How Securus Technologies Caught a Dangerous Fugitive

When my team of fugitive hunters is notified a dangerous suspect is on the loose and needs to be taken into custody yesterday, we know that there is no time to mess around. This was the exact scenario that was playing out this month, and me and my fellow fugitive hunters were not going to waste a second getting down to business.


We knew this suspect was already wanted for stealing a car and stabbing the driver, and he was low on funds, and could be doing the same to a bank or convenience store employee today. One of the things that we had going for us was the fact this suspect was already friends with many of the inmates in our local jail, so we thought we might be able to collect some data from them before hunting our suspect.


My team is well aware that inmates will not talk to the police, they live by the credo that snitches get stitches, so we had another plan. Just by being in the jail and poking around about our suspect was going to get these inmates in a frenzy. They would go running to the phones to talk to family and friends bout us being there.


Securus Technologies installed the inmate call system police use to monitor the inmates, and this was going to be the resource that would help us close the case. Minutes after us making our presence known, two inmates called their family to get the word to our suspect we were on the lookout. These we not people on our radar, so we sent a team to do a little surveillance, and lucky for us they lad the team right to the suspect.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, we were able to put the case to bed before one person in our community was seriously hurt.


Save money on your energy bill with Goettl’s expert advice

If you live in hotter climates, having air conditioning is a must. Unfortunately, it can cost a small fortune and sometimes doesn’t keep your home as cool as you would want. Here are some tips from Goettl’s HVAC experts that will have you thanking them in no time.

Get window film and apply it to your windows. This will keep out the sunlight and heat out, thus keep your home cooler. This next one might sound counter-intuitive but it works. Turn up the temperature to 78 degrees. Every degree that is drops below 78 degrees, there is an eight degree increase in energy use. Now that’s a lot! Replacing old air filters will help your HVAC unit run more efficiently and save your money. Goettl experts suggest changing them once every 30 days. This also includes maintenance and tuning your unit. When you keep up with maintenance, then your will get a more optimal result.

Keep your thermostat and heating and air conditioning unit out of direct sunlight and in shade. If they are warm, then they will have to work harder to cool down. You can properly shade your HVAC under a tree or overhanging roof, just remember that it has to have two feet of clearance around it to function properly. Use radiant barrier in your attic. It is a foil that is installed between the attic floor and insulation. It really keeps the heat from entering your home from the attic.

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is an industry leader since 1939. Their expertise working in the extreme desert climate of the Southwestern region has made them a fan favorite and a great company you can count on.

They offer an array of services from maintenance packages, to plumbing services. Whatever you need, Goettl has the experience and knowledge to better serve your heating and air conditioning needs.


Eric Lefkofsky sees future of cancer treatment in genomic data

Eric Lefkofsky has become one of the nation’s most widely respected tech entrepreneurs. After founding Groupon, a company that allows individuals to become part of groups eligible for deep discounts on everything from pizza to hotel rooms, he went on to have a successful second career developing a string of successful startups.

But then, in 2013, Lefkofsky’s wife got a terrible diagnosis. She had advanced breast cancer. The Lefkofsky’s both put their heads down and charged the disease full-on. Over the course of the next year, Lefkofsky accompanied his wife to dozens of appointments. In the end, his wife was cured of the disease and, today, is a cancer survivor.

But Lefkofksy left the process of cancer treatment with the deep impression that things were not all well with the state of modern oncology. He noted that many of the oncologists who saw his wife did not have ready access to the best data and analytics, crucial tools that could provide key information to the treatment process. Lefkofsky decided to research ways in which all of the sources of oncologically relevant data could be put into the hands of oncologist, in ways that were digestible and informative to the decision makers.

In 2016 Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus, a company dedicated to the provision of oncologists with key intelligence, which is mined from a vast number of primary data sources. The idea behind Tempus is to create a sort of on-demand meta-study capability, where interesting questions that oncologists may have regarding patient cohorts  treatment regimes can be answered in real time.

One of the most potent sources of largely untapped data is the human genome itself. Tempus is creating a system that will be able to use the genome of cancer patients to find relationships between genetics, comorbid conditions and data from studies and how these things affect treatment outcomes. Within the next decade, Lefkofsky sees the rapidly diminishing cost of sequencing the human genome as being the main driver of medical advances, with practically every future patient cohort having their entire genome completely sequenced. This will provide a level of understanding previously never imagined.

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Karl Heideck, Legal Communicator

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based attorney dedicated to serving the law. He currently works in risk management as well as in compliance, and his ability as a communicator is well known.

Heideck is a prolific legal writer who frequently publishes essays on numerous well-regarded legal websites. Heideck has also created a “Guide for Success” for new and aspiring litigation attorneys. This well-regarded publication offers a wealth of information for new attorneys who want to know what it really takes to work as a successful attorney like Heideck in today’s complex legal environment.

One of Heideck’s most recent pieces was published on the site The piece offers information on what the life of a practicing litigator really involves, and how to succeed in it. In Heideck’s words, the role of a litigator, working on civil (non-criminal) cases is to act as a sort of go-between between the two sides in a case. Ultimately, the goal is to bring the two sides in a case to a state of agreement, where one side will accept a settlement offer from the other side and resolve the dispute.

Though not every case will end in a settlement agreement (meaning the case will have to be tried in a court of law), a settlement agreement is generally the preferred outcome. Though getting to an agreement involves time and legal fees, this course is usually much less expensive (on many levels) than going to court. A court case also has an element of unpredictability which can add to the stress involved on all sides, which is another reason a settlement agreement is usually the preferred route.

Karl Heideck is dedicated to aiding in the understanding of how the law works, and his work as a communicator serves that goal completely.

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Benefits of Washing with Cleansing Conditioner

     Every woman gives their first priority to the beauty. Hair care is the one of the main category that they are taking caring more. Every women like to have healthy and beautiful hair. Most women’s try to by natural hair care products. We can see so many product out in the market as a hair care. while we buy those product, we have to check the ingredient and quality of the product.

Wen is a one of the luxurious hair care products in the world. Popular stylist Chaz Dean was developed the Wen products. Specially, he design this product to the Hollywood stats. He helps Hollywood starts to get their dream hair with the natural hair care products. Wen has skin care products too.

Most people like their shampoos and conditions. You can get plenty of benefits washing hair with cleansing conditioner. When you cleansing your hair with Wen conditioner, it keep moisture in the hair and give the more nutrition’s with the natural ingredients. It makes hair stronger, longer, shiny and healthy.

Even modern women are too busy in the world, they still try to maintain their hair with natural shampoo and conditioner. If you try to use wen cleansing and conditioner today, you can get amazing benefits tomorrow.



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EOS Lip Balms Will Make it Hard to Choose Your Favorite

EOS lip balms are not your run-of-the-mill lip balms. From its unique orb shape to its countless and tantalizing flavors, this is one different lip care item you will want to have in your bag. With so many flavors to choose from, you will want to have one in your car, at the office, at school, and at home, as well. There are too many fun EOS flavors to just pick one favorite.


You can choose form the Organic Smooth collection, the Visibly Soft, Shimmer Smooth, or the Organic Smooth Sticks. They are all made from organic and natural ingredients that you can feel good about putting on your body.


The Organic Smooth Spheres come in fun flavors like Passion Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Summer Fruit. There are also Shimmer Smooth Spheres that will add a hint of shimmer to your lips with the Pearl or Sheer Pink flavors. the Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres come in Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut Milk. And if you’re into the stick form over the orb shape, then you’ll love the Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Pomegranate Raspberry flavors. Buy here,


The Organic Smooth collection is made with shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil to keep your lips feeling pampered all day. These orbs are 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic and will glide on your lips easily. The twist-off top makes for easy application, as well. Hop over to this page.


The Visibly Soft orbs are 99 percent natural and are made with shea butter and vitamins C and E and are enriched with nourishing and conditioning oils, see more on


The Shimmer Smooth Spheres are infused with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil to give you the smoothest lips ever with a hint of shimmer and a soft hint of pink.


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EOS and Its Growth Story from a Startup to an Industry Leader in the Lip Balm Industry

For more than a century, the lipstick industry was ruled by Chapstick which was coming either with active ingredients or tasteless original flavors in cylindrical tubes. The other players in the sector were also not interested in making any innovation to the products, and the products were indistinguishable. Also, all these products were focused on cutting the costs to compete with price rather than quality or diversity. Almost a decade ago, Sanjiv Mehra, the co-founder of EOS, noted that people were simply applying the lipsticks and were not found to be enjoying it. With that insight, he and others founded the startup firm Evolution of Smooth or EOS in 2010 to give tailor-made experience to the customers.


The brand decided to come out of the cylindrical tube which was a trademark for the industry until then and introduced in orbs, reports Fast Company. Additionally, the founders went for an innovation of satisfying all the five senses including color, smell, taste, etc. Though the ingredients of the lip balm were based on organic products, it was still priced at around $3, similar to other lipsticks available in the market. To emotionally make a connection with the product, they introduced a tagline “The lip balm that makes you smile.” Fantastic video here.



Marketing EOS Lip Balm

While coming to marketing, they carefully created the product aiming women, and Target and Walmart decided to sell the product. In the meantime, the founders also set up a production facility to ensure consistent supply to the market. Targeting millennials were the next big task, and Mehra and the team went for influence marketing by focusing beauty bloggers who promoted the products through their channels. Also, the brand endorsed the programs and music videos of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and more. It also created a significant social media presence. At last, it also partnered with other brands and offered diverse products like Alice in Wonderland collection by working with Disney. It has really paid off, and currently, the brand is selling more than one million units a week.


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Jim Tananbaum Talks About Helping Healthcare Companies

From the time that Jim Tananbaum was first a part of the healthcare industry, he was always working to make sure that he could provide people with the options that they needed. He wanted to show people that they could do more with the options that they had and that things would get better if they knew the right way to do different things. Jim Tananbaum wanted to make the health industry better and made sure that he was always working to do it through the creative ideas that he had. Jim Tananbaum saw that the healthcare industry was lacking with some of the financial options that they had. He wanted to show people that they could, in fact, get what they wanted out of the industry and that they would be able to see major changes when they took advantage of the opportunities that were available to them in the industry.

Jim Tananbaum did an interview where he talked about Foresite Capital. He made it known that he had always worked to make sure that things would get better and that he would be able to make major changes in the industry. This was one of his main goals with Foresite Capital and something that he was confident in. Jim Tananbaum has come a long way from simply working in the healthcare field and has actually begun to improve it through Foresite Capital. With the company, he is able to give the industry everything that it needs so that people can get what they want out of it. You can visit his page.

Despite the fact that Jim Tananbaum is a medical expert, he is also a financial expert. He has worked hard to combine these two principles and that has made him better at what he does. It has also given him a chance to try new things with the options that he has. Jim Tananbaum knows the right way to do things and works hard to give the medical industry (as well as the financial industry) everything that they need with the options that they have for success in different areas of work. Check out Medium to know more.

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The Safety Securus Technology Provides to Businesses

Securus Technologies is a large company that is based in the city of Dallas, Texas. It was established in the business of security solutions as early as 1986. There are several offices in Texas – in Carrollton, in Allan and there is an office in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Up to date, the company of Securus Technologies has provided their services to more than a few thousand clients. In terms of serving correctional facilities, the company of Securus technologies has served more than a couple thousand of them in the United States of America alone.


The leader of the company of Securus technologies is chief executive officer Richard A. (Rick) Smith. CEO Rick Smith has been at his position as a leader since the end of June of 2008. The CEO of the company has been of many advantages to the company of Securus Technologies. The company has been making large investments in the development of new services as well as enhancing their already existing ones. In July 2016 chief executive officer Richard A. (Rick) Smith made an announcement regarding the investments made by the company. Securus Technologies has made more than $600 million worth of investments.


Securus Technologies has entered the industry of inmate communications. A few years ago the company started providing a few services for that industry that have quickly become some of the most widely used ones in the united states of America. Other services that Securus Technologies have started providing include security solutions for large homes.


The clients of Securus Technologies have been leaving hugely positive reviews that share the many successes that the clients of Securus Technologies have experienced since they have started using the security solutions by the company. Businesses have started becoming much more secure thanks to the software and technology.


Richard Blair – article recap

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is in charge of a investment and wealth management firm located, and operating in Austin, Texas. It is a Registered Investment Advisory a.k.a. (RIA). Blair states “Everyone needs a solid plan of attack to be able to accomplish their financial wants and desires.” Wealth solutions provides a unique “three pillar” approach to the issue of financial management. This approach allows the firm to effectively discover the client’s financial status, and help them accomplish their goals with quick succession.


Pillar #1 – Lay the client’s financial “roadmap”. Lay out the client’s strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities for growth.


Pillar #2 – Develop long term plans and strategies of the clients financial goals and wants. It is tailored to each client’s financial status, and their investment goals. The firm manages and reallocated the clients financial assets to ensure maximum financial return.


Pillar #3 – Post determining the clients needs and laying their “roadmap” Richard meets the clients needs for life insurance, as well as annuities.



Richard founded Wealth Solutions in Austin way back in 1994 as he was determined to create financial solutions for those who were in need for wealth management services. His company has done exactly that. They have served, and serve over 300 clients with their wealth management needs. Nearly 25 years of wealth solution management, Wealth solutions continues to provide quality, unbiased solutions for their clients/clientele. Their approach is completely unique, and after risking the waters with their unique strategy, they have discovered a method of managing wealth that is highly effective and keeps his customers coming back and telling friends due to the high success of his methods.


In conclusion, Richard Blair’s wealth solutions is a intelligent businessman with great ideas and methodology of how to successfully complete wealth management. The work Richard does could only be completed by providing unique and intelligent solutions to the world of wealth management. Richard has succeeded in doing so, and his work has fulfilled over 300 clients and that number is only growing. Richard Blair’s wealth solutions are very very successful. I most certainly will be using Richard Blair’s wealth management myself.