OSI Industries The beneficiaries of a good partnership

OSI industries are the leading industry in food production and adding value to food. Being in the industry for one century.OSI’s story has been a dynamic one. It was founded as a result of immigration to America. Specifically, it was founded by a German-immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. It’s based in Illinois, Chicago. The immigrants were passing through America in a bid to get farms in the West.

Kolschowsky was business oriented and had an eye for business opportunities. Barely two years after moving to America, he started up a business as a butcher. His business grew fast, and in ten years he had shifted to being a wholesaler and had opened another branch in Chicago. The success of business accelerated, and a decade down the line it was renamed and made to be a family business known as Otto and Sons limited. Since the products they produced were very crucial to the community they lived in, the business continued to grow and gain popularity.

However, before the World War two, the Industry faced great competition from the MC Donald’s Restaurant. Otto and Sons were able to recover b getting a partnership to supply fresh meat. The MC Donald’s Restaurant multiplied under the new leadership of Kroc. Since Otto and Sons limited was associated with the MC Donald’s their legacy grew too. With the ever-increasing branches of the MC Donald’s great pressure was inserted to the suppliers such as OSI always to deliver good quality meat all through. It is this pressure that led to the discovery of new technology (flash freezing) to attain consistency in production. This helped them to grow, the friendship between Kroc and sons of Otto helped them grow together in business.

Otto and Sons continued to grow and became a large business hence the need to change their name to OSI Industries for better business. Therefore, it turned from a family owned butcher to a manufacturing company. The also incorporated new leadership which was not comprised of family members as before. OSI industries continued to expand proportionally with their partners the Mc Donald Restaurant. This increased their production capacity which allowed them to move to the international market. OSI Industries gained a larger market, and the has continued to expand globally to this day. The OSI Industries have had great leaders who have steered the company to great successes.

For details: www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/OSI-Group-LLC-Reviews-E19677.htm

Barbara Stokes: Creating Memories in People’s Lives through Disaster Management

Barbara Stokes leads the Disaster Relief Construction Industry, LLC. Barbara graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University in 2001. At the same time, Barbara studied other courses like Technical Communication, Manufacturing & Management, Thermodynamics, and Structures & Properties of Materials. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

In times of disaster occurrence, that is when the need for balance between the impact and the results steps in. The main aim is, however, to ensure that recovery is achieved. In times of extreme occurrences, the need for local, state workforce, supplies, and equipment comes in handy. At this point, Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, steps in to save the situation. They get into the grounds and try their level best to restore and rescue the circumstances by the provision of services and shelter. This requires them to be in a steady and stable state to ensure that the resources are in adequate supply. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

On the other hand, cities and towns are supposed to install and store generators together with fuel suppliers as emergency shelters as part of the emergency response plan for Homestead Security. To influence the response to calamities and disaster, several private contractors and businesses have stepped in. They facilitate the construction of new infrastructure and provide new housing to community members, provide for goods and services as well as offer job opportunities to them. One of the most recognized companies in this field is GSH of Alabama, LLC. This company produces homes in different sizes that are developed temporarily to meet the vital guidelines by the federal on safety, quality, accessibility, and construction processes. A sure thing is that the homes are extremely comfortable with fire sprinkler systems. Moreover, they can be assembled within a short time so that less time is consumed in building them. GHS of Alabama, LLC was registered as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor and was founded by Barbara Stokes together with her husband. She is the current chief executive officer and the chief operating officer is Scott Stokes, her husband. The company’s headquarter is in Huntsville, Alabama. The company is successfully growing and expanding into manufacturing facilities in around eight states. They won the latest competitive contract award of over $45 million.

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An Alternative Investment Fund by Highland Capital Management

From the article we gather that, Highland Floating Rate Fund announced the Regular Monthly Dividends on its common stock of zero point seventy seven dollar per share which will be payable to recorded shareholders, seven days after the close of business. The fund known as closed-end fund, majorly invests in floating rate loans with an objective of providing high levels of current income while consistently preserving capital in a registered fund format. The fund is managed by the Highland Capital Fund Advisors L.P. From the semi-annual fund report, the total operating expenses were said to be one point twenty six percent but then, current performance may not predict the future due to fluctuations in investment return and principal value and therefore, as an investor, it is necessary to have the advice of experts so as to understand the fluctuations and be ready to cope with any changes. Read this article at investopedia.com.

There are various prospects associated with the funds the investors should be aware before making decisions. First, the fund is a closed-end fund risk which only requires long term investors. Once investment has been placed and the shareholder desires to sell their shares, there is no guarantee price for the sale or that one will be able to make sell on the NYSE. Secondly is the Credit Risk. Assets in the fund may be invested in senior loans, high yield securities and unrated senior loans. Therefore, failure to pay for a scheduled interest or principal will lead to reduced income to the fund hence reduced value of the senior loan and decrease in NAV of the fund. It is therefore risky because, investment may lead great fluctuation compared to non-investments in the same. In addition, with senior loans, increase in interest leads to increased rate of borrowing leading to risk and default increase. Also, changes in short term interest rates may lead to an adjustment in floating rate loans.

View: https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2017/05/31/highland-capitals-nexpoint-fund-raises-269-million.html

In conclusion, if the investment made by the fund is illiquid, it may not fetch the original price; therefore it requires ongoing monitoring by agents who may have financial difficulties. Visit hcp.com to know more.

Achieving Your Goals with Enhanced Athlete

Developing goals is one of the essential aspects of having success in any area of life. Some people struggle with their health and fitness. Many people are overweight, and few people have energy throughout the day. As a result, most people develop a health goal throughout the year. Few people ever lose the weight that they want.


There are various reasons that it is so difficult to lose weight. Some people struggle to lose weight because of societal factors. It is completely common to see a person who is extremely overweight. However, it is less frequent to see a bodybuilder. Training to become an elite fitness athlete is possible. Although becoming a bodybuilder is hard, working with a coaching company can help in the process.



Lifestyle Changes


Making severe lifestyle changes is the first step in achieving any goal. This is especially true for people who want to reach various health goals. Many people struggle to lose weight because they never change their behavior. A person who wants to lose weight must be willing to change things like their grocery shopping behavior.


It is also essential to maintain an active lifestyle. Utilizing resistance training is the best way to stimulate muscle growth throughout the body. Some people struggle with resistance training, especially if they go from sedentary to extremely active in a short period. Working with a health coach can make this transition process more comfortable.



Working with Enhanced Athlete


Enhanced Athlete is a reputable company that has helped thousands of people achieve their health goals. The company has several different products and services to offer customers.


Enhanced Coaching is part of the company, and it allows people to purchase coaching services at a reasonable price. Working with a health coach can improve a person’s odds of success in various ways. Many people benefit by working with a health coach who has direct experience in the field.


Enhanced Gear is another aspect of Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Gear allows customers to purchase gym equipment at a low price. Now is a great time to start working with Enhanced Athlete for anyone who wants to achieve serious health goals.

Tempus a Chicago-Base Company gets Unicorn status funding

The Co-founder and CEO of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky are on a mission with his new technology and his operating system to collect clinical and molecular data from new patients and those who have been suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The goal is to improve the health care system and to have the necessary information to better treatment options.

Tempus is a Chicago-base technology company that recently achieved the ‘Unicorn’ status with $80M in new funding from a group of new and existing investors. There is a big achievement and they will use their funding to keep expanding and researching. There are not many companies today with that status.

The CEO and Co-founder of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky have a goal and is to improve patient outcomes from treatments of others. In fact, he wishes to provide physicians, oncologists, pathologists, researchers and also insurance companies with a system that they can use to help better and efficiently patients with cancer and other diseases, therefore, using this technology the health care system will be more precise and accessible to all.

However, Tempus has a big challenge and that is to provide Cancer Centers, hospitals, community centers and private clinics with this operating system and give the tools to doctors to fight the battle against cancer. In the meantime, this sequencing of clinical and molecular data will be inexpensive and easy to use in an effort to treat every patient with different illnesses better than ever.

Eric Lefkofsky has the experience with technology and he knows that the health care system has to improve. Consequently, doctors and researchers need the tools to gather information with a system that collects big data, using artificial intelligence and advanced molecular analysis.

Tempus has built the operating system to battle cancer. Medical trials and clinical records are not sufficient. This technology collects data from all patients, the drugs they are taking, which ones are giving results and which ones are not. This operating system has to be in every clinic, hospital and cancer centers.

Eric Lefkofsky info: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY7L5nmvITo

NPG VAN Leads the Way in CRM Campaign Management

Although it is tempting to announce your candidacy as soon as possible, it is imperative to be well-prepared and organized prior to the big reveal. Successful campaigns have all facets up and running on launch day so that the capitalization of this monumental announcement can be utilized to its fullest. For years, progressive candidates have used the power of NGP VAN to help them achieve their campaign goals and lead them to office. In addition to harnessing the power of this technology, there are a variety of other steps to complete prior to announcing your intention to run for office.


The first critical step is the establishment of a well-defined communication plan. Verification of key talking points for all involved in the campaign is crucial to success. The media attention on launch day is unparalleled and campaign managers are wise to leverage this opportunity. The professionals at NGP VAN can provide useful tips on how to capitalize on the media attention to propel the campaign goals forward and gain momentum.


In today’s modern world, a strong digital presence is the most important goal you can have for your campaign. As a leader in technological innovation relating to political campaigns, NGP VAN advises kickstarting your digital footprint prior to any other action. Harnessing the power of the internet to direct people to fundraising and donation opportunities, as well as creating a strong representation on social media is key to a successful campaign.


As launch day approaches, you will want to be sure that your staff is ready to collect the crucial prospective voter data. A trustworthy CRM such as NGP VAN’s Digital 8 will ensure that you lose no significant data. The utilization of CRM tools such as targeted email and digital ads will help you set you apart from your competition.


As technologically advanced as campaigns have become more digital, the art of the classic phone call is still an important piece to any election plan. Tools such as the NGP 8 assist in the planning and implementation of keeping track of donor calls.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and Sean Penn’s View of America

This spring, Senn Penn sat down with Trevor Noah of the Daily Dhow, and with Vogue Magazine from his house in Los Angeles. He discussed his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” which Noah described as hard to define, but strangely relatable to the current state of affairs in the United States. Penn said that the book was meant to discuss “the dark side of human nature” in which humans can be drawn to fascist trends. The book is about Bob Honey, an angry American with an ex-wife, and a fascinating side job – he wields a mallet and kills older people with it. Bob feels that these people are standing in the way of progress and this is the necessary step.

Penn tells Vogue that this plot has themes that seem to run parallel to the #METOO movement, and the story seems to generally run parallel to American current events. For example, Bob witnesses the election of the president in 2016, and even later writes an angry letter to him, saying he is unfit for office. Penn explained to Noah that the idea of the book is to discuss how certain Americans feel a desire to serve their country, and at times they have to cause or purpose to do so. Bob may symbolize this, and his murder sprees may be his service to “progress.”

Aside from just discussing the book, Penn talks of having no intention to return to acting. He also tells Noah of his anger at Trump for his comments about Haiti. He also talks about his unlikely friendship with Hugo Chavez, where he includes a criticism of the U.S. always trying to export democracy. Penn also mentions his opposition to the war on drugs, and his belief that interviewing El Chapo was the only way to get a true understanding of the issue. In general, the book seems to be a culmination of Penn’s critiques of U.S. policy and actions.



William H. Saito Leading with Drive and Empowering with Success!

William H. Saito is an entrepreneur, educator, and practitioner of cybersecurity from Walnut California. An undergraduate at the University of California, Riverside William has shown much strength in leading and driving others to achieve higher standards especially government officials. chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year from NASDAQ, Ernst & Young, and USA Today.


William Saito Japanese-American businessman and venture capitalist made it to the list of the top 100 Most Influential People for Japan. Chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year from NASDAQ, Ernst & Young, and USA Today he has received many top honors and awards. Medal of Honor – Dark Blue Ribbon from the government of Japan. 100th Year Anniversary Centennial Honoree from the Rafu Shimpo and an honoree of the Young Global Leader World Economic Forum. He is a published writer and contributor. William H. Saito has many skills including information Security, Cyber-security, Network Security, Computer Security, IT and digital strategy, program management and more.


Currently acting as Chief Executive Officer of Intecur in Tokyo, Japan. Directly before becoming the CEO of Intecur William H. Saito served as Special Advisor – Information Technology & Cybersecurity for Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in Tokyo, Japan. Preceding that he was Vice Chairman & Chief Security Officer(CSO) for Palo Alto Networks, Advisor & Executive Officer for Japan Airlines from Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.


Finally what started it all for Willaim H. Saito literally founded from his dorm room and the beginning of a lifetime of success, I/O Software, Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer from November 1991 through December 2004.

William Saito’s Advice for Startups: Expand Aggressively and Always Find Ways to Improve

Southbridge Capital Can Help A Company with all Its Financial Needs

If you decide that Southbridge Capital is the finance company for you, you will find that they have a many different kinds of clients and forward-looking financial solutions. These things are just the tip of the iceberg of what you find at Southbridge.

Another thing that you will find out about Southbridge is that they have an experienced, core executive team that has deep understanding of the financial marketplace. This team are extremely devoted to their clients and will find the right financial plan for them. This team has invested $1.8 billion in companies since 1996 and have gotten a good return on their investment. They have their put money in about 250 public companies. They completely how a company works and is aware of all concerns and issues that a firm can have. Their knowledge and experience are good reasons that you should go with Southbridge.

A potential client or customer of Southbridge will get a complete financial package from this company. As part of this package, a client should expect ot get highly detailed, proposed financial statement that will match what is assumed to be with operations and finances. Southbridge will also help with a client’s company to have a balance between debt and equity. This company can provide advice on bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, and legal settlements. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

If you are interested in a financial company that is interested in social responsibility. Southbridge is such a company. This company does its best to promote volunteer work, community leadership and improvement in society. They believe in having a positive impact on society. To ensure that happens, they focus on projects that can give support and strengthen citizens who already have the desire tomake society better. Stephen and Mary Hicks, members of the Southbridge family, have started many charitable groups. Southbridge do put their beliefs into actions.

These are some of the people that you could meet at Southbridge Capital. You can visit citybizlist.com

Stpehen M. Hicks is founder as well as the CEO of Southbridge. He helps set the course for all of the companies under Southbridge and is responsible for how this business develops.

Narine Pershud is Chief Financial Officer and has been with the company for ten years. She is one in charge of the fund accouting and cash management.

Larence Ditkoff, CFA, CPA, is the director of Research and is in charge of investment evaluation. He is also involved in selecting due diligence and transaction structuring.

Click here: http://www.southridge.com/our-services

Dan Feehan Endorsed For Congress By End Citizens United In MN-01

A few weeks ago, End Citizens United endorsed Dan Feehan as a Congressional candidate in the state of Minnesota. Feehan will be running in the 1st Congressional District. He commits to reform the rigged system that is currently on Capitol Hill. The congressional candidate says that he will supports bills such as the government by the People Act and the DISCLOSE Act to increase accountability and transparency in the American electoral system.

Feehan has shown his commitment to reforms by making an announcement recently that he is rejecting PAC money for his political campaigns. End Citizens United has over the years encouraged candidates to reject money from corporate special interests. ECU has also identified over 100 other candidates in the forthcoming midterm elections who are making the same commitment.

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The ECU president, Tiffany Muller has said that mega-donors have had a tight grip on very many politicians and dominated the conversation in the halls of Washington. Muller added that such an environment was corrupting the entire political system which has left all the citizens of Minnesota and the entire United States behind. Feehan has made a sacred commitment to bring reforms to the rigged system by undercutting the influence of wealthy special interests’ groups in politics. Muller said the End Citizens United would proudly endorse Dan Feehan and is looking forward to giving him the help he needs to win the mid-term elections in November. Feehan said that he is very proud to have been endorsed by End Citizens United. Feehan added that ECU was against the idea of the big money lobbyists behind the congressional election and that it would do all that was in its powers to fight them.

Muller added that there had been an overpowering influence on American democracy by large corporations and special interest groups at the expense of the American citizen. The unlimited finances in the American political system have given birth to a system that works for the benefit of mega-donors, big corporations and oil companies from the corporate PACs. This has left the middle-income families and the majority of working Americans without a say in the running of their economy. Feehan has said that his top priority will be to reduce the influence of the corporate world in the halls of Washington. He says that he will start the endeavor immediately if elected. He also reiterated that his campaign would not be accepting any donations from corporations or PACs.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://betofortexas.com/2018/02/beto-orourke-earns-the-support-of-end-citizens-united/