is a traditional free-access multidisciplinary journal by Mikhail Blagosklonny forum where oncologists publish weekly recent cancer discoveries. Oncotarget primary mission is to publish new scientific results widely and rapidly. The idea is to maximize on research impact through insightful review and remove the specialty border disparities. The journal also has the aim of linking various biomedical science fields and fostering basic clinical science applications that can help to combat diseases. The journal also aims to create an environment devoid of diseases. Led by the most outstanding scientists, the journal has assisted many researchers in contributing science progress.The magazines’ success has prompted the journals’ senior editors Andrei V. Gudkov and Blagosklonny to launch weekly editorials that go well beyond oncology.

The following are some of the journal’s weekly publications. Onco Targets Ther, PubMed Central, and PubMed, SciSearch® (Expanded Science Citation Index, Science Edition/ Journal Citation Reports, Previews BIOSIS, Scopus, Others are the DOAJ (Journals of Open Access Directory), Access Open Initiative: OAIster Biological concepts and the Embase.You too can become part of this revolutionary peer-reviewed treatment protocols, potential therapy target management for all cancer patients. By reading the journal, you also get to know some of the effects of new therapeutic agents, management programs and other patient protocol perspectives like satisfaction, adherence, and quality of life.

How Securus Technologies Caught a Dangerous Fugitive

When my team of fugitive hunters is notified a dangerous suspect is on the loose and needs to be taken into custody yesterday, we know that there is no time to mess around. This was the exact scenario that was playing out this month, and me and my fellow fugitive hunters were not going to waste a second getting down to business.


We knew this suspect was already wanted for stealing a car and stabbing the driver, and he was low on funds, and could be doing the same to a bank or convenience store employee today. One of the things that we had going for us was the fact this suspect was already friends with many of the inmates in our local jail, so we thought we might be able to collect some data from them before hunting our suspect.


My team is well aware that inmates will not talk to the police, they live by the credo that snitches get stitches, so we had another plan. Just by being in the jail and poking around about our suspect was going to get these inmates in a frenzy. They would go running to the phones to talk to family and friends bout us being there.


Securus Technologies installed the inmate call system police use to monitor the inmates, and this was going to be the resource that would help us close the case. Minutes after us making our presence known, two inmates called their family to get the word to our suspect we were on the lookout. These we not people on our radar, so we sent a team to do a little surveillance, and lucky for us they lad the team right to the suspect.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, we were able to put the case to bed before one person in our community was seriously hurt.


Save money on your energy bill with Goettl’s expert advice

If you live in hotter climates, having air conditioning is a must. Unfortunately, it can cost a small fortune and sometimes doesn’t keep your home as cool as you would want. Here are some tips from Goettl’s HVAC experts that will have you thanking them in no time.

Get window film and apply it to your windows. This will keep out the sunlight and heat out, thus keep your home cooler. This next one might sound counter-intuitive but it works. Turn up the temperature to 78 degrees. Every degree that is drops below 78 degrees, there is an eight degree increase in energy use. Now that’s a lot! Replacing old air filters will help your HVAC unit run more efficiently and save your money. Goettl experts suggest changing them once every 30 days. This also includes maintenance and tuning your unit. When you keep up with maintenance, then your will get a more optimal result.

Keep your thermostat and heating and air conditioning unit out of direct sunlight and in shade. If they are warm, then they will have to work harder to cool down. You can properly shade your HVAC under a tree or overhanging roof, just remember that it has to have two feet of clearance around it to function properly. Use radiant barrier in your attic. It is a foil that is installed between the attic floor and insulation. It really keeps the heat from entering your home from the attic.

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is an industry leader since 1939. Their expertise working in the extreme desert climate of the Southwestern region has made them a fan favorite and a great company you can count on.

They offer an array of services from maintenance packages, to plumbing services. Whatever you need, Goettl has the experience and knowledge to better serve your heating and air conditioning needs.


Eric Lefkofsky sees future of cancer treatment in genomic data

Eric Lefkofsky has become one of the nation’s most widely respected tech entrepreneurs. After founding Groupon, a company that allows individuals to become part of groups eligible for deep discounts on everything from pizza to hotel rooms, he went on to have a successful second career developing a string of successful startups.

But then, in 2013, Lefkofsky’s wife got a terrible diagnosis. She had advanced breast cancer. The Lefkofsky’s both put their heads down and charged the disease full-on. Over the course of the next year, Lefkofsky accompanied his wife to dozens of appointments. In the end, his wife was cured of the disease and, today, is a cancer survivor.

But Lefkofksy left the process of cancer treatment with the deep impression that things were not all well with the state of modern oncology. He noted that many of the oncologists who saw his wife did not have ready access to the best data and analytics, crucial tools that could provide key information to the treatment process. Lefkofsky decided to research ways in which all of the sources of oncologically relevant data could be put into the hands of oncologist, in ways that were digestible and informative to the decision makers.

In 2016 Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus, a company dedicated to the provision of oncologists with key intelligence, which is mined from a vast number of primary data sources. The idea behind Tempus is to create a sort of on-demand meta-study capability, where interesting questions that oncologists may have regarding patient cohorts  treatment regimes can be answered in real time.

One of the most potent sources of largely untapped data is the human genome itself. Tempus is creating a system that will be able to use the genome of cancer patients to find relationships between genetics, comorbid conditions and data from studies and how these things affect treatment outcomes. Within the next decade, Lefkofsky sees the rapidly diminishing cost of sequencing the human genome as being the main driver of medical advances, with practically every future patient cohort having their entire genome completely sequenced. This will provide a level of understanding previously never imagined.

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The Shift to Smart Homes: Why Todd Lubar Believes This Is the Right Time for Entrepreneurs to Join the Bandwagon

Smart homes technology continues to transform the way homes are priced and marketed. Homes that are outfitted with smart technology features are currently commanding higher prices than those without.

The addition of affordable smart home security features has also been proven to boost the desirability of homes. For instance, millennial tend to purchase homes that they would otherwise not considered buying simply because they are equipped with smart home features. Similarly, seniors and people with disabilities who are scouting for ways to remain independent tend also to target homes with safety and health enhancing technologies. Visit Affiliatedork for more info.

Brighter Future

According Hackronym, Todd Lubar, even though smart technology is still in its infancy stages, its future looks brighter. The changes that will be witnessed in future as far as smart home technology is concerned will be profound, and its ramification on the real estate industry will become truer with the passage of time. Consequently, it is pertinent for homeowners who are planning to sell their homes fast and at greater price points to consider incorporating smart home technologies where possible.

For Entrepreneurs, Now Is the Time to Invest

Considering the projected growth rate, Todd believes that now is the best time for entrepreneurs to invest in the smart home technology market. While consumers who are currently buying smart homes are mostly millennial, people with disabilities, and the elderly who require constant monitoring, it is just a matter of time before every one adopts the technology.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has been following the smart home technology world and the internet of things (or IoT) for some time. Beginning his career in 1995 with Crestor Mortgage Corporation, Todd has moved through senior positions in a number of companies including Charter Funding, Legacy Financial Groups, and Priority Financial Services. He is currently the TDL Ventures’ president. Lubar has also worked in other industries including demolition, recycling, and real estate development. He has also been listed as one of the top 25 US-based Mortgage originators. He has Bachelors of Arts degree in speech communication from Syracuse University.

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Karl Heideck, Legal Communicator

Karl Heideck, Legal Communicator
Karl Heideck, Legal Communicator

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based attorney dedicated to serving the law. He currently works in risk management as well as in compliance, and his ability as a communicator is well known.

Heideck is a prolific legal writer who frequently publishes essays on numerous well-regarded legal websites. Heideck has also created a “Guide for Success” for new and aspiring litigation attorneys. This well-regarded publication offers a wealth of information for new attorneys who want to know what it really takes to work as a successful attorney like Heideck in today’s complex legal environment.

One of Heideck’s most recent pieces was published on the site The piece offers information on what the life of a practicing litigator really involves, and how to succeed in it. In Heideck’s words, the role of a litigator, working on civil (non-criminal) cases is to act as a sort of go-between between the two sides in a case. Ultimately, the goal is to bring the two sides in a case to a state of agreement, where one side will accept a settlement offer from the other side and resolve the dispute.

Though not every case will end in a settlement agreement (meaning the case will have to be tried in a court of law), a settlement agreement is generally the preferred outcome. Though getting to an agreement involves time and legal fees, this course is usually much less expensive (on many levels) than going to court. A court case also has an element of unpredictability which can add to the stress involved on all sides, which is another reason a settlement agreement is usually the preferred route.

Karl Heideck is dedicated to aiding in the understanding of how the law works, and his work as a communicator serves that goal completely.

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Benefits of Washing with Cleansing Conditioner

     Every woman gives their first priority to the beauty. Hair care is the one of the main category that they are taking caring more. Every women like to have healthy and beautiful hair. Most women’s try to by natural hair care products. We can see so many product out in the market as a hair care. while we buy those product, we have to check the ingredient and quality of the product.

Wen is a one of the luxurious hair care products in the world. Popular stylist Chaz Dean was developed the Wen products. Specially, he design this product to the Hollywood stats. He helps Hollywood starts to get their dream hair with the natural hair care products. Wen has skin care products too.

Most people like their shampoos and conditions. You can get plenty of benefits washing hair with cleansing conditioner. When you cleansing your hair with Wen conditioner, it keep moisture in the hair and give the more nutrition’s with the natural ingredients. It makes hair stronger, longer, shiny and healthy.

Even modern women are too busy in the world, they still try to maintain their hair with natural shampoo and conditioner. If you try to use wen cleansing and conditioner today, you can get amazing benefits tomorrow.



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